Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just another day

Not to much is going on here right now. Well, I mean there is always stuff going on but nothing important. I do have a funny story to tell you....

I'm at the computer yesterday playing farmville (yep, still can't get outside), Grim comes in as calm as can be and says "hey I just wanted to let you know the chainsaw is on fire", to this I reply really, somehow that doesn't shock me. He says no really it is really hot and it's smoking.... See this doesn't surprise me. We bought one of those Wildthing 16" blade from Poulan.... This is the third one we have had. The first 2 we had to take back because there was something wrong with the clutch on both of them. Now Grim is finally able to resume his life and wanted to get this tree cut up before he got back to work. So to make a long story short, off to Sears we go and but a Craftsman 18" bladed chainsaw. It worked like a dream Grim said. Now I need to find the reciept and take that piece of crap back and see if I can get my money back for it.

Oh, I also didn't tell you that Teenage monster caused an incident here on Saturday before bowling. She was down in the basement doing something. She sees a spider on the washer.... She kicks the washer.... The cold water supply to the washer breaks..... By the time Grim and I make it down there, water is all over the place... Dirty clothes are soaked, she is soaked.... The other two monsters are in the fray and they were soaked. She had tried to turn the water off before we got to her.... But she turned it the wrong way so she grabbed a bucket and tried to block the water.... As mad as I was it was just to damn funny. The sad things is that we don't even know if she got the spider... LOL! Grim gave Teenage monster a lesson in plumbing later on that day!

Over the last 20 years we have owned two rocker recliner chairs. Both of which have been used to the point that the bottom/base wears out... Then we still keep the chairs, not wanting the expense of having to replace them. Well, last week I got tired of the broke down chair. So off to the curb it went.... I know what your thinking someone could have use it.... Well, as they picked up and just got it outside the whole inside of the chair fell out. I think that is all it was waiting for to die.... LOL! We have decided not to replace it. At least not for a few years.... I don't need it until I have grands.... That is all I've ever used them for anyways. Rockin' Babies!!!

My seedlings are still growing. At least some of them. Most of the beans died as did the sunflowers. I might try them again. But then again the weather is starting to turn for the better. I still need to work on the garden.... Reconfigure it. That can wait a few more days.

Diet is going good, so are the workouts. I go and get my stitches out today. There are only 3 of them but I can't wait. I need to color my hair and do a pedicure. Those are my spluges. But I do them myself so they don't cost all that much.

Enough rambling!
Gotta Run,

Monday, March 28, 2011

Building a Pantry Part 3

Since the basics hardly ever go on sale they can be a bit more to stock up on. These are the items that you can get for free or dirt cheap by combining sales and coupons. Remember that if you won't eat it, it doesn't matter if you got it free its a waste of time and money. Now I know to the pantry purists these prepackaged convience foods are a no no. But to me if its what you eat then make sure you have a couple extra as back up.

This usually goes on sale pretty cheap. But with the basics you can make your own pasta that is just as good or sometimes even better depending on the recipe.

Mustard, Ketchup, Maynosis, Relish, Chutneys. Depending on your taste I'm sure there are a lot more things that you could add to this list. Again, if you wanted to you could make all of these yourself with little effort or expense.

Veggies & Fruit:
Since we are suppose to eat 5-9 servings a day of Fruit and Veggies, you need to have a bit on hand, when fresh might not be an option. You can choose low-salt and low/no sugar types. Fruits and Veggies can be canned also.... But with some of the Veggies you will need a pressure canner to can. It isn't safe to can certain veggies with a water bath canner. So if you want to put food up your self then a the Ball Canning Book is a valueable tool to have on hand.

Salt, Pepper and everything else.... LOL! I bet you thought I was going to label a lot of them...But I think this one is self explanitory. One thing though most seasonings need to be replaced at least every year, sometimes more often as they lose potency.

Baking Items:
Sugar, Baking Powder, Baking Soda, Vanilla things of this type. I find that when I get a hankerin' to bake I like to have the items on hand. Especially, when the family wants cookies, there is nothing worse then not having a fresh can of baking powder and the cookies don't rise.... Oh, well. But like with the seasonings, some baking items need to be replaced yearly.

