Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inaguration Day!

So is everyone just thrilled! I can't wait to get my channels back. I am not a very political person. All of this hooey means very little to me. Yes, I vote. But once the elections are over my part in it is done. And really what can I do or say at this point that will make a bit of difference anyway. Lets move on and get this damn crisis over with. I would like to go back to my life. Instead of worrying if life as I know will get turned upside down.

But with that said, I am still learning how to do more things to be self-reliant. I tried a new bread recipe today. I am getting better at kneading. Its a lot of work.... But I am getting buff by doing it. LOL! Now your all going to think of me with Arnold arms.... Too funny! I got 3 loaves made and 12 hamburger buns. Dinner was hambugers and french fries. I don't like cooking.... well some days anyways. But with fun dinners like this I don't mind.

Had to take Dh to get new tires for his truck and then we dropped it off to have the front end alignment done. He did all of the front end work himself last fall. But we finally got around to getting it finished. Woo Hoo! Now he has his truck and I have my car back.

Going to start a new afghan tonight. I don't know if I will keep this one or sell it. I love the colors but I don't have any place to have a blue afghan. Maybe when we redo the basement I will go with blues?!? I guess that is a wait and see if I really love it when it is done. Or if it was just a passing phase.... LOL!