Saturday, January 31, 2009

Popping In

I am just popping by to say hey.... I have been super busy the past couple of days. I will fill you all in really quick. I met up with my boss yesterday morning. I got my check and he told me I am laid off till the end of March. I told him you can call me but I may have another job by then. I really hope to have another job by then. I don't want to go back there. But on to happy news I got my dehydrator yesterday. It has settings for different things. I will post more about it later.

Went to the fish fry and that wasn't to bad. We had more people this week and hopefully with lent coming we will have lots more. The fish fry's are providing a way for us to raise money to support our veterans. Then Dh and some friends and I went out to the bar. Loads of fun was had by all. I was the DD for last night. Everyone got home safe and sound.

Today we went to a motorcycle swap meet. It was lame. I was hoping to find some things that I have been looking for. I have a 200cc bike that needs a couple of parts. I so want to get that running for this summer. I want to ride around town. I would love to get a vespa. But I can't afford them. So my little bike will have to do. LOL!

The mouthy monster is not feeling well again. She was fine Thursday night and went to school on Friday. So I don't get it. We decided not to go out tonight. We are watching movies, playing video games and eating pizza. Not to bad for a Saturday night, everyone is happy.

Tomorrow is SUPER BOWL SUNDAY, SUNday, SUnday.... LOL! I love doing that sunday thing. I think that the cardinal team is going to win. Why do I say this, you ask. I don't watch football all year. But I love super bowl sunday. We go to bowl party and every year I choose to root for the underdog team. I understand football I just choose not to follow it. So as you can see I don't know anything about either team. Last year, can't even remember the team but I loved rooting for them and they won.... That was so great as everyone told me that I shouldn't root for them. LOL! I sure showed them. So I will continue to root for the least favored to win and maybe I will get lucky again this year.... GO CARDINALS! YEAH TEAM! roflmao!

Well, anyway this is my prediction for tomorrow! I will talk to you all again after the game!