This is whatever you like as a snack. I like popcorn so I keep that handy for me. Grim, likes walnuts, Picky likes pretzels. The other two just eat to eat... LOL! But you get the idea. I like having this on hand because I have made more trips to the convience store and spent way more money then I should have over the years. Now I keep this stuff as a regular standby.

Diapers, cream, shampoo, soap, baby food. Any item that you don't want to be out of at 3am. Those are the items that need a special place in you pantry.

Treats and Food. It doesn't hurt to have an extra bag of something in the pantry. I know that there have been times that we have run out of animal food between pays and my stash was very apprecated... LOL!

Gotta Run,

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Building a Pantry Part 2

Since I started with the basics in part 1, I figured that would a great place to start with part 2. Now I listed what I felt were basic items that would keep you alive, but by themselves don't do anything for your taste buds.

We will start with Grain:
Red and White Wheat
There may be more grains out there but this is a good list to get you thinking in the direction of what would be a good selection to have to help offer variety.

Table salt
Sea Salt
Pickeling salt
Salt substitutes

Sweetened condensed
Shelf stable (like the almond milk)
There are many more options for milk but these seem to be the most common for pantry use.

Don't keep large quantites on hand because oil does go rancid. This is an item that you will want to rotate out of the pantry more frequently.

Great Northern
Peas (even though they aren't beans I thought I should add them here)
Beans offer a great source of fiber to any diet. There is also a huge variety to choose from, I only gave a few options here.

Water (Beverages)
This can include bottled water, juice, soda, any thing liquid that you drink or cook with. I know I hate wanting something and having to run to the store for it. It is always better to have it on hand.

Now speaking of having it on hand. If you know that you eat 4 cans of beans in a month and they go on sale every other month, then you need to buy 8 cans while they are on sale. This is how you save money and start to save money. Because if you only buy 1 can on sale and the rest at full price your really not saving anything. And if your in the middle of making dinner and realize you don't have it, then you have to make an unexpected trip to the store. We all know that you never just buy the one thing you went to the store for. So more money spent. It gets to be a vicious circle.

Even if all you can get is one extra of an item to add to the pantry you are still doing a great job. It is an extra thing that you will need at a future time. And you got it at a discounted price, while you were already shopping. This is how the pantry grows. Like I said before, if you can afford to buy 100 items at a time that is wonderful, also. There have been times when one item was all I could do and there have been times when 100 things went into the cart. It all depends on what you can afford and how big you want you pantry to be.

I have a family of 5, so my pantry is bigger then say a newlywed couple but way smaller then a family of 18. Plus, it all depends on you comfort level. I like having a couple cans of whatever on the shelf. That way if the monsters want a fend for yourself night there is plenty for them to choose from.

I hope that this list has helped you to see that there is a great variety of food available to fill your pantry with. The items listed will make great food and will nourish the body, but alone I don't think they help the soul. So I will continue with the expanded list in part 3.

Gotta Run,

Friday, March 25, 2011

Building a Pantry Part 1

With the weather starting to change and the tides of our world doing flip flops, I thought it was as good a time as any to talk about my pantry. Now my pantry will differ from the one that you have due to the fact that we don't like the same things. But there will be some similarities and that is what we are going to disscuss.

For the very basic pantry:
Water (beverages)

Now this will give you plenty to eat. Even though it might not taste very good day after day after day... Well, you get the picture.
So lets expand on it a bit.

Baking items
(Baby food)
(Pet food)

And you don't want to be caught without your favorite cleaning products so:

Personal cleaning products
Household cleaning products
(paper items)
First aid

First let me say that the things in Parenthsis are only if you have the need to purchase those items. For me no babies, so I don't need to stock up on formula or diapers. But I wanted to include them into the list for those of you that do need them.

To build a pantry or expand one, don't think that you need to spend a ton of money all at one time. And please don't go and buy a years worth of miso paste unless you use it. Even if you got it on sale, it is still a waste of money if it doesn't get used. If the urge strikes and you do have the money all at once then that is also your choice. But for most of us money is an issue. And with that being the case I can't order a prepackaged year supply of freeze dried food. As nice as it would be to have on the shelf, I prefer to make up my pantry the Heirloom Way*! (Yep, this is my term, meaning an old fashioned way of doing things*. I only point this out because of all the confusion with trademarking intellectual property.)

