Saturday, December 27, 2014

Almost the end of the month!

We have had our oldest home for the last couple weeks. So we have been busy working, cleaning and just general visiting! LOL! It takes a ton of time to get caught up face to face! So lets see what happened this month?!? We cleaned, we got all the presents wrapped, we cooked, ate, worked worked and oh yeah.... worked. Went and visited my Uncle that lives in the Hospital.  Dealt with things for the VFW. Got a membership for the gym and we have actually gone a few times!

Christmas came and Grim got a pocket chainsaw.... Its so cool. When he gets a chance to use it I will report on it. He also got a shaving mug and soap. I got a blue tooth retro radio and a sock loom that uses worsted weight yarn! Love it!!! We both got more things but its to much to list. The monsters got a ton of stuff. The best thing they got was I supported the local zoo and each of them was able to be the sponsor of a vampire bat! Best gift this year!

It was just the immediate family over for the day. My brother had the flu so he was down for the count and I didn't put out the big invite like I usually do. Just to tired to cook for that many.... Plus my oven hasn't been able to be fixed yet. Hopefully tomorrow. Last night we took the monsters to zoo so that they could see the vampire bats that they sponsored! Couldn't find them. That's ok... just means we will have to go back again at a later date. Speak of dates the oldest monster went out on a date last night. I'm sure there will be more to come on that subject. Today we were able to go and get my wood burning stove. It is safe and sound in the storage unit.

We will be staying in on New Years Eve. Grim has to work the night and I have to work the day. I figure I will be in bed long before Grim gets home. At least I will feel well rested to begin the new year! Yeah, Right!

So if I don't get time to be back on here!
Happy New Year to all of you!

Monday, November 17, 2014

New Season

Fall has been a fickle thing this year. Cold, rain, hot, bitter! Almost like she can't make up her mind on what she wants. I tried to hold out until the 11th to turn the furnace on. I only missed by two days. So the official start to the winter heat bills was Nov. 9th. 

We were able to get out and get all the Christmas lights up before the weather turned cold on us. I will post pictures when we turn them on. That won't be until Thanksgiving night. Even though we get them up early, we make sure we celebrate each Holiday in succession.

Life is going good. Grim and I are almost the new parents to a 10 year old brand new wood burner. This where it sits right now... We have to go and pick it up. Really excited about this purchase.

We have found a great building at Lowes. Unfortunately, Lowes is just the dealer and the suppliers dosen't travel to where our property is located. :( 16x24

No fear! We went to Menard's. They worked with us on figuring out what we wanted and they came up with a bigger structure with a medal roof for only about $1000 more. 24x24 Granted this one we have to build ourselves. Sweat Equity!!! At least that's what I'm telling myself! LOL! It will be what we want in the end. So no complaints now or in the future... As long as it all goes as planned! :P

Even though I have the part time job away from the homestead. I'm still working on my Thirty-one business. I have a fantastic deal going on right now. So here goes my 30 second pitch!

Email Me and Let's get you some stuff for FREE, while taking care of the Holidays all in one shot!!


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

What was suppose to be.....

We were suppose to go up to the property this past weekend. :( That didn't happen. Time and lack of money. ( our credit union was suppose to have a nice merge.... it turned out to be a hostile takeover) The lack of money was simply because we couldn't access our funds. Going on week 2 of this nonsense. I can go to the bank and get some but we have no cards. So our trip had to be canceled.

Things have gotten a little bit busier around here. I'm back to work. Its just part time. But we needed the money as University monster hasn't been able to find a job and we are footing the bill. Always money. I don't know if its the root of all evil or just the greatest motivator in the world. Any who!!! I have been employed by a laboratory to work in a doctors office taking samples. Very Gross, but thanks for asking! :)

Grim has been working 6 days a week and almost 12 hour days. When he is home, we try very hard to get the house ready for winter. One day we went though and cut all the dead and overhanging branches from the trees. We only have 3 trees and it took 4 loads in the back of the pickup to the dump. I guess that was a neglected task.. Its done now. Then we went though another day and emptied out the pots that have veggies in them. Also got all of the summer stuff put at the storage unit. The outside is almost done. We just need to cut the grass 1 more time and get the leaves up and grass seed down.

