Monday, August 31, 2009

October Challenge

I know isn't not even September yet. But that is ok. It will give us time to come up with what we are going to do for 30 days to represent Halloween, Samhain or the Day of the Dead.

Dawn over at the Domestic Witch has challenged us to this. If you would like to take part in the challenge follow the button below.

Decorate for Halloween
Watch a scary movie or 10
Go to the apple orchard
Gooey Carmel Apple Cake
Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies
Sugar and Spice Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
Make the monsters costumes
Make my costume
Carve Jack -o- Lanterns
Make popcorn Skull Balls (got the idea online never done before)

These are just a few of my ideas!

Gotta Run,

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Much better mood

I am in a much better mood. No nothing has changed. Other then me saying that I can only do what I can do. And if the powers that be want me to do something else then they will send some type of sign. With that said, on to the blog.

I had to volunteer to help out with a band fundraiser. I have never done anything like this before. I worked at the concession stand. Mostly soda and baked goods, but it was easy work. I got to meet a bunch of other band parents, so that was very kewl. We even had the car there. It didn't win any prizes but it was still great exposure. Oh, the fund raiser was a chili cook off and a classic car show. The chili was mostly good. There were a couple I didn't like but can't like it all.

As you can see I have my fall line up. These are the only shows that I watch religiously. And if I can't watch them I tivo them. But I try really hard not to miss an episode. Can't wait, especially for supernatural. I *heart* Jensen Ackles! Ahhhhhh! * insert silly teenage sounds here * LOL!

Since we went to the Warp tour, I have been listening to this band Westbound Train. The album I have is "Come and Get It". My favorite song is Check Your Time! It is the ultimate music to play in the background when having a drink or two. If you want to check them out, click here!

We have a family thing to do tomorrow. So the tomatoes that I cooked down last night are going to have to wait to be canned up into juice. I had hoped to get that done tonight when I got home. But DBrother and Girlfriend came over. And since we haven't seen him in awhile. I thought a visit was better then not. We are invited out to her house on Monday for a BBQ. She has a ferret. So the monsters are going to have fun. They have never been around on before. And this one is suppose to be very playful. I can hear the pleas of "can we have one, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!" I have to keep my resolve! No more animals until we get out of the city.

I will be giving up the kitchen to DH on day this week. He is on vacation and wants to brew up the next batch of beer. I think this one is a Raich beer. I am fairly sure I spelled it wrong. But it is along those lines. He has gotten very good at making the beer. We are all enjoying the fruits of his labors. After this one is ready I am hoping that he makes me a nut brown. So then that would be ready for the holidays.

Speaking of holidays, they are right around the corner. I have to get those letters off to santa soon. Once the kids are back in school, the baking will start. This year I want everything done so I can enjoy the season. Instead of making several types of cookies each night. It can be spread out. No stiff shoulders and achy feet! That sounds like a plan.

Gotta Run,

Fringe Season 2

September 17, 2009

Season 2 Begins

House Season 6

September 21, 2009

Season 6 Begins

Supernatural Season 5

September 10, 2009

Season 5 Begins

Domestic Witch: Giveaway

I just wanted to let you all know that the Domestic Witch is doing a great giveaway. If your interested you can go here and enter to win this wonderful prize. And even if your not into entering to win then check out her blog. It is full of interesting things!

Gotta Run,

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Meloncoly Day

I try really hard to put only the good things in the blog. But today I am feeling rather down. It doesn't happen often. I'm a glass half full kind of gal normally. Things had started to turn around for us. The black cloud that was following us around was dissipating. Then more stuff comes from around the corner, when were just getting comfortable again. This roller coaster is getting old fast. I have been looking for work for the past 6 months. Only recently have 2 possibilities presented themselves. Both turned out not to be any good. Getting my hopes up that I might actually be able to contribute to the household, just to be disappointed. Now I know what I do around here is a valuable service. I cook, clean, run errands, take care of the children, preserve food and a ton of other stuff. All of which would cost a fortune if I had to pay for it. But that doesn't help pay the bills. It doesn't put gas in my car and it doesn't put food on the table. Please don't feel bad for me. Dh and I have done some very foolish things when it comes to finances. And we are working our way out of debt. This has been a long process and it is taking even longer now that I'm not employed.

Things are going to get better. This is a fact that I know. Just when and where is the question. But this is going to give us the opportunity to re-evaluate how we are doing things and see if there is anything that could be done differently. We have a couple of really big expenses that are going to have to be put on hold. I wish we didn't have to but they can wait. We actually have an item up for sale and if it sells then most of our difficulties will come to an end. I have to come up with a new sales pitch for it. So if you could send up a prayer that it will sell. It would be great.

I am going to try and see if I can get an etsy account. Never done anything like that before but I think that its about time that I put some of my skills up for sale. I mean I have tried to sell the afghans before but that was only at yard sales. I just need some faith in my abilities.

