Wednesday, May 28, 2014


This is the view from my bed in the camper. We set it up this past weekend.  Grim wanted to flush the water system. Good thing he did as the hot water heater didn't make it through the winter. Once the whole system was filled, the pump was turned on. We ended up with water all over the inside of the camper. So I won't have running water this summer. I'm alright with this.

I was able to get a lot of it organized. I still have more I can do but that can wait. I did get dry goods into canning jars. Pasta, sugar, puddings,  jello, Kool aid, tea & coffee.

Can't wait to take her out!

Soon I should have pictures of the new camper that has recently fallen into my life.


Friday, May 23, 2014


You know they say weeds are just plants that grow where they're not wanted. This was the case this morning. I went out to do some weeding and I stumbled across lemon balm growing amongst my hostas. So what was I to do... I plucked it up and now have it drying on the table. No point in letting it go to waste. Gotta love volunteer plants!