Its strange but now that I'm back to work, I have a bug to get stuff done and I'm doing it. I actually took apart my windows and washed them. Yes, I still hate housework. No, not really sure what's going on! All but 3 windows have been closed up for winter. They should be done by next week. My living room has been cleaned and dusted. I got the new rods so I could add the winter curtains. They are tied up on the sides patiently waiting for the snow to fly.

Speaking of snow, Grim said on his way to work the other morning it was sleeting. I'm thinking there will be snow on the ground by Halloween. Its not a far stretch. We are getting down into the 40's at night and the highs of 60's during the day. Once again this year, I'm going to hold out as long as I can before I turn the heat on. Last year I made it to.... the middle of November last year. I'm hoping to make it that long again.

This year we are going to be getting a dehumidifier. For whatever reason, our home gets very humid in the winter and then the windows get steamy and every Spring I have to scrap paint and paint to get rid of the mold that has made its appearance over the Winter.

With it being October, I of course needed to get my butt in gear. I was only able to can up 1 bushel of tomatoes and 1 bushel of corn was cobbed and put into the freezer. So that left lots of gaps that needed to be filled. So I got 2 more bushels of tomatoes ( all turned into puree ). The peppers are being cleaned and cut and dropped into the freezer. The carrots, potatoes and onions will be stored along with the squash. The apples which are not pictured will be turned into sauce. The eggplant was used as a base for pasta sauce. Eggplant, peppers, onion, garlic and some extra tomato puree was all cooked down, then bagged and frozen.

I'm still working on several yarn projects. Now that the weather is starting to change I have time to work on them. Hopefully, I will have pictures soon.


Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I guess I should go away more often. I come back just aching to type... LOL!

This summer has been a whirlwind of activities.

I didn't have time to sit and read one book.

But I did get started on yet another afghan.

Well sort of....

I cut up a bunch of old t-shirts and made my own yarn

Cause I have nothing better to do with me time.


This yarn is now being turned into a rug for the camper.

Hoping it turns out. 

I may have to frog what I've already done, because I don't like how the end looks.

To tight.

Decisions, Decisions!



Monday, August 25, 2014

Simply Blessed

With selling 31 this is the phrase that I have embroidered on all of my items. It is something that just resonates with me. I am Simply Blessed. The family that I was born to, the friends that have become family, the experiences both good and bad, have brought me to this place of being Simply Blessed.

Like I said in my last post. We just got home yesterday afternoon. We were gone for 7 nights and 8 days. I had internet but limited my time to it as we were spending some much need down time together as a family. Today, I was back at the grind. Picky monster need to go to the school to get everything in order for her Senior year. I had to switch appointments and make appointments for my MIL. I made a list of goals and broke them down into bite sized pieces. I had to go to the grocery to get a few things.

The aisles are long and at the end of the first one is the eggs and milk. There was an older couple in front of me. As I waited my turn at getting the eggs. The woman turned to me and said that I could get what I needed because they were getting a lot. They told me that they eat at least half a dozen eggs every day and that they needed to stock up when they go on sale. They told me a bit of their life story. To which I listened and she told me that when things look down that she just reminds herself that she is blessed. To this I showed her my bag and said that more people needed to remember the blessings in life. We said our good byes. I don't think I would have ever given them another thought much less written about them on my blog. But they came in at a time that I didn't think much about my blessings, just my challenges.

Once dinner was done and my first blog post of the day was done, it was time to read up on my favorite blogs. This is where my blessings come into play. I read the title of one of my fellow blogger. It says with an aching heart..... My first thought is that she and her family were giving up on the homesteading way of life. Which tends to happen to the best at times. But what I found when I read the blog had me in tears. A fellow blogger SciFiChick of Bacon and Eggs passed away last week.

Now I never got the chance to meet with her and her husband Mars. But for years I have read her story, her hopes and dreams. Her successes and failures. It is always sad to hear of someone you know but don't really know, passing away. She touched so many lives, and got so many of us on the path.

I found this quote earlier today. I don't know if she wanted to inspire, but she did. We are better off having had the opportunity to see the world she chose to share!

Again I say that I'm Simply Blessed with the events that unfold in my life.


Feeling Elated

We have just come home from taking our oldest monster to school for her Sophomore year at university!!! But that's not why I'm happy.... LOL!

Grim and I were able to speak to the township executive. She was super nice and was able to help us out with all of our questions. She told us that the well head protection area was set up back in 1994 when the county came in and capped all the wells in town. So that has nothing to do with us. The next question was should we get our well tested... She said that she has been drinking from these artisan wells for her whole life. But if we wanted we could have it tested... Nope, not gonna happen.... Just saved us a ton right there. Then she told us a bunch of other stuff that is going to make our lives so much easier when it comes time to build.

