Tuesday, December 29, 2015

What a contrast

Mind you I didn't take any pictures because it was really just to yucky to remember in film. Yesterday, we got hit with our first winter storm. No snow for us, but we did get a nice think layer of ice. And now today its all gone! Yesterday, the street lights stayed on all day and the sun is out right now.

Still hard to believe that on Christmas day it was almost 50 and just 3 days later an ice storm.

I spent most of the day in bed yesterday under the weather. A bit of a cold and something going on with my stomach. Good thing I had made turkey noodle soup for supper the night before. That's what I ended up eating most of the day. Water and tea as I didn't want to cause any type of phlegm.

The monsters and I watched Death Becomes Her, with Goldie Hawn, Meryl Streep and Bruce Willis. I have seen it before but they hadn't. So we had a good laugh at it. Then I played with my phone and went through a seed catalog.

I'm feeling better today. My stomach is still weird, will have to make an appointment next week to see the doctor. Just want to rule out anything serious. I'm thinking the cold is on its way out as well. Thank the gods for that! I hate being sick

Smile Loudly,


Monday, December 28, 2015

A Week of Limbo

This week that falls in between Christmas and the New Year always seems to be in Limbo! The hustle and bustle of the holiday is over. Gifts have been unwrapped and food eaten. The hype has died down. The New Year holds promises yet to be fullfilled! But this week....

This week is an odd one. I want to be idle because of the excitement of the last week, but I seem to have a ton of energy to get things tidied up and put away. Last night I straighten up my bedroom and was looking for other things to do. I don't know if its because the days are slowly getting longer. Or if its because I want so badly to get back to the property to get started with everything there.

My house will be put right between these trees. 16 x 20

My orchard will be placed here. 22 trees in all.

Break between the house and the orchard. We have to thin this area out, due to the giant ant mound pushing the trees over.

Sweet dreams of things to come!

Wild daisy's

Red Dogwood

Its hard not to yearn for this, as right now I'm cuddled up under an afghan and the furnace is on. So many plans, so many dreams, just waiting!

Smile Loudly,

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

It just needs to happen!

We are all set, almost everything is done. The cookies are made, the presents are wrapped and there are still 2 things in transit. But that is what it is and out of my control. The food has all been purchased and just needs to be made. 

Might have to make boxed stuffing for the day as my kitchen aid is making really weird noises. It started while making the first batch of Toll house cookies the bowl jumped off the holder and it was still mixing. I shut it off and righted the bowl. Then when I started it again, it made weird noises. I continued to use it as I had 4 more batches of Toll house to make and a double batch of peanut butter and a single batch of russian tea cookies. Plus, I also got a double batch of sugar cookies in the fridge for later. ( My mom helped the girls and they unfortunately were not share worthy so we had to eat them)

I was able to do 2 Thirty-One Gift shows this month. I had great success with both of them. Very Thankful to have this company in my life. It helps to make things easier!!! If you ever want to know about the product or the company. Please feel free to ask away, I love talking about the company!!!

Here is week 17 completed! This week also contains the new orange as the old orange just came up short! Hopefully, I will get sometime this week to start on 18. So hoping to be done by the new year!

I have all the ingridents to make puppy chow, chex mix and magic bars... Just need to find the energy to get them done. I'm off to finish my supper before it gets to cold!

Smile Loudly,

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Weird Weather

When my girls were coming home for Thanksgiving, the weather delayed them a full day. Snow, freeze and high winds, were the cause. On the way home for Christmas break they enjoyed rain. And its raining now. Middle of December and we have rain. Considering that I only turned the furnace on, on November 21st, this is crazy. They are saying that it might be in the 60's Christmas day! It is so strange, my Lilac's are all thiking its Spring and they are budding and leafing out again. I really hope this winter doesn't kill them. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

The littlest monster completed training for level one of roller derby! Very proud of her! She has only been roller skating since September and now she is on a team!!!! The other 2 are going to be going into Rugby. This ought to be interesting... LOL!

We went to see my MIL the other day before the girls came home. She was moved to a different room away from the room mate that she didn't like. Trust me when I say the feelings were mutual. The roommate would actually steal my MIL's things and hide them. But glory be... she is in a different room and now has access to the window. Her new room mate is catatonic. We had hoped for someone a bit more lively.... But.... At least she can now look our the window. Just remember OLD SUCKS!

I am slowly making my way through week 17 of Sophie. I really need to just force myself to sit down and get it done. Now the girls are home, so much is going on. I want to visit with them. I'm still hoping before the end of the year to have it finished.

The time came for me to get rid of my SUV. There were just so many things that went wrong all at once. Grim and I decided that it was smarter to get me into something new as mine was literally falling apart every time I started it. Luckily, my dad worked for Ford and we were able to get the employee discount. I ended up getting the smallest SUV. The Ford Escape. Its Blue and drives very well. Even though I only have 1 monster home full time. I still go so much that I need the bigger cargo area.

I have no gifts wrapped yet. There actually are 3 gifts still in transit waiting to be delivered. I will probably have the girls wrap each others things and Grims things. We need to get some baking done. I have a whole list of cookies that I need to make as well as breads. The list is quite huge and very daunting. So huge in fact, I almost don't want to do it.... LOL! I know I just need to make one type at a time. You know, break it into small pieces. Ah, the joys of the Holidays! :)

Well, I'm not getting anything done sitting here typing!

Smile Loudly,

Thursday, December 10, 2015

So far behind.....

The pecking continues. But at least I know that what is happening is not Earth shattering and eventually, the mild irritaion will go away and I can get back to my gloriously boring life.... LOL!

Christmas, has been almost bought and paid for! Hooray!!! There are a few things that are still in the dreaded transit stage. Fingers crossed they will arrive on time!

I have been so busy doing nothing. I get up with great intentions and then.... its bedtime.

Where did my day go? What did I accomplish? This has been the last week and a half.

I know I have gotten some cleaning done, or else we wouldn't have had dishes to cook with and eat off of to dirty again. I know I had to vaccuum, because the dog ripped open a 4 pound bag of sugar that was on the floor waiting to be put away. I know I made 2 loaves of banana nut bread also evidenced by more dirty dishes. I have crocheted a bit. Week 14, 15 & 16 are done. 

Grim also purchased more yarn for me as I not only can't count but I also don't understand gauging. Luckily, I still had some yarn here that I could use, so only 6 skeins are new. All said and done this blanket will have used almost 20 skeins of yarn. This thing is already massive and I still have weeks 17 - 20 to do.

Well, I probably go do something... LOL!


Thursday, December 3, 2015

Let the Pecking Begin

One of my favorite quotes when things start to go Sideways is "Its like being Pecked to Death by Ducks"! Which really can't happen, because a duck pecking isn't deadly, just annoying! And that brings me to today!

I have a great life, and if something were to change in my life, it would still be great!

Yes, it would be scary or sad or even downright depressive!

But the core of my life would remain.

I would still wake up in the morning. Loving people that are here and that have passed over. I would still have plans and dreams, even if they had to be shelved for awhile. I would still have my faith and that everything happens for a reason. We might just might not know that reason.

Every day upon waking, I'm given a choice to be happy with what I have or to be left in a state of misery for things out of my control!

Today, I choose Happy!

Tomorrow, might be a different story.....

But for what I can control, my own self be true!

Today is the day to Smile Loudly!