Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Night Musings

I spent most of today working around here doing chores that I tend to put off. I made the weekly bread, cleaned the bathroom and am doing laundry as I type. Sundays are an odd day of the week for us here. Sometimes we are just so busy I don't know which end is up. Other times it was like today. Calm but active. Dh was gone to a meeting and the two little monsters were at the show with one of the grans. Then it was just me and the oldest monster here at the house. We made the bread, which was a good thing as until now she has had no interest in the bread.... She is all for cookies and cakes. Woo Hoo! Maybe I have converted another child onto the joy of cooking. Probably not though, I don't want to admit I think she was just bored. LOL!

Well, I have finally made it to the next skein of yarn. The gray is an odd gray. The last time I used this particular color it seemed to take forever to use up. I am hoping that I don't encounter the same problem again. But as long as I keep working on it I should be back to the black in the next couple of days. Then I will be able to get a picture up on here for everyone to see.

I got some really good condition used towels from my MIL. I am going to take some of them and sew them together and make a blanket for the dog. I did have one of those really nice and not to expensive pet pillow bed things. He ate it. I gave him one of the monsters old comforters. He ate it. So this time the item will not have a stuffing for him to rip and pull apart. LOL! I know it is a boredom thing. But I want for him to be comfortable. And have something to lay on.

Tonight I am doing things like cutting one of the loaves of bread so that it ready for sandwiches. I made a pot of coffee which I will put in the fridge once it cools down. I don't drink that much coffee so a pot will last me a week. It is just easier to brew a full pot then try and figure out how much for one or two cups.

It is early yet but I am so tired. I think that it is the weather here. We got a few more inches of snow yesterday and I want to hibernate. LOL! Plus, all of the Wii Fit I have been doing is kicking my butt. I am seeing a little bit of success. I know I didn't get this way overnight and I'm not going to loose it that way. Slow and steady will help to keep it off in the long run. I only had 59 pounds to loose when I started on the fit. I joined a group to help me be accountable. I post how much exercise I have done and also I am trying to loose a pound a week group. So far I have worked out all but one day since Christmas.

Good Night,