Grim and I were able to rent a brush hog while we were there this time. We would have gotten more done but our stamina just didn't hold out. In 5 hours we got a ton done. If only we would have been able to do this while our oldest was with us or even my brother... He was already there when we got into town on Sunday and he stayed with us Sunday night!

While we were there we decided to layout where the house will be. Remember its suppose to be 16 x 20. Good thing we tried to stake it our first.... Cause we have now come to the conclusion that we need to double the size of the house. So it will now be 16 x 40. The loft space will be attached in the middle. So we will have one big room or two decent sized ones... Not sure yet on that.

Grim and I plan on taking another trip in November to cut the trees with the orange paint. They are either diseased, dying or in the way ( only 2 are in the way ).

We are going to try and get the Barn floor done. Once that's done we can make some head way with the electricity next spring. Sorry I didn't think to take pictures of the inside of the barn but it is 24 x 24. The monsters and I did measure it.

Come Spring we have a ton more work to do. The orchard needs to be cleared. It is 50 x 150. Now that's been measured I can get down to the placement of the trees that I want to order. On the list right now is Walnut, Mulberry, Paw Paw, Pear, Apple, Apricot, Peach, Plum and Almond. I already have the Almond. As long as it survives the winter down here that is! :o) 16 trees total!

Well, that's about it for now... Need to go and make some money to pay for these dreams!


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Possible New Home

Grim and I have been looking around like crazy, talking to builders and scratching our heads.

Money is tight, but when isn't it.

I came across plans for 16 x 20. They have multiple sizes to choose from.

I purchased it for $9.95 through paypal. 

Its the Pioneer Cabin.

Then I became an affiliate. If you want an affordable, small home this is worth looking into.

Tiny Prefab eBook

When we are in our county in a couple weeks, we will be asking if this is something that fits in with the building codes for the area. Keeping fingers crossed that this will work. Its in our budget and the perfect size as the monsters are getting bigger and moving out!


Thursday, July 31, 2014

Summer is almost over!

This summer has been busy doing nothing... Well, that's not true. I have become care taker of my mother in law. She was diagnosed with vascular dementia about 6 months ago. Since then she has need some extra attention. 

My oldest monster has been home from university. She ended up being in a roll over car accident. She is fine... The driver of the car and her were both able to walk away from it.

We went on a weeks vacation camping. During that time it rained so we could get into the property to do anything. But we were able to do some off road ing.

I was able to do a few shows with Thirty-one! I have more planned for the upcoming months! Can't wait... I've already seen the new fall catalog and I want everything in it.... LOL! The life of a consultant! : p

I was in a parade for the 4th of July. I'm the treasurer for the ladies auxiliary of the VFW, now.

We have had 2 weddings! Both cousins of mine! Both absolutely stunning Brides!

Picky monster and I went across country to the junior Olympics! She won a Silver and a Gold Medal in her age divisions.

We have one new family member and another on the way! Both cousins!

And of course in all this free time I started another blanket! This is the pattern that was used by the mother in breaking Amish!

In just about 2 weeks, we take the oldest back to school! And we start Picky monsters Senior year of High School and Mouthy Monsters first year of middle school. Oh, how the time flies!

Until the next installment!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


This is the view from my bed in the camper. We set it up this past weekend.  Grim wanted to flush the water system. Good thing he did as the hot water heater didn't make it through the winter. Once the whole system was filled, the pump was turned on. We ended up with water all over the inside of the camper. So I won't have running water this summer. I'm alright with this.

I was able to get a lot of it organized. I still have more I can do but that can wait. I did get dry goods into canning jars. Pasta, sugar, puddings,  jello, Kool aid, tea & coffee.

Can't wait to take her out!

Soon I should have pictures of the new camper that has recently fallen into my life.


Friday, May 23, 2014


You know they say weeds are just plants that grow where they're not wanted. This was the case this morning. I went out to do some weeding and I stumbled across lemon balm growing amongst my hostas. So what was I to do... I plucked it up and now have it drying on the table. No point in letting it go to waste. Gotta love volunteer plants!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Stuck in Limbo

That's the feeling right now... Stuck in Limbo... The weather has been so weird this year. Things that would have happened in years past are just starting. I still don't have any tulips... The greenery is there but no flowers. Speaking of flowers... All of my lavender is dead, the sage is dead, the butterfly bush... you guessed it dead. This winter was beyond harsh. I have a few leaves on the raspberry bush... Yep, only 1 survived... So next week once the weather changes again... I will take my rooting compound and make more starts to take with me to the property. I think the blueberries made it... Still not sure though... That is a wait and see. 

