Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow, Snow & More Snow

We are getting more snow here today. It was only suppose to be a small amount but it looks like about 5 inches so far. Plus it doesn't look like it is going to stop any time soon. The mouthy monster is home today. She threw up the Tylenol I gave her, this morning. So on the couch she lays watching cartoons. LOL! She is quiet and waiting for her jello.

I got 4 loaves of bread and 12 waffles made yesterday. I also used the powder cheese to make mac n cheese. It turned out really well, the cheese was from Gordon Food Services. I think it was like $2.50. Mix cheese mix and water, that easy. The monsters compared it to velvetta. Dh liked it with tortilla's. So it was a hit and now I can stock up on it for later. Also $3.50 for the meal for 6 people.... works out to be like .59 cents a person and there was some leftover. Can't beat meals like that. Also there is some of the cheese leftover for chips later....yummmmm!

I sorted all of my canned goods. Now I have a better idea of what I need to purchase. Teenage monster wanted to know how much we would need for a year. I told her that we use 3 cans of vegetables 4 times a week. She figured it out and came up with 624 - 15oz cans for a year. That is a ton of cans. She at least now understands why I have a food storage.

Well, I haven't heard from my boss for almost 2 weeks. I called him Monday but he hasn't called me back. So I think that I am unemployed. I am just hopeing that I can get my paycheck. Keeping my fingers crossed. That was the money I was going to use to buy the pressure canner and the dehydrator. I was a contract employee so I don't get unemployment. Now I get to go and try and find something else part time. Hopefully, I will get something soon.

Mouthy monster just asked for hamburger helper for dinner. So that is what we shall have. Beef pasta, green beans, bread & butter and maybe cake... that is if I can get motivated to make one. LOL! I got all the laundry and my mile walk done, read all of my mail, checked out the blogs, and made lunch. This morning really did just fly by. It is almost time to get the other 2 monsters.