Since we don't have a huge tract of land to grow on and aren't allowed livestock, we do what we can. I am able to grow some of our food and we eat it fresh and I also preserve the rest. What I can't grow I tend to buy at the Farmer's markets. I still buy meat from my butcher. I prefer it to the big box store meat in a tube. Like I said that is my preferance, if it's not your that's kewl too! Recently, I was able to go to the LDS and get grains for my pantry. I use lots of it when I bake. So keeping it on hand is a blessing. Before I went there I was making my purchases at an Amish community store. It was a three and a half hour drive one way but really worth it.

Anyways I'm getting off track.  So there you have the basics. I will work on part two over the weekend and it should be up by Monday!

Gotta Run,

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cold has returned

It is in the 30's right now... We aren't even going to see 40's until Wednesday of next week. That's ok, because I still have tons of work that needs to be done. First, let me tell you I shelled about 2 pounds of peanuts last night in just about an hour. I got 1.9 pounds of peanuts. They are in a bag right now waiting for me to finish the other 3 pounds.... LOL! We that will have to wait until the weekend. I really should have done some today. But I was tired and I didn't feel good. ;o( I know poor me. But in my defense we got up early so Grim could get blood drawn and had a ton of running around, mouthy had a half day, I got my teeth cleaned and a filling. My cheek, you know the one that was wrapped around my ear.... Yep, that one.... it is finally going back into shape. Back teeth suck to have work done on. Then we had to go to Mouthy's parent / teacher. Same as usual. She is progressing with help and they tested her for her defiecincies in math. Well, ha I say and ha again. She is average, well the low side of average but average in math none the less. So the teacher she has in math is a complete dip. I didn't want Mouthy to have her but I had no choice. Picky had her and she was such a twit even then.... Blah! Anyways, Grim has some of the paperwork to be able to go back to work. He has to go for a physical and then he needs to be re-certified for his license. The license won't happen until April 4th or 6th, depends on which class he can go to. The down side is he has to go to Chicago! There are no classes closer. It bums me out a bit, it for the job though so who am I to complain. Ok, that took way to much time to write... LOL!

I need to go and get a gallon of paint for the dining room. I finally found the color swatch. And I need to measure to see how much chairmolding I need to get. Evertime the chairs bump the wall the paint chips so we are putting up the chairmolding. Then this weekend I need to paint the new doors Grim built for me. We had built the shelves a couple years ago. Now I have the doors up so I can use the shelves as part pantry. And the cats won't be able to get to anything. YEAH!

Oh, before I go I wanted to be accountable. When I weighed myself this morning I was down to 195.6 so that is 16.4 pounds down from my original weight. Well, I'm off to work in my room, hate putting clothes away... LOL!

Gotta Run,

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I went to the store the other day because the monsters needed peanut butter for lunches. For years I have been getting peanut butter from Canada, the same stuff I grew up on. Well, we have run out and I don't know when my dearest Aunt will bring more... LOL! So off to the store I go.... I start looking at the ingredients.... (wait before I begin.... this is peanut butter I'm talking about) There is sugar, palm oil / other oils, and some chemicles / big words. So I bought 2 rather small jars of natural peanut butter for almost $4 each! Can you say just a bit outlandish. But the monsters needed it. So Grim and I were out at Kroger today getting Anne's mac and cheese for .49 cents a box... (I know good deal right?!?) I found a 5 pound bag of roasted unsalted peanuts for $6.50. I know I have to shell them first but I figure I should be able to get 4 pounds of peanut butter for $6.50 that is super kewl!

Since I can't find the cables to my camera you will have to settle for directions and a video from WikiHow

How to make Peanut Butter

By the way the video is really good!

So I'm off to shell the nuts!

Gotta Run,

Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy News!

Jenna over at Cold Antler Farm had her first lamb at 2:30 this morning... It is so cute! I can't wait till I get to talk about lambing or any other animal stuff with all of you! One day....LOL!

