Tuesday, February 3, 2009


It has just been hectic here over the past couple of days. Where to start.... Cardinals lost... But that is ok. I really didn't care. I was just rooting for the underdog. So Yeah Steelers... LOL! The super bowl party we went to was fun. Lots of friends were there. Lots to drink.... That is why I didn't post yesterday... LOL! I was too hung over to want to sit in the cold and type.

Ok, I got out the dehydrator and cut up onions. I have a 50lb bag that I put up for winter well, they need to be used up now before the weather changes and they all go bad. So this is the first item. I cut up enough for all 4 trays. I plug it in, then say to Dh this is the quitest one I have ever seen. We went out cause it says 6 - 12 hours. So I figured I had plenty of time. We get home and I check them as it was like 3 hours later....hmmmmm! Something doesn't look right. I flip the thing over and the fan thing isn't moving. I move it to a different plug... Nothing. Now I realize that it isn't working. I call the 800 number. They say all I should have to do is plug it in. So now I have to take off all of the onions and pack the thing back up to take back to the store. I take it back and explain how I know it doesn't work and why it smells like onions. They give me a store credit just in case they don't have anymore on the shelve. Sweet I know. But luckily there was one for me. So got back home and replaced all of the onions and it is really quite but this time Dh checked to make sure it worked. LOL! Once I get this batch done I will take pictures cause I still have the rest of the bag and some potatoes to do also. But I think that I will be working on the onions for the next month.

One of my friends over the weekend bought some knit hats with patches on them. The patches were just stuck on so he is coming over so I can sew them for him. LOL! That is ok, cause this falls into the whole I need to learn how to sew better skill learning. I think he has 4 of them so I should be able to get it done in just a couple of minutes.

I have been very bad this weekend. I only exercise on Friday. I haven't done anything since. I had to work on the laundry today and I am already sore from hanging it. So I know I am going to pay for having missed 3 days. My Wii is going to yell at me. LOL!

I can't wait for Monsters -vs- Aliens. It is a pixarmovie... Also is of the child type movie. It looks really cute. I like the kids movies and comedies, some horror. I use to watch every horror movie that ever came out. Now not so much. Not sure what changed now I guess I'm not that in to them.

Fringe is on tonight so I have so much to do before that comes on. I better go.....