Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Stuck in Limbo

That's the feeling right now... Stuck in Limbo... The weather has been so weird this year. Things that would have happened in years past are just starting. I still don't have any tulips... The greenery is there but no flowers. Speaking of flowers... All of my lavender is dead, the sage is dead, the butterfly bush... you guessed it dead. This winter was beyond harsh. I have a few leaves on the raspberry bush... Yep, only 1 survived... So next week once the weather changes again... I will take my rooting compound and make more starts to take with me to the property. I think the blueberries made it... Still not sure though... That is a wait and see. 

With the cold and rain we haven't had a chance to get the backyard cleaned up. The front was done over a few days. We decided that we are getting rid of the above ground pool. We don't think that we will be here enough over the summer to warrant trying to take care of it. So that means we will need either to get sod or lots of seed.

Since it has still been cold here... I have still be working with yarn. The Autumn afghan is finished!!! The second moss stitch afghan is still growing... That might be a work in progress for awhile. I have found a use for all the pink yarn that I bought. My original intention was to make a blanket for one of the cancer walk groups to be able to auction off. But I never found a pattern that I liked. So I am going to use it instead for a granny stripe with gray as the contrast color. I still might donate it after its done... Not sure.

I have also decided not to get rabbits this year. Same reason as the pool... Not sure how much time I will have to take care of them. So better not take on the responsibility. Grim and I have been talking about putting in the garden boxes over on the other side of the house as the neighbor is constantly dumping chemicals on his side of the fence. I think that might a great plan.

I have been talking to a friend and I might be getting a job out of the house. Not sure yet, but if I do it will help with getting things going at the property. And of course a few things done around here. Oh, I bought a new front door.... I got the new storm door last summer at a yard sale. As soon as it dries out I can paint both and then get them up!!! Can't wait!

We will going to get our university monster soon. It will be so nice to have her back home with us.

Well, that's about all...