Whewwwwww! Sorry about that. I just needed to get that off my chest.

One day we will have property and no debt! It is just a long journey. Especially, since we didn't start off with a road map. Picked it up after the trip got going.... ;O) Thanks for letting me vent.

On to other things. Got 17 pints of dilly beans done this week. These are new to us. In about 3 weeks we can try them. They should be crispy as I didn't use tap water like I did last year with the pickles. Teenage monster went to her first therapy session this morning. They worked her like a dog. But she will all the better for it. She is doing basics at practice. Hopefully, by next week she will be able to start doing drills. I picked some of the spearmint and the chocolate mint today. I cut all of the leaves off the vines. They are waiting in a bowl to be cleaned. Then off to the dehydrator. It will be nice to have spearmint tea for tummy upsets and chocolate mint to add to hot chocolate this winter.

Speaking of winter it seems that fall has landed on us. I already have some warm and fuzzies about the upcoming winter. I just love being wrapped up in blankets while I sit around the house. Not to mention being under them in bed. The more the better. Last year we kept the temp at 62-64. This year I am thinking that 60-62 might be doable.

Well, I've rambled enough for one night.

Gotta Run,

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lazy, Crazy, Rainy Day

Teenage monster is home after being gone for the past week to band camp. Not only are we happy that she is home. She was very home sick. This was her first time being away from us without any other family around. So with her home I had a ton of laundry to do. LOL! I guess I this is what happens when they go away to college.

We pulled all of the onions out of the garden this week. Ended up with 4 pint bags full in the freezer. This was a smaller harvest then we had hoped for. But we got onions so no complaints. Brought in a ton more tomatoes. Cooked some down the other day for juice and I have a pot on the stove as I type doing the same. Having tomato juice on the shelf is one of my little indulgences.

Of course I am still harvesting eggplant with the weather being cool and wet the plants have set more flowers. So soon I will be giving away eggplant. I almost have more then we can use now. There is almost enough cayenne peppers to make a 3rd rista. If they keep producing then I will be giving rista's away for Christmas. Every day we add a couple more jalapeno's and yellow sweets to the freezer bags.

All of the potatoes were canned up and/or frozen. Next year hopefully, the blight won't affect them. But I will also be using several different varieties. Same with the onions. Several types should help if there is a problem. But isn't that the best fun with gardening.... Knowing that next year will be different. New plants, new problems and a whole new crop to preserve and eat fresh! Ahhhhhh! Next Year!

DH and I came to a decision. We are going to stay in town and try and purchase property out. That way we will have time to set the land up. Without having to survive off the land when we aren't ready. I got a catalog with trees in it. So we know that we want to get English Walnut trees, at least 4. Some for us and then some to sell. I know, fingers crossed! Then we want an orchard of dwarf trees. Apple, peach, pear and mulberry. Oh my!

So once we get the finances in order we will be able to get some of these dreams going. I know we are like a ton of people out there. Lots of dreams and no money to pay for them. One day! Sorry melancholy hit for a sec there.

I spent the last week doing the before school cleaning. Not done yet but now I feel the fall in the air. And I don't think that its imagined. The weather has been cool and rainy. The trees seem to be ready for the change. The squirrels' tails are starting to bush up. I think that we are going to have a winter for the record books this year. I hope that I'm wrong but I don't think so. Just helps me to rationalize all the hard work that I put into preserving the harvest.

Apples won't be ready for another month or so. But I have my clear jel and just waiting patiently. This year apple pie filling will be on my shelves. I might even break down and make some peach pie filling. You never know. If I get a good price on some peaches.

Still a couple more weeks for the sauerkraut. It is fermenting very well. I think I will end up with about 7 quart jars. That will last me the whole year. As I still have a couple jars from last year. Yummmmm!

See what happens when I don't post for awhile... LOL!

Gotta Run,

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Here are some of the things I have harvested so far.

Chopping Wood

Since I am in a great mood today.... We had our day in court and won! I thought that I would take some time and show you why I haven't been around like I should be... LOL! Here is what has been happening at Grim Wytch Acres..

Monday, August 17, 2009

Challenge #11

Last week was spent getting ready for the Teenage monster to go to band camp. I thought I had everything but there was a ton of stuff that needed to be purchased. I know better for next year. Got all the potatoes pulled and put up. I'm just hoping that the tomatoes all turn red soon. That way I can move on to other things.

1. Garden work: All of the potatoes had to be pulled because of blight.

1A. Harvest something: Potatoes 22 pounds & Tomatoes

2. Preserve something. 4 quarts of tomatoes, 32 pints of potatoes and 3 pounds of potatoes dehydrated

3. Food storage. Nothing this week

4. Other preparedness tasks: Cleaning and storing canning jars.

5. Try a new recipe: No just cooking the same old stand bys

6. Financial preparedness: Now we are snowballing that money on to the next bill. Still waiting to see if I get a call from either of the places I applied at.