With the cold and rain we haven't had a chance to get the backyard cleaned up. The front was done over a few days. We decided that we are getting rid of the above ground pool. We don't think that we will be here enough over the summer to warrant trying to take care of it. So that means we will need either to get sod or lots of seed.

Since it has still been cold here... I have still be working with yarn. The Autumn afghan is finished!!! The second moss stitch afghan is still growing... That might be a work in progress for awhile. I have found a use for all the pink yarn that I bought. My original intention was to make a blanket for one of the cancer walk groups to be able to auction off. But I never found a pattern that I liked. So I am going to use it instead for a granny stripe with gray as the contrast color. I still might donate it after its done... Not sure.

I have also decided not to get rabbits this year. Same reason as the pool... Not sure how much time I will have to take care of them. So better not take on the responsibility. Grim and I have been talking about putting in the garden boxes over on the other side of the house as the neighbor is constantly dumping chemicals on his side of the fence. I think that might a great plan.

I have been talking to a friend and I might be getting a job out of the house. Not sure yet, but if I do it will help with getting things going at the property. And of course a few things done around here. Oh, I bought a new front door.... I got the new storm door last summer at a yard sale. As soon as it dries out I can paint both and then get them up!!! Can't wait!

We will going to get our university monster soon. It will be so nice to have her back home with us.

Well, that's about all...


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Its Officially Spring!

Can you believe it! I can't and we are 6 days in... We had snow again yesterday and its Blue Skies and 30 today! They say we should start seeing some warmer weather by the weekend. I sure hope so... I have been very good this year... I haven't really complained about the cold or the snow overly much. The thermostat has been set at 65 all winter. We have kept warm by putting on warmer clothes and using heavier blankets. Our sinuses have started to act up, but we only had one really bad bout of yuck and that was over Thanksgiving. I managed to get a couple pairs of leg warmers done and 1 afghan ( that still needs tying) done. Not as much as I would have liked. But there is a pair of leg warmers started as well as another scrapghan that I posted pictures of the other day. Not much more has been done to it since then.

I have a defense though. We went up to see our University monster and took Picky with us so she could have her turn touring the campus... I guess we will have 2 out of the 3 up there come 2015. And while we were in the area we stopped in at the property. And of course we had to put up the address... Yes, it came in just in time for us. So now we officially have an address. I also am very thankful that I opted to wait until fall to get my trees.... as the best time to plant is right now.

From the road in... there is at least 3 feet of snow... there is no way I would have been able to get any of the trees planted.

It looks like we will all have to be measured to get snowshoes for Christmas next year! :D

Just on a side note... And this is for me and my journal-ing purposes.... Its funny how the wheel of time always seems to come back around.... Its a full circle kind of thing!

I hope where ever you are that your Spring or Autumn is turning out nicely!


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

2 days!

We have had 2 glorious day of warmth!

Most of the piles are gone.

Now we are bracing for freezing rain and 11 inches of snow!

If we manage to get that much we will be in first place for most snow fall ever!

It amazes me...

I really didn't think we got that much.

I mean 90 some inches of snow is a lot.

It wasn't all at one time.

The monsters did get 7 snow days so far...

I think tomorrow will be #8.

Good News!

On Saturday we received a letter from the county that contained our address!!! Now we need to get out butts in gear and get up there and put it up on a sign. So we don't end up getting a ticket... LOL!

I've managed to get a few more rows done on the moss stitch autumn afghan. There is still a lot of yarn to use up.

I finished reading Anansi's Boys. It was a very good read. If you like funny/dramatic fiction then this might be one for you.


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Soon to be the Ides of March!

March is coming in like a Lion... I am so hoping that it just fades away and in doing so it brings back the warmth that I so actively crave. I am still walking my 10k a day and haven't missed a day. But there is only so much walking the floors I can do. I pass by the windows from one room to the other. I look out at all the snow and can feel the cold coming from the old windows. I long for the windows open and a warm breeze. I so want a gentle rain tapping at the window, with soft rumble of thunder off in the distance. 

