Wednesday, May 28, 2014


This is the view from my bed in the camper. We set it up this past weekend.  Grim wanted to flush the water system. Good thing he did as the hot water heater didn't make it through the winter. Once the whole system was filled, the pump was turned on. We ended up with water all over the inside of the camper. So I won't have running water this summer. I'm alright with this.

I was able to get a lot of it organized. I still have more I can do but that can wait. I did get dry goods into canning jars. Pasta, sugar, puddings,  jello, Kool aid, tea & coffee.

Can't wait to take her out!

Soon I should have pictures of the new camper that has recently fallen into my life.


Friday, May 23, 2014


You know they say weeds are just plants that grow where they're not wanted. This was the case this morning. I went out to do some weeding and I stumbled across lemon balm growing amongst my hostas. So what was I to do... I plucked it up and now have it drying on the table. No point in letting it go to waste. Gotta love volunteer plants!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Stuck in Limbo

That's the feeling right now... Stuck in Limbo... The weather has been so weird this year. Things that would have happened in years past are just starting. I still don't have any tulips... The greenery is there but no flowers. Speaking of flowers... All of my lavender is dead, the sage is dead, the butterfly bush... you guessed it dead. This winter was beyond harsh. I have a few leaves on the raspberry bush... Yep, only 1 survived... So next week once the weather changes again... I will take my rooting compound and make more starts to take with me to the property. I think the blueberries made it... Still not sure though... That is a wait and see. 

With the cold and rain we haven't had a chance to get the backyard cleaned up. The front was done over a few days. We decided that we are getting rid of the above ground pool. We don't think that we will be here enough over the summer to warrant trying to take care of it. So that means we will need either to get sod or lots of seed.

Since it has still been cold here... I have still be working with yarn. The Autumn afghan is finished!!! The second moss stitch afghan is still growing... That might be a work in progress for awhile. I have found a use for all the pink yarn that I bought. My original intention was to make a blanket for one of the cancer walk groups to be able to auction off. But I never found a pattern that I liked. So I am going to use it instead for a granny stripe with gray as the contrast color. I still might donate it after its done... Not sure.

I have also decided not to get rabbits this year. Same reason as the pool... Not sure how much time I will have to take care of them. So better not take on the responsibility. Grim and I have been talking about putting in the garden boxes over on the other side of the house as the neighbor is constantly dumping chemicals on his side of the fence. I think that might a great plan.

I have been talking to a friend and I might be getting a job out of the house. Not sure yet, but if I do it will help with getting things going at the property. And of course a few things done around here. Oh, I bought a new front door.... I got the new storm door last summer at a yard sale. As soon as it dries out I can paint both and then get them up!!! Can't wait!

We will going to get our university monster soon. It will be so nice to have her back home with us.

Well, that's about all...


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Its Officially Spring!

Can you believe it! I can't and we are 6 days in... We had snow again yesterday and its Blue Skies and 30 today! They say we should start seeing some warmer weather by the weekend. I sure hope so... I have been very good this year... I haven't really complained about the cold or the snow overly much. The thermostat has been set at 65 all winter. We have kept warm by putting on warmer clothes and using heavier blankets. Our sinuses have started to act up, but we only had one really bad bout of yuck and that was over Thanksgiving. I managed to get a couple pairs of leg warmers done and 1 afghan ( that still needs tying) done. Not as much as I would have liked. But there is a pair of leg warmers started as well as another scrapghan that I posted pictures of the other day. Not much more has been done to it since then.

I have a defense though. We went up to see our University monster and took Picky with us so she could have her turn touring the campus... I guess we will have 2 out of the 3 up there come 2015. And while we were in the area we stopped in at the property. And of course we had to put up the address... Yes, it came in just in time for us. So now we officially have an address. I also am very thankful that I opted to wait until fall to get my trees.... as the best time to plant is right now.

From the road in... there is at least 3 feet of snow... there is no way I would have been able to get any of the trees planted.

It looks like we will all have to be measured to get snowshoes for Christmas next year! :D

Just on a side note... And this is for me and my journal-ing purposes.... Its funny how the wheel of time always seems to come back around.... Its a full circle kind of thing!

I hope where ever you are that your Spring or Autumn is turning out nicely!


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

2 days!

We have had 2 glorious day of warmth!

Most of the piles are gone.