Gotta Run,

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Laundry Lines and Rain

Happy Spring to All!!! How fabulous that we made it through another winter. This past winter touched me in ways that I will always remember. I am happy that nastiness has pasted and we can move on to warmer pastures ( so to speak).

Grim hung up my close line! Haven't used it as of yet though, to much rain! Hello Spring Rains! I am so happy that I have my rubber boots! Hang on let me go get them and get a picture.

I got them last year near the end of the rainy season, so they didn't get used much. But I can see that they are going to be a life saver.

The past couple of days I have strayed a bit on the diet... not the exercise though. So tonight, we had a big salad (love yogurt ranch dressing) mosstacholi and green beans (steamed). It's hours later and I am still full. Gotta love them veggies!!! I still am about the same weight I have been at for the last couple weeks. But I have been building muscle mass. And since muscle weighs more then fat that is what I'm figuring has happened. I'm ok with that, the clothes are fitting better and people are starting to notice the differences. YEAH ME!!!

Grim was suppose to go back to work tomorrow, but there has been a hold up due to paperwork issues. So hopefully, he will be back to work one day next week. Just when I thought he would be gone.... LOL! Really, I think I am going to have a hard time adjusting to him being gone. Nope, no 9-5 job here. He works on call and the shifts could be 10-16 each and everyday, not to mention if there is drive time too. The pay is good, as is his job. We are thankful that he has one to go back to.

We are smarter with our money now that he has been off for almost a year. So if something else were to come up, I know we will be fine. There are only a few small bills left for us to pay off. I feel that those will be done by the end of the year. Then we will only owe on the vehicles and the house. Not to shabby, considering where we came from. But I digress!

Anyways once he is back to work I will be able to get back to baking. I found some really good recipes that call for white bean puree and bean flour. If you don't want to wait for me to try them out and show you, you can go to Deals for Meals. I still have flour to use up before I can get started on grinding my own.

Speaking of grinding my own. Do I need to sift it to get the ground shell out? Since I have never done it before I thought I would ask.

Gotta Run,

Friday, March 18, 2011

The most amazing thing

I found onions that I must have missed last year growing in my front flower bed! The chives in the front pot are up and my tulips that I planted in the fall are showing thier tips!!! Spring is finally here!!!!

The littlest monster were outside cleaning up the doggy mess. They did get out there several times over the winter but it still gets to be such a mess. It was a good thing they did it, since we ended up staying here and having a fire! Good friends, drinks and a fire, ahhhhhh spring!

I had a mole removed today. I even got a stitch. I go back on Tuesday to get a lump/bump removed off of my face. Then the following week I go to get the stitches out. I'm just happy they are going and gone.

If the weather holds then I need to get out and assess the winter damage to my yard. Teenage monster and I already had to dig at the bottom of a section of privacy fence to put in a board as the bottom came loose from the post. I'm just happy that we didn't have to replace the whole panel. I hope that the grapes, blueberries and the apple ! Even though I think I planted them way to early, they helped with the winter that wouldn't end.

Lots to do tonight... Our town does this thing once a month. It is to help increase foot traffic in the historic downtown. Tonight is all about shopping and beer! Like who can't get with the program...huh?!? So we will be down there. I hope to sign up with the women of our town. They do charity things and get togethers. I think it will be interesting.. LOL!

Enough rambling!
Gotta Run,

Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick

And why we celebrate him.... When he was a child he was kidnapped and taken to Ireland as a Slave. After a few years he escaped and made it back to his family. Upon entering the Church, he returned to Ireland and became a Bishop. He was an active missionary in the North and Western parts of Ireland. His death was on March 17th.

But what he is most known for is driving the snakes from Ireland. It is said that they bothered him while he was in the middle of a fast. But some say that the snakes are really a symbol for witches.

So there was a bit of history for ya....

Wishing you a rainbow

For sunlight after showers—

Miles and miles of Irish smiles

For golden happy hours—

Shamrocks at your doorway

For luck and laughter too,

And a host of friends that never ends

Each day your whole life through!
Happy St. Pat's!!!

Don't drink to much and I'll try not to, also!!

May God give you...

For every storm, a rainbow,

For every tear, a smile,

For every care, a promise,

And a blessing in each trial.

