Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday night musings

Today was a much better day. I got to work my hours, by myself as no one else was in the office. I like days like that I can get so much stuff done. But before I went in I got my resume updated and went to hotjobs... the yahoo job site. I was able to find one place locally that is looking for someone. I called after I got out of work and left a message... So even if it just turns out to be an interview, great! I need the practice.
We made calzone's for dinner tonight. The recipe I had only made 6 so I doubled the recipe and got 12 as there are 6 of us at the table each night. Dh made 6 pizza ones. And mom made 6 ham and cheese. Picky monster loved the pizza ones and even asked if the last one could be used as tomorrows lunch.... Woo Hoo! I found a winner for dinner. I know don't quit my day job.
Went with my mom to Joanne Fabrics. She wanted to get material to make curtains for the family room windows so that it was a little more difficult to see in the house. If I didn't mention she is in the process of moving to the house that just got broken into. Neither one of us really wanted to do this as she would rather just buy some. Short notice and you know when that happens you just get an idea. Well, we found that they had Christmas tablecloths for 90% off. So we bought enough for the all the windows for the cost of material for 1 window. Then we taped them up to the windows. After she decides what she is going to do I am going to get batting and sew them together and make 2 really nice Christmas blankets.
Once I am done typing I am heading off to get more crocheting done. I can't wait till this one is done. I still don't know if I am going to try and sell this one or keep it. LOL! This is always the dilemma when I make an afghan. I think that someone else will really like it so it should sell. So off I go.


mmpaints said...

wish it wasn't 60 miles one way to the joannes near me, I'd get in on some of those sale prices! LOL, you're like me, I think the same every time I finish a quilt!
You gonna share the calzone recipe?