Sunday, January 25, 2009

Random thoughts

I was facing a pretty hefty challenge today. I had to sort all of the clean laundry. Normally, I do it on Saturday morning. But since I didn't do it then, it still had to be done. So as I was folding clothes a random thought popped into my head. I have had friends over the years that told me that I was too domestic. Is that really possible. Please know that I have dust everywhere. I hate to dust so domestic goddess I'm not. But I do try to keep my house clean(doesn't always work out), I cook from scratch, hang dry laundry, bake, crochet, sew (crookedly), was a full time sahm for years and a few other things. And as I was thinking of this I really got offended that by trying to keep / make something other then a disposable world I am sometimes looked down upon. In the past year I have found a hobby that I think those from my past would actually piss themselves over. I love to can. Last harvest I canned everything I could. I would have done more if time and finances would have allowed. I am looking out for the well being of my family, by providing them with sustenance for the long haul. I can wait till harvest this year. I already have a list of things I want to make.
Really, there was no point to the above I just had a random thought and thought I would share.
I made pasta and sauce, hush puppies with garlic, green beans & potatoes for dinner tonight. It went over well, with little left over. I was able to work on the afghan a bit today. Later I will be working on the latch-hook kit that I have had for about 2 years. I'm off to wii.


The Bee said...

First of all...thanks for adding me to your blogs you follow!

Second...I am domestic by choice and ironically by finances. My Skillset is highly specialized in the "corporate" world and the economy will need to rally to require my services. Everyone of those points about being "too domestic" made my hackles rise! I cook, from scratch, fruit and veggies from my own garden and make my own bread, yogurt and lip balm! I run a studio, teach dance, do laundry and clean the house! I also do not have the $$$ to hire out all these jobs for the level of refinement I enjoy, so I do it myself.

My comment to you sister is.... GO GIRL!!!