Friday, August 30, 2013

She's off and running

This is the 12x12 space that my oldest will be living in for the next year. As you can see from pic #1 we just tossed everything as it came into the room. Oh, you can see she has the window! Yeah, for her as temperature is a big thing. She gets over heated easily.

This is her work area... Isn't it just blahhhhhhhhhhhh! If I know my baby and I do, this section will be nice and decorated when I go and see her in September.

This is after I had a few minutes to put her bed together... I know she's 18 and should be able to do that for herself. Call it a guilty pleasure doing this for her. Looking at this picture the room looks more like a boys room instead of a girls room... LOL! 

But now you understand why on her pinterest pages she has a board for her future, distant, after college  wedding with Camo dresses... LOL! I thought they would be ugly but they are really cute!

And of course I made myself sick... I got so upset that I broke out in boils on my neck. I can't believe how sick I got and how much they hurt. This is the first time I ever got them and pray I never get them again!

She is settling in just fine & I am on the mend.


Thursday, August 29, 2013

News Flash

I'm not dead!!!! Even though over the last two weeks, it felt like I should have been.....

I will get on here as soon as I can and fill you all in the goings on around here! Just know that I have a whole list of posts to post... So you will all be busy for awhile! LOL!


Friday, August 16, 2013

Finished Projects

Here are two of the afghans I made... The striped one is the first one I made for the other trailer. Back up.... The 1968 Frolic was suppose to be my rainbow trailer. Since it took to long to finish and we needed to get another trailer the new one has become the rainbow trailer... LOL! So the theme for the frolic will be cowboy. Yep, already got started on the blankets for that one too!

So the ripple is the first one. The square one is actually a scrap-ghan. I love, love, love them! They are both so warm and comfy! And I love how they add so much color to a grey area. Since these were origianlly going to be used as the blankets for the dining area of the other trailer that's why they are on the small side. They are about the size of a twin bed. 

There are actually 3 sleeping areas in the camper. So this one has these two blankets. The next one has the quilt ( remember the quilt I was making, I finished it, pictures soon ) of many colors. I was finally able to get the backing sewed on. I probably should do some type of tying, but I didn't use any batting so I don't know if I need to. I will know more once it's in use in the trailer. So I just need to work on the last area. I don't know if I will do something in yarn or material or both! I have seen some really cute patterns on pintrest so of course I have no idea now what I want to do... LOL! Leave it to pintrest to give me more ideas than I have time to complete. I guess winter is coming so?!?!?


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I never did show you....

This is the cake that I forgot to order... With everything that was going on, with the orientation 9 hour drive and 3 days away from home... Not to mention the spur of the moment trip to Amish country with my mom, the monsters and a friend... I really did forget! Luckily, the bakery was wonderful about making it with only 3 days notice. I think it turned out great!!! And it was actually the flavor I wanted!

Still can't believe she's done with High School!


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

WIP Stage 4

As you can see I am on the final round!!! I even was able to find my square stretcher! I am very happy about that. Because that means that I have 50% of the squares done and stretched. Today I will work on finishing the rest of them. So hopefully, I can get it done before this weekend.


Friday, August 9, 2013

One to Step 3 ~ WIP

I was finally able to complete all of stage 2!!! YEAH! The funny part is I told you last time that this stage was very hard for me... Well, I think I figured out why? I did the wrong stitch. I did a cross between a puff and popcorn stitch... And that's not what it called for. That's why it so tight and seemed to take forever to do. Go figure, I guess that's what happens when I think I know what to do and didn't double check to make sure I was doing the right thing. So now this is no longer the Sunburst... It's a modified Sunburst, or Sunburst-esk.

Even though I am only showing you the first one finished at stage 3 I am almost done with that stage also. Sorry I just haven't had time to get on here and post the pictures. I know its silly I take all these photos with the grand intentions of doing all this blogging and I just can't find the time. 

I love these colors they are going to make a very happy blanket when its all done. I can't wait to get this stage done so I can get the white on there and join all these squares. I still don't know if I'm going to do 4 x 10 or 5 x 8. I think that I will enter it into the fair next year.

 Speaking of the fair. It was suppose to start on Monday. I guess it did as for the judging of animals and such. Grim and I found time to get out there with the monsters and see what I won if I won anything. Well, wouldn't you know it they didn't have all the entries out for display yet?!? The woman told me that she might be all done by 7pm and if not she would be done the following day. This was at 2 in the afternoon. Girm told me I needed to get on a committee and get them people crackin'. That every thing should be done for opening day. So needless to say I'm really disappointed. I wasn't able to get back out there to see my afghan hanging, to hear what passerby's might be saying. I will be going on Sunday to pick it up and will know then the results.