Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Over 2 years

Not sure where the time has gone!

I hopped on here the other day to read a few of the blogs that I use to read religiously,

Some are still here, while others like mine seem to have fallen into the land of obscurity!

My life, my world has been turned, twisted and basically fallen apart over the last 4 years.

Things are finally starting to sort themselves out!

My dearest Husband is now officially retired! That happened this past March. There has been a real learning curve to all this.

I started a soy wax candle company! I've been doing well with it. Selling at Farmer's Markets and Vintage Events. I'm in the process of getting a website / store up and running to do online sales. It has been fun learning how to do this and actually do it for myself. As some of you might remember I was part of the direct sales world for a few years. I much prefer the candles to that. If you want to see what I've been doing you can find me on

We were recently informed that our youngest won't be attending university once she graduates high school. She has decided to go into trade school. It's still a 5 year program. She will learn her trade but also get a business education as well. We are thrilled for her to make this jump as both of her sisters went to university and she is the one to break the mold!

I know there is so much more to say but for now, Smile Loudly!



Wednesday, December 6, 2017

We made it to December

Well, actually to December 6th!!! This is the longest we have ever been able to hold out on turning the furnace on.... We can afford heat. This is a challenge that I took part in years and years ago. And even though the original coordinator no longer does the challenge, we still do it. We have had some cold spells, the weather always warmed back up. This time, Winter is making a dramatic showing by the end of the week. At least that's what the weatherman says. Even if there is nothing new to see (snow) the temps have finally taken the plunge! Last night was down to 28 and tonight is suppose to be even lower. The daytime temps aren't going to come up enough during the day to warm the house so the heat goes on.

I will say this much, its set at 60 daytime temp. Its hot to us. We have been conditioned to live in a bit cooler temps and I'm roasting.... LOL! It won't last long till we acclimate. I have to go and get new batteries for the programmable thermostat. Then I can readjust what the temps should be.

Last year, when we shut it off we had it on 60. So that's how we will start this year off!

Here's to a short Winter and an early Spring!

Smile Loudly,

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Gales of November

This month is really just a continuation of last month. I know that makes very little sense. LOL! So here's the back story.....

My loved one has been able to return to a job at the same company. Not his job and certainly not for the same rate of pay! Not even what the job is suppose to pay but 10% less for the whole first year after he is done training.... so if he is in training for 6 months then it will be 10% less for a year and a half! Damnation!!!!! Bills still need to be paid and food still needs to be purchased!

But on a brighter note... I have been contacted to do a qualification test to do at home work. If I pass, then I can work from home at my own schedule!!! (*Edited* I got the job!!! Woohoo!) Oldest is now full time at her job. Which means benefits and a pay increase! Middle, has an interview at her job for a supervisors position. (*Edited* She got the promotion) And the youngest broke her roller skates! 

I was able to get a really good deal on chicken from Zaycon Fresh. Its antibiotic free and the best tasting chicken I have ever had. They are so big that 3 chicken breasts will feed 6 people 1 meal. If your interested in checking them out you can do so by going here: Zaycon Fresh

I have been getting at the sales. This week our main grocery store Kroger is having a buy 10 and get $5 off. Lots of really good deals. Pasta and Sauce are on the stock up list! I didn't put up any tomatoes or veg this year. I felt the last couple years I did that it didn't get used the way it should have so. I opted to not. I did do strawberries, blueberries, peaches, bananas, and pineapple.

I have been crocheting up a storm. Grim and I are hoping to go to a Viking Festival the end of February. So I've been making things to sell. Fingers crossed that they will. Its all yarn that I had and now its getting used up. That has an added bonus as its cleaning out where all this yarn has just been sitting taking up space.

And of course I was able to fit in a new shawl for myself. It was made with 2 Canon Cakes. The pattern is Lost in Time. I was lucky enough to have the yarn in my stash so it was a win win. No money out of our current pocket and I got a very nice and warm new shawl!

Since we have been spending so much time at home. One of the things we have been doing is binge watching Netflix. We have watched Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Dare Devil, Iron Fist & The Defenders. These are all Marvel Universe shows. We also watched Wynonna Earp. OMG.... This show is amazing. If you liked/loved Buffy give it a chance and watch... it is amazing!!! My opinion, not paid for by syfy or netflix (unless someone wants to send me a check for it! *Smiles* ) Mindhunter was also a very good series. It shows how the FBI started with the profiling system. I can't wait until they come out with the next season. We are now onto Stranger Things.... It is strange. Only have 2 more episodes to watch until the first season is over.