With that still being a ways away... I started another scrap-ghan. It is in the colors of Autumn. I was really shocked how much yarn I had that would work together.

I'm using the moss stitch again. I just love it. I makes the warmest blanket. The last one I made I wish I would have made it bigger. It was only big enough to use as a throw. This one will be big enough to use as a blanket.

Oh, I took the monsters to the library last week. They were doing this thing called a blind date with a book! The books are covered in paper so  you have no idea what book you're getting. I ended up with a book called the "Anansi Boys" by Neil Gaiman. I am on chapter 6. I love this book... It is a little trying at times... but the humor makes up for it! I would definitely recommend it!

Today would have been my Gram's birthday. She was a wonderful woman. A little sprite, she was! She grew up in a mining town, married and had 6 children. When she still had 3 at home my grandfather passed away. She had no pension and had to learn to survive... Not only did she survive but she thrived. She picked up bottles on the road side, she coupon'd, she yard sale'd and resold. She leased out the back property to a neighbor farmer. She was a very ingenious woman. She would barter to get vacation cottage for the summer. She would take me with her as her traveling companion. We traveled all over. We visited with family. She taught me so much. She was such a treasure. When I was 15 she had a brain aneurysm that leaked. They were able to do surgery, but Gram was never the same. She couldn't remember names and had a hard time talking. She had seizures. And she renamed me. She would go down the list of names to find the one she wanted. But with me, once she renamed me I was to forever be known as Bridget. I loved that wee bit of a woman that she was! And I miss her terribly.

Happy Birthday, Gram!
Don't cheat the Angels to much at cards or they may not want to play with you anymore!
All my Love!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Beginnings and Ends

Yesterday, I mailed out the application for the address on the property and check! They say that once they receive it the time it will take is only 5 days. So before St. Pat's I'm expecting to be the proud owners of a Street Address! It sounds funny to say that. Even though people have owned the property before us... We will be the first to own the address. Since we can't get there to do anything or even see how much snow is on the ground! I can only imagine...

So I have to turn my attention to what's going on here.

This is the garden area... This is the first time I looked out this window all winter... In my defense it's because I put bubble wrap on the windows.... So I couldn't see out. LOL! I am going to try and put in a carefree garden this year. You know the type that will take care of itself other then for a little water. Since we will be doing weekend trips north to the property, I don't want to put to much time or energy in down here. At least for this summer. 

I will have a couple of garden areas that will need to be filled in as I will be taking the blueberries and the golden and black raspberries and planting them on the property. So that is going to free up the 5 sets of tires and the 1 bed.

But since Spring is still away's off... I have to keep busy in the house.

Firstly, I have resumed following the Flylady! She has helped me in the past to get the CHAOS under control. She will help again this time. For as lackadaisical as I seem... I am a very organized person, I even have lists & follow the calendar. So far so good! Living Room... check! Now on to the kitchen. I just wish they could put the calendar from cozi to yahoo. It would make my life easier! Just Sayin'!

The autumn afghan is all done but for tying off the ends.

The finished measurements are 45" wide and 59" long. I used Red Heart Love and Bernat. That was the only way I could get the colors I wanted. I think it turned out very nice. Now just to tie in the ends.


Friday, February 28, 2014

Question, Comment / Complaint?

I don't know if you remember but Grim and I bought property last summer. Now mind you it isn't in the Yukon... but its close... LOL! Not really... It is in the UP of Michigan, where they get an average of 150 inches of snow every winter. There will be snow on the ground long after the first day of Spring. With that being said...

I got an email from a very reputable company that sells fruit and nut trees. The email states that they have this great sale and come check out the site... Wellllllll, since one of the things on the agenda has been to get the orchard planted this year, I thought WOO HOO! So I go and it tells me to plug in my zip code so that we can see when the best time to plant and what zone I'm in... Cool!

First let me say that the property is a zone 5a. I really don't know much about this zone other then its for plants that can handle more cold then where I am currently residing. The next thing to do was see what the Next Ideal Planting Time is..... Drumroll?!? No, alright.... Its March 31st.

My question, comment / complaint is there will still be snow on the ground at the ideal planting time. The weather really doesn't start to turn until the end of April and I still need to clear the area. So can I buy the trees now, put them in the garage until I can get up there the middle of June and plant them then? Or if I miss this date is it then to late to plant for this year? I have a book on fruit trees but when I changed my bedroom around all my homesteading books got moved and I don't know where they went. So I am asking my readership, does anyone know?

