Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tuesday night musings

I have been so busy today.... I got about 50 canning jars from 2 wonderful ladies on freecycle. The one even called me back and said she had more in her garage... I am so happy that I went back. They were both very generous. I still need to clean up the jars and do an official count. I will get a picture up here as soon as they are all sparkle clean.

I decided that I needed to make up some banana bread as the bananas were going to have to go to the trash if I didn't do something with them soon. So I found a great recipe online. Here is the link. I doubled the recipe so that I get 2 loaves. I will take a picture once they come out of the oven. They already are making the house smell wonderful. One of the monsters is still up and asking if the bread can go in tomorrows lunch.... So that is a really good sign. Tomorrow I will be working on several other types of breads. Cinnamon swirl, White bread & Tortilla's.

I was able to get 32 minutes of Wii Fit in today. I am doing mostly step and boxing. I like that it gets my heart rate up and I am starting to see results from only having done the game since Christmas day. My hips and behind are getting tighter... oh yeah! But there is no reason to loose weight and not tighten up too!

I found a lot of great blogs on blogspot. Some I have liked for a long time and some new ones that I think that I will enjoy greatly. I like this blog site much better then the old one. I need to find a better layout though. I like this green one but I like change, and so I am looking for a new one already.

I got all of the variegated done on the afghan that I am working on. That always makes me feel good when I complete the first set. Now I am on to the black then gray and then black again. It will be beautiful once it is done.

Sorry if this seems to go in ten directions every post. I tend to write about everything. LOL! Since I am an urban homesteader, I am limited to what I am able to do. But what I can do I will keep you informed. Right now my main focus is figuring out what I want to accomplish this year.
  1. Get Pressure canner
  2. Learn to pressure can
  3. Plan out garden
  4. Winter sow seeds
  5. Learn to make breads from scratch
  6. Learn to make more cleaners from scratch
  7. Payoff debt
  8. Plan out what I want to can for this coming year
  9. Figure out how much raw ingredients I will need to make what I want.
  10. Learn to sew
See like I said tons of stuff. But I will make the time to learn these things and many more.


HermitJim said...

What a great deal on those jars! Free is always a good price, and you can't ever have too many jars, I'm thinking.

I relly like the looks of that afgan...looks both warm and cmfortable!

Hey, you have a wonderful day!