For every problem life sends,

A faithful friend to share,

For every sigh, a sweet song,

And an answer for each prayer.
Gotta Run,

Monday, March 14, 2011

I did it

Well, actually, we did it!!! The 4 of us went down to the 5K and did really well. The monsters were about 10 minutes faster then us. But it only took us 52 minutes to do the 3.1 mile walk. I even walked at Grim's pace which is way faster then my own. I am very proud of my family. They went in support of me but they found that they really enjoyed doing it. So the monsters have already said that they will go with me all the time if I want. Grim, said that as long as he is home he will go! This is awesome!!!

We all were so geared up after we got home. But then what must happen, happened, we all crashed early. Then none of us wanted to get up this morning. Grim had therapy, then we went to the gym.... My body screamed at me for the first 20 minutes... Oh, the things it said to me arn't worth repeating... LOL! But Grim and I both managed to get through the workout. Then we went to lunch and then I had to do my strength training. Oh, the pain and misery. BLECHHHH! It is done now... and I really do feel better for having done it.

I have to work bingo tonight. Only a couple more months and I will be off for summer break. Oh, I have a doctors appointment for a spot on my shoulder. I think it might be a mole... but it looks funny to me. So I will have the doctor look at it. Because I want it removed. It scared me when I saw it, and if he doesn't remove it and run the test I will drive myself crazy thinking cancer. No I haven't had it but my dad died of complications due to non-hodgekins lymphoma. So yep, any thing to do with cancer scares the shit out of me.

My house needs to be cleaned. Hopefully, tomorrow I will feel like doing it. I also have to go to the store and get the cabbage and corned beef for dinner on Thursday. I guess some friends are coming over and we are going to stumble to the pub from my place. LOL! It should be a good time! Grim and I are planning on taking out the bicycles on Thursday as well. We normally go out on the Harley but since it was sold we have to settle for manual power.

Off to get monsters from school!

Gotta Run,

Thursday, March 10, 2011


First of all let me tell you that everything is fine... I am still happily married with three beautiful monsters.... I am losing weight and toning up.... I am entered into my first 5K, ever. So with all this your wondering what's wrong?!?

I just feel like I'm at a stand still.

The weather just won't change. It is snowing again. I know I will get out to my garden I just don't know when. My seedlings are going crazy. I am waiting... Have you ever felt like that... Like your stuck, waiting for whatever it is that will come and change it all. There is a ton of stuff that I should be doing instead of waiting... Because once the change comes I won't have time until the next winter to do them. But I'm tired of waiting this year... I want it now!!!! Now I say!!!! Alas, Mother Nature is teaching me a lesson in Patience!!!! Still haven't gotten that lesson learned.

I'm tired of knitting.... I'm tired of the computer.... Facebook is causing my brain to rot... Daydreams of warm weather, chickens, gardening and riding my bicycle are filling my head! Instead I look around and I see the same chores that were there yesterday and that will be there tomorrow. I watch my seedling grow and reach for the artificail light and smell the damp soil, wishing for the change!

Sorry for the quality, I took them off my phone. I figured I sit right next to them.... at least I could share!!!
The first pictue is of the remaining beans, tomatoes, and flowers. The second is of the pumpkins, chard, spinach and peas. So far so good. I only had one problem and that was with the beans. I have more seeds that I will be planting next week. So we should be in really good shape for when the weather does finally cooperate!

One day the real farm will come, as will the animals. For now I will sit here and wait... No really I have chores to do, oh well!

Gotta Run,

Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Recap!

This weekend wasn't quite as busy as I think it was. We got our new mattress on Saturday night. But before that we were up early to go to bowling. After a few hours of that, we went and picked up our weekly csa share.... of course I didn't remember to take pictures. Once we got home I tossed a roast in the oven. Then me and the two older monsters got out the old mattress and box spring. Grim got Mouthy's room painted. Picky was helping paint and then proceeded to step and slouch the paint everywhere. Had to clean up that mess. I worked on day 3 of my 5K training. Once the mattress arrived Grim and I got it on the frame... snug fit! Then I had to go and search for bedding. Of course the stuff that was on the bed needed to be washed. Got the bedding on and watched a couple movies.