I would really like to get trees in the ground this year... But I'm afraid to spend the money for them to not survive! The joys of being a newb! :(


Monday, February 17, 2014

Where has the Time gone

Just so you know the rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated! LOL!
How has everyone been doing this winter! Man o Man it has been a doosy. My monsters have been home more then in school the last couple months or at least it seems. Our state beat all kinds of records for snow falls in January and now February. We are in the process of getting another 6-8 inches tonight. And as I type, I wonder will there be another snow day tomorrow!?!

Well, lets see what have I been up to. I was able to get 3 pairs of leg warmers done. Oh, and all the squares for the Autumn afghan. Just need to put them together. I have half of the living room done with Spring Cleaning. The other half will be done this week as I have a lilla rose party and have lots of people invited. 

I have recently been put in charge of taking care of my MIL. Over the past year she has been going down hill... But none of us could figure out why. Well, over this past month we have found out that she has been taking medication that was mislabeled at the pharmacy. Not only that but that she was actually allergic to it. We didn't find that out until she landed in the ER last weekend because she fell... and was disoriented. She was there for almost 24 hours when she requested something for pain.... Within 20 minutes of getting it she was disoriented and slurring her speech and didn't know where she was. I really thought we were going to be contacting assisted living. After a long discussion with the doctor we took her off those pain meds and she has been improving greatly. I am now making her doctor appointments and keeping track of the medication so no more mistakes happen. It is an adjustment for both her and I. But we will make it through.

I am very thankful that I am doing the direct sales, as it is giving me the opportunity to be available to my MIL now that she needs more help. Both of the companies are starting to pick up, so you never know... I might just hit my goal of $500 a month before the end of the year!

Speaking of goals. The only two that I have been hard at work on is the walking 10k a day and going paleo. I haven't missed a day of walking... The paleo has been more difficult. I have given up bread, pasta, rice and flour 95%. I have noticed a huge difference in the space between my ribs and belly button. That area is shrinking. All of my pants no longer fit me. I can't wait for warmer weather so I can get back into my skirts and it won't matter. My first weigh in is coming up. March 17th is close to the half way point. I didn't want to make it a numbers thing this time.

I know there is more and I have pictures to prove it... But I'm off to bed to await another snow day! 


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Witch Hazel

I found this on Facebook. And since I thought it was interesting, I thought you might also. 


Sunday, January 5, 2014


We are in the WTF zone... LOL! So far its just snowing like crazy, multiple inches on the ground.... Grim and the monsters have been out a couple times shoveling and snowblowing!

I love this type of weather!!! It reminds me of my childhood...

The monsters will be home tomorrow!


Several of the surrounding cities have already called for school closings for Tuesday already. I think it has to do with the wind chill. It will be in the minus area. So Christmas break may continue well into the week!

Since it was that type of day. I made chili for dinner. Then since there is so much snow I made snow scream and honeyed bananas. Huge success!

Since the monsters were suppose to be gone and tomorrow was suppose to be my first day of work... With the Uppercase Living Business for this new year! I'm still planning on running a new type of marketing. Come on over to my facebook page tomorrow to become part of the fun!


Wednesday, January 1, 2014


There is no point in doing a year in review.... There was so much that happened and most of it I didn't post about.....Sad I know, but no worries... On to bigger and better.

We had a couple folks over last night. Everyone was gone before midnight, so we watched the ball drop in our room. Then Grim watched Counting Cars and the monsters played on the computer. I finished knitting the first of the second pair of leg warmers.... By the way I wore the first pair yesterday with my boots and I got a compliment on them... YEAH!

Today we took the monsters sledding. We were there for almost an hour. Since it was still snowing they really weren't doing very well. They had a ton of fun though and hope to get back there before Un-monster has to go back to school.

While they were out there I sat in the truck and knitted. I got a got 3 inches done of the second of the second pair of legwarmers done... I like this yarn, its Loops & Threads Impeccable in Charcoal Tweed... Black with flecks of other colors. pictures will be coming soon.

Today I officially started being Paleo. Bacon and eggs for Breakfast, spaghetti squash and sauce for dinner. Plus, I'm also juicing 1x a day. Also did 10k today. I would like to be down 50 pounds by my b-day in June. But it not at least I'll be healthier, even if I'm not.