Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Chocolate Mint Herb

Here is another herb that I planted and have no idea what to do with. So here are a few links to some very interesting things you can do with Chocolate Mint.

I figured I would start with a Yummy one!
Fresh Organic Chocolate Mint Ice Cream
Organic Authority

Here is a spot with recipes for things like:
Chocolate Mint Julep
Chocolate Mint essential oil
Garden Web

This recipe calls for just mint leaves but I am sure that substituting chocolate mint leaves would make for an even better tasting dessert.
Chocolate-Mint Pudding

Chocolate Mint Leaves
Martha Stewart

History of Mint
Cooking Vegetarian

Care and Feeding of Mint
Garden Action

Now to find some of the other flavors of mint. I think I'm hooked. The orange & pineapple mint sound really good.

Gotta Run


Anonymous said...

You can take some leaves, throw them in a blender with milk, vanilla ice cream, and a splash of vanilla for some REALLY good tasting vanilla mint milkshakes.