Sunday, February 21, 2016

Still Wading Through

Hi, How are you?

Good I hope!

I am doing much better, my health scare was just that a scare.

Thank the Gods for that!

My family member that was hurt is still hurt. There hasn't been any improvement.

We go back to see the surgeon in a week.

Hopefully, he will want to run more tests to see what is actually going on.

We aren't liking this situation much, not at all.

Keeping fingers crossed that life will return back to our normal!!!

But until then.....

I will continue to crochet!

This is the Spice of Life, half done and keeping me warm!

It is working up very fast.

Hope to have it done this week!

And I will keep getting Chick-fil-A, whenever I can!

Such a treat! 

I absolutely love the food!

Until next time!

Smile Loudly,