Thursday, April 22, 2010

I miss you all

I know I have missed so much. Mother Moon Congrats on the newest Grand!!! I love babies! Jenna, Congrats on the new place. How very exciting it must be!

But this past month has been super busy. Dealing with both insurance companies, work, the doctors, the disability claims people and he still hasn't seen the specialist yet. That doesn't happen until May 4th. All of the road rash has healed nicely. His shoulder is what is giving him problems right now.

I have busy in the garden every free moment. I found a source of free compost and so I have been using muscles that I didn't even know belonged in my body.... LOL! I got the grass cut in the back. I got and planted 2 blueberry bushes in pots. I know why pots? Good question! But the answer will have to wait for another day.... (I'm tricky that way....LOL!) I was able to find a 4 in 1 apple tree locally and it only cost me $29.99 no shipping. It has jonagold, fuji, braubear (sp?) and granny smith. We don't have room for trees but this will polinate itself. And there was this empty spot behind the garage where junk was piling up. Now no more junk and we have a production plant now! Yeah!!!! I built trellises for the beans and peas. I was able to get the dragon tounge, another type of bean and the peas in the ground on Tuesday. I only had a minor set back. I saw a spider right next to my head on the house and I went to squash him and I hit to hard. I dislocated my thumb.... I know you have to be thinking this is the most accident prone person. I really think I am. But it is all little inconviences. So I can be thankful that nothing major happens to me. With Grim not being able to use his left arm at all right now, we would be in a fix if I did something worse. So I am going to try and take it easy for the next couple of days. But that probably won't happen. LOL! Oh, my rhubarb is huge the crown has to be at least 8 inches across (planted last year) and my grapes have leaves and new growth (planted last year and they stayed sticks all season). I am still hoping to get bunnies this year. But that is a wait and see deal.

This weekend I have to get my butt in gear and get stuff out and washed for an upcoming yard sale. It will be the second weekend in May. I am hoping to sell off most of the junk.... I mean treasures.... LOL! Well, at least if I sell it I won't have to take the time to take and donate. But what ever is left I will do just that. I am feeling the need to downsize and get it done rather quickly. Nope I'm not nesting.... Ever feel that you have way to much stuff and it is keeping you from your full capabilities. That is how I am right now.

I put up a pully system for doing laundry out side. So far it is working. It is taking some getting use to though. The line moves when I don't want it too sometimes. And it is kind of droopy, I don't have the tension set right on it yet.

I have started clearing out my freezers. I know I should have joined the real food challenge last month. But I just didn't have it in me to do it. So now I am lagging behind. :oP But I am hoping to have both of them emptied of all the old stuff by June. I cooked up one of the turkey's on Sunday. We still have a ton left but it will be gone by the weekend. I have a ton of veggies to cook up also. I forgot how much swiss chard I froze.... and beets also. But that just shows how well the garden did last year.

Gotta Run,

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Where have I been

I would like to say that everything is fine and I have just been busy. But unfortunately, everything is not fine. Wednesday afternoon about 20 minutes after Grim left for work on the Harley, he was hit. The bike went one way and he the other. Luckily, he is just banged up, road rashed, & bruised. His leather jacket took a lot of the damage as did his gloves. All the woman who hit him could say was I didn't see you! Seriously, Grim is 6'5" and almost 300 pounds, riding a Harley that is a far cry from quite. And she didn't see him!!! Right now he is on the mend and I thank the Goddess for that. We are not going to stop riding because of this. The only thing that keeps going through my head about this is that had she killed him would she be so nonchalant about telling his children that sorry that he is gone I didn't see him...... I am just so enfuriated by this. How hard is it to pull over to talk on the phone. Or just not answer it. Really, how many life and death calls do you get in a day? Plus, motorcycles are everywhere. They are not a brand new invention, they have been out since 1903, over a hundred years! This is why I waited to write about this. I knew once I started typing it would all come pouring out. Grim and I have been together for over 20 years. We have had our ups and downs. And we almost split up a time or two. But I don't know what I would do without him. When he had his heart attack a couple years ago, that scared me but I didn't see the damage. With this he is pretty battered and everytime I look at him I think because of someone else's stupidity I could have lost him. The past few days have been hell. I have been dealing with the insurance, the impound, and the dealership that will do the work. Then come to find out our family doctor won't deal with accident victims. Time to find a new doctor. But luckily, one of the other doctors in the office agreed to see Grim. What a cluster...... I will keep writing about the status of this as I don't know what will happen next.

On a lighter note I got the onion sets in the ground during the day on Wednesday. We also picked up what we are affectionately calling Audrey (hops plant). It is in a pot in my living room and already grown 2 inches. I wanted to give it a chance at an early start so that's why it's in the house!

Happy Easter!

Gotta Run,