Sunday, I got up and made myself an omlette with 2 eggs, broccoli and bean sprouts. Yummmy! Then we had to run up to Sears for something. Came back home and I painted both windows and both doors.... did a bit of touch up on the walls. While that was drying Grim and Teenage monster went and got Chinesse food. Then it was time to put Mouthy's room back together.... Well, I should vaccumm her room right.... Yep! So I get the vacuum and it isn't working.... I guess the last time I used it the belt broke. So off to Kmart we go. Since we're there I pick up Picky an new pair of shoes, since the other ones got paint all over them. Get home and finish putting Mouthy's room back together in time for her bed time.... Then Grim and I watch the wild within.... good show, I hope they keep it on.... We watch Iron Chef and off to sleep I went.

Today was really no better. Got the monsters off to school, then therapy, then gym, lunch, strength training, shower, picked up a new propane tank, got new brakes and drums for Grim's truck, picked up the monsters, ate dinner (leftovers), off to bingo.... Now I'm home and exhausted. Man, typing it out really put into perspective. I did do a lot.

Gotta Run,

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spring Fever

I know that we are weeks away from winter's end. But I have had the worse case of Spring Fever. I got into the bathroom and washed the ceiling, walls and cabinets. Still need to do the floor. In my room we finally got around to getting a new mattress set. So right now I am waiting for it to be delivered.

Grim and I went out to the LDS Home Storage Center this week. First, let me just say how very nice the people were that were out there. They were very helpful and were able to answer all of my questions. I got quite a bit of red and white wheat, black & white beans, powdered milk and some pasta. Oh, they even had a couple cans of apples. So I got 2. I opened one as soon as we got home, cause I have always heard how good they are. And let me tell you they are as good as everyone has said they are. Since I don't have any experience with #10 cans and dry goods I picked up a couple of the started kits. They have 2 Hard red wheat, 2 white rice, pinto beans, quick oats, all #10 cans. The boxes also have recipes and some other good beginner information. All in all, Grim and I had a good experience and are planning on going back again in a couple of months. I still have to put everything away.

Ok, now I'm going to brag... Picky monster won first place for creating a bookmark for the school library. She got her bookmark lamenated, a certificate and $5. I am so proud of her. She plans on being a CSI that is an artist by night.... LOL! To be 13 again with all the dreams and aspirations!

Almost forgot.... I found the cord to my camera so I will have some pictures in the next few days to share.

Gotta Run,

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March 1st

Well, this is an anniversary of sorts for me. 4 years ago, last night I smoked my last ciggarette. Normally, it doesn't affect me to much. But lately, I have noticed that when people are smoking or its on their clothes it smells really bad. Now please don't take offense. I smoked for more then half my life and I never realized how bad I smelled. I'm just really happy that I quit. Oh, there have been a few times when I could have really gone for one. But I held strong! LOL!

I bought some more seeds last night.
The only ones I can start in the house is Purple Tomatillo.
But I did get parsnip, kaleidoscope mix carrots,
turnips, golden beets and Detroit supreme beets!

I had a crown fall out last weekend. You remember the one that I fought so hard to keep. Well, not only is the crown out but the tooth has to go also. There just isn't enough tooth left to attach a new crown to. She said she would do it for me but she would not gaurantee it. So I have a consultation on April 19th with a specialist. The roots are into my sinus cavatity... that's why it hurt so much over the summer. But hopefully, everything will work out fine. When I have the work done. I am going to be asked to be put to sleep... LOL! I know that sounds funny to me too!

I am down 14/16 pounds since I started this diet/exercise plan. The reason for two weights is because it fluxes between those them. Today, I am going to start training for a 5K. Who would have ever thought that I would be in training for a 5K. I also told Grim that once I get down in weight I want to take up boxing. He thinks it would do me good.... Here me....GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! LOL! My body is really starting to take shape. My shoulders are hard as a rocks... now if my belly would get on board I would be in exellent shape! (too much stress causes belly fat) Ohm, Ohm... Nope get me that punching bag....  :o)

Quick note* sourdough is souring and the edible sprouts are sprouting!

Gotta Run,