Smile Loudly,

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Spending Time Else Where

I have to admit... I have been spending much of my time elsewhere. I post almost daily to instagram. I love to blog and write out my thoughts in great detail. But I also like that if I only have a moment or two, I can just post a photo and move on. 

With that being said.... Here are some of the photos from the past year.

Mind you this is only to the end of August!
Life looks so Lovely through the lens of a camera!

Until Next Time,
Smile Loudly!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Not much has changed

In the 8 months since I last posted. Not much has changed.

The Oldest Graduated from University!

My loved one is still hurt and not much seems to help.

I have taken a job out of the home. 

We have not been to our property in over a year. Heard the grass in hood high in a pickup truck! Damn!!

We are all learning to use our words and with that new skills are being learned and projects finished.

Should have some pictures soon.

Finished the Temperature Blanket..... Have almost 17 squares for the popcorn blanket done,,,. Finished a car seat baby blanket for my nephew. Of course I have tons of yarn and patterns and very little time.

The garden I planted this year did miserably. I watered quite a bit but to no end. The only thing that has been doing fabulous is the jalapenos. 

We picked strawberries and blueberries. Tried to find blackberries, since my canes only netted me about 3 cups. Still hoping to get peaches, fall raspberries, tomatoes, and of course apples.

Put up strawberry jam and syrup. Froze the blueberries and still trying to figure out if I have enough blackberries for jelly.

Need to clean up the yard for fall... not sure how much time I will have as the holiday season will pick up here in the next couple weeks. Causing my job to pick up.... Not complaining at all.... the more work the more money!


Monday, December 19, 2016

Quick Update

It's well below zero with the windchill.... brrrrr! I have been wearing layers upon layers for days now. Its cold.... the house is set to 59 day and night. We are taking advantage of our hot water bottles and all the afghans that have been made! I was able to get the quilt my Gram made 40 years ago fixed up.... Some of the squares the stitching came undone. So I sew that up. I am now working on a quilt I purchased at a yard sale over the summer. Its hexagon pieces and 11 had to be replaced. Since I'm not much of a sewer... I am just sewing the new material with the seams on the outside... I know.... I know... But at least it will be done and able to be used sooner rather then later. I only have 5 more to do and then fix the big tear in the back. I got it for like $3.... and I know how much work went into making it in the first place and I hate to see all that work go to waste just cause of some material falling apart.

I have been working on my temperature blanket... I have made it into August. Its going to be really big once its done. I'm happy I went with the moss stitch. Other wise it would have been to big. I will use it on the couch or in the car as a backseat blanket. It will be able to keep 3 people warm back there. LOL! I would have been farther along but I got caught up in the messy bun hat craze. So far I have made 2 of them. Since I have long hair and usually wear it up in a pony tail.... These are perfect for me.

My girls are home.... We have been working on the lights, and cookies and general holiday stuff. I can't wait to show off all the homemade gifts. Can't yet cause I have nosey eyes around here... LOL!

So far we have made toll house with white chips and m&m cookies... Today we are suppose to be making pirogi and bath bombs.... I know what a combination... Each girl wants to learn how to do one of these things.... that's why its so varied.

Well, if I don't manage to make it back on here.... Happy Holidays, Festive Yule, Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Winter Furnace Report

A few years ago there was a challenge put out by someone... I can't even remember by who now... But it was about keeping your furnace temp low all season long. Not only to help with cost but also to help with the environmental impact. I took the challenge one step further and made it a game each year to see how long I could wait until I turned the heat on... I went looking through old posts and the latest date I could find was 11-21. Not to shabby. The later it goes on the better, right.
This year is the winner so far.... 11-23-16. The outside temps this morning were 23 and the inside temp was 51. It would have stayed off until after Thanksgiving but Grim is starting to come down with something and I don't want it to turn into anything serious. But it is only on at 61. I will be changing the night time settings to even lower.... We have a programmable thermostat. I would highly recommend to anyone. I love it.... Plus, no one else ever learned how to use it.... so they never turn the heat up.... LOL!

We will continue to use hot water bottles at night under all of our wonderful warm blankets. We will continue to use our oven all winter long.... Not to heat the house, but baking and roasting, yummy foods.... I will continue to make afghans that I can sit under while they get bigger and bigger, keeping me warm as they grow! And I will continue to dress in layers. Its almost winter.... It should not feel like Tahiti in the house.... Well, if I have a wood burning stove it might... LOL!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends out in BlogLand!!!!