7. Work on local food systems. Not this week.

8: Learn something. I don't think I learned anything this week. I'm sure I did I just don't remember... LOL!

9: Serve someone. No not this week. I hate to write that just because it makes me sound selfish.... But this past week has been super busy getting ready for band camp.

Gotta Run

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


This has been rattling around in my head since I read the article "Makin' Hay" in the Mary Jane magazine. You see when I was a kid, I was my gram's traveling companion. We would travel 837 miles to visit family up north. We would leave right after school was over and would come back right before school started in the fall. Sometimes we would stay at a cottage at the lake and other times we would stay at one of the family farms. I remember my Uncle Phil teaching my to drive the tractor during haying. I was to small to do the heavy work of taking the bales out of the baler and stacking them on the wagon. So I drove tractor that whole season. I was 9 at the time. The following year, it was time for me to learn how to help unload the wagon and put the bales on the elevator. Now what I am about to tell you next is what my Uncle talked about until his dying day. I was wearing jeans as I was a little allergic to the hay. There was a tiny hole about the size of a pencil eraser. Well, I was putting the bale on the elevator and sent it up. The next thing I know I don't have a pant leg. It happened so fast I didn't realize what happened. But, I was standing next to the open chain and the fray of the hole got caught in the chain. Uncle Phil, grabbed my and got me out of the way. He said he had seen men loose limbs that way and he was just amazed that I didn't loose anything. He was so shaken up, I got the rest of the day off. No harm no foul. LOL! The point to this story is that these are some of the reasons why I am heading back to the farm way of life. The lessons that I was taught back then have stayed with me. The confidence that Uncle Phil showed in me by letting me run the tractor. The hard work that brings since of accomplishment when the haying was done. Then the ability to know how to judge a situation for safety issues. Sometimes I still don't use the best judgement but I am getting better... LOL!
Sorry I was feeling just a bit nostalgic today. Must be cause it's haying time.

Gotta Run

Monday, August 10, 2009

Challenge #10

This week I found an long lost friend, with the help of the computer. Well, I went to get her on Sunday. She came here for a couple hours. I wish the visit would have been longer but she forgot her meds. In the time that we have been apart she has been diagnosed with Rapid Progressing MS. This actually explains a lot of issues she was having the last time that I was in touch with her. She is no longer the self assured person she once was, she now is quite and reserved. The medication she is on has affected her memory and her reasoning. Even with all that I am so happy that I found her. And that she is once again part of my life.

1. Garden work: Watering & I pulled the last of the broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower. Planted carrots, lettuce and radishes on Saturday.

1A. Harvest something: Tomatoes, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, peppers.

2. Preserve something. 8 quarts of tomatoes, dehydrated tomato skins ( for later grinding), made sauerkraut (fermenting as I type) That will go into jars in 6 weeks.

3. Food storage. Nothing this week

4. Other preparedness tasks: Canning and cleaning. Plus getting the stuff for back to school. ( I put some of the stuff away so that if need be we have it for a boredom buster).

5. Try a new recipe: No its been to hot to cook. So we are just eating salads and quick fix foods like tacos and hot dogs. But not at the same meal. LOL!

6. Financial preparedness: Now we are snowballing that money on to the next bill. Still waiting to see if I get a call from either of the places I applied at.

7. Work on local food systems. Not this week.

8: Learn something. I learned how difficult it is to get around with 2 broken toes.

9: Serve someone. Sent some of the garden products to my MIL. She froze the cauliflower so now she has it for the whole winter.

Gotta Run

Saturday, August 8, 2009

After the Rain

It rained pretty hard here today. We needed it. So now that the rain has pasted I went out to the back and sat with the beast by my side. The clouds and a star over my head. The smell of wet earth and the remnants of a fire filling my nostrils. The crickets and praying mantis's calling out to an unknown mate filling my ears. My heart was content to just sit and experience it all. It was an everything is right with the world moment.

Gotta Run,

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mid July Garden

I know I am a bit late posting this but here is an update on the garden

Gotta Run

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Challenge #9

1. Garden work: Watering now that summer has decided to show up.

1A. Harvest something: Tomatoes, cayenne peppers and jalapeno peppers

2. Preserve something. I use swiss chard to make the spinach roll ups. I also dehydrated the leaves and the stems of the swiss chard.

3. Food storage. Picked up a couple of things that used up to replace.

4. Other preparedness tasks: We got the rest of the wood cut.

5. Try a new recipe: No new recipes this week.

6. Financial preparedness: Now we are snowballing that money on to the next bill. I have also applied at 2 different places so the extra money will really come in handy... keeping fingers crossed

7. Work on local food systems. Shopped local again this week.

8: Learn something. Still working on the dish towels.

9: Serve someone. I worked the steak dinner at the legion.

Gotta Run