Now we are bracing for freezing rain and 11 inches of snow!

If we manage to get that much we will be in first place for most snow fall ever!

It amazes me...

I really didn't think we got that much.

I mean 90 some inches of snow is a lot.

It wasn't all at one time.

The monsters did get 7 snow days so far...

I think tomorrow will be #8.

Good News!

On Saturday we received a letter from the county that contained our address!!! Now we need to get out butts in gear and get up there and put it up on a sign. So we don't end up getting a ticket... LOL!

I've managed to get a few more rows done on the moss stitch autumn afghan. There is still a lot of yarn to use up.

I finished reading Anansi's Boys. It was a very good read. If you like funny/dramatic fiction then this might be one for you.


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Soon to be the Ides of March!

March is coming in like a Lion... I am so hoping that it just fades away and in doing so it brings back the warmth that I so actively crave. I am still walking my 10k a day and haven't missed a day. But there is only so much walking the floors I can do. I pass by the windows from one room to the other. I look out at all the snow and can feel the cold coming from the old windows. I long for the windows open and a warm breeze. I so want a gentle rain tapping at the window, with soft rumble of thunder off in the distance. 

With that still being a ways away... I started another scrap-ghan. It is in the colors of Autumn. I was really shocked how much yarn I had that would work together.

I'm using the moss stitch again. I just love it. I makes the warmest blanket. The last one I made I wish I would have made it bigger. It was only big enough to use as a throw. This one will be big enough to use as a blanket.

Oh, I took the monsters to the library last week. They were doing this thing called a blind date with a book! The books are covered in paper so  you have no idea what book you're getting. I ended up with a book called the "Anansi Boys" by Neil Gaiman. I am on chapter 6. I love this book... It is a little trying at times... but the humor makes up for it! I would definitely recommend it!

Today would have been my Gram's birthday. She was a wonderful woman. A little sprite, she was! She grew up in a mining town, married and had 6 children. When she still had 3 at home my grandfather passed away. She had no pension and had to learn to survive... Not only did she survive but she thrived. She picked up bottles on the road side, she coupon'd, she yard sale'd and resold. She leased out the back property to a neighbor farmer. She was a very ingenious woman. She would barter to get vacation cottage for the summer. She would take me with her as her traveling companion. We traveled all over. We visited with family. She taught me so much. She was such a treasure. When I was 15 she had a brain aneurysm that leaked. They were able to do surgery, but Gram was never the same. She couldn't remember names and had a hard time talking. She had seizures. And she renamed me. She would go down the list of names to find the one she wanted. But with me, once she renamed me I was to forever be known as Bridget. I loved that wee bit of a woman that she was! And I miss her terribly.

Happy Birthday, Gram!
Don't cheat the Angels to much at cards or they may not want to play with you anymore!
All my Love!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Beginnings and Ends

Yesterday, I mailed out the application for the address on the property and check! They say that once they receive it the time it will take is only 5 days. So before St. Pat's I'm expecting to be the proud owners of a Street Address! It sounds funny to say that. Even though people have owned the property before us... We will be the first to own the address. Since we can't get there to do anything or even see how much snow is on the ground! I can only imagine...

So I have to turn my attention to what's going on here.

This is the garden area... This is the first time I looked out this window all winter... In my defense it's because I put bubble wrap on the windows.... So I couldn't see out. LOL! I am going to try and put in a carefree garden this year. You know the type that will take care of itself other then for a little water. Since we will be doing weekend trips north to the property, I don't want to put to much time or energy in down here. At least for this summer. 

I will have a couple of garden areas that will need to be filled in as I will be taking the blueberries and the golden and black raspberries and planting them on the property. So that is going to free up the 5 sets of tires and the 1 bed.

But since Spring is still away's off... I have to keep busy in the house.

Firstly, I have resumed following the Flylady! She has helped me in the past to get the CHAOS under control. She will help again this time. For as lackadaisical as I seem... I am a very organized person, I even have lists & follow the calendar. So far so good! Living Room... check! Now on to the kitchen. I just wish they could put the calendar from cozi to yahoo. It would make my life easier! Just Sayin'!

The autumn afghan is all done but for tying off the ends.

The finished measurements are 45" wide and 59" long. I used Red Heart Love and Bernat. That was the only way I could get the colors I wanted. I think it turned out very nice. Now just to tie in the ends.