Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday's Rant

Generally, I am a very calm and good natured person. But every once in awhile something gets me fired up. And that is exactly what happened this morning. I just found out that on Feb 10 it will be illegal to sell any children's item that is intended for children under the age of 12 that doesn't contain some type of certification seal. And if you do this is a federal offense with jail time and thousands of dollars in fines. Don't believe me here is the 62 page law.

The government has done this because of the outcry from the general public. I am all for public safety. I am all for testing products. And in turn I am very happy to comply when and if there is a recall. The problem that I have is that the outcry is coming because of all of the recalls that have come about in the past few years.

Now lets really take a good look at where these recall are coming from....... The answer to the million dollar question is China,
Indonesia, Hong Kong....hmmmm! Kind of make you wonder, why is the government going to have American made products go though all of the trouble of certification. I'm not saying that we don't have our share of problem here. But when you look at the list of products recalled because of high levels of lead the majority are coming from another country. Oh, by the way here is the link to that information. Why is the government setting such high standards for American citizens but still allowing products to be imported from other countries? Since there is such an issue with imported items I think that these should undergo rigorous testing before the product ever even sees the light of day on American soil. That way very few recall will have to be made. More people will be working ie; doing the tests and reporting. And then maybe we can also bring jobs back to this country instead of outsourcing. Make is less profitable to the manufactures to leave and we will get back on a stable footing here.

I'm not sure were my ramblings are going but I know I don't like this law. People should be smarter and stand up for themselves and not purchase something made in a different country and then bitch because it doesn't meet our standards.... DUH! Ever wonder why the product is so cheap? Ever wonder why the manufacturers leave the country to have the products made? Ever wonder why the land of free and home of the brave is getting sick from foreign products?

These are my opinions not yours.


mmpaints said...

I had my blowup over this last week so I can relate to how you feel. This is government control at it's finest, no doubt. Total stupidity.