Friday, June 28, 2013

Camping in Style!

I just wanted to show off how nice the Large Utility Totes from Thirty-one are. I took them with us filled to the brim with food stuff for the week were away from  home. The best part about them is that when the week was over and they were empty they just collapsed and it was so easy to transport them back home.

The little bag is the Out N' About Thermal.... This held a lot of stuff. There are 5 of us and it was no problem fitting all of our lunches in that bag. Plus, with the outside pocket I was able to carry spoons and napkins. Like I said before I love, love, love Thirty-one products!

These bags were on special this month... I'm so happy that I was able to get a few more... LOL! Once that order comes in I will show you just what I ended up with.


Thursday, June 27, 2013

No more suspense!

Well, maybe just a little… Don’t you just love daisy’s. I do, I guess when I was little my dad asked me what my favorite flower was…. I told him daisy’s because of some song I heard in school and now can’t remember to save my life. Any who… My dad would get my mom roses and he would always get me daisy’s…. That way I didn’t feel left out. So I took it as a good sign when Grim and I went to look at the property and I found this lovely bunch at the second driveway.

Speaking of the second driveway. Here it is. As you can see you really can’t drive in there very far. Not even sure why there is a second driveway…. HMMMM?!?

This is a spot off the first driveway. The picture doesn’t do it justice. With a bit of work this area can become a very nice orchard. I mean using a brush hog and lots of bug spray… LOL! Don’t laugh… WAIT!

This is why I’m going to need all the bug spray. Any idea what that hill is? Take a closer look if you need to. I’ll wait……
Either you didn’t guess and I’ll give you the answer or you recognize an ant hill when you see it. Yep, its an ant hill, Ladies and Gentlemen! It is well over a foot high and right off the first driveway.

You want to know the worst part about it…..
I will have to get out my muck boots and climb around it to post the No Trespassing Signs. That’s right all that’s left to do is sign the final paperwork and Grim and I are the proud owners of a 20+acre lot with an artesian well. There is lots of hunting in the area as well as a trout stream right across the road.


We won’t be able to think about building until at least next spring. That’s quite alright though, as we have enough work clearing the orchard space and exploring the property. This is going to be our retirement property. So I have a few years to get it to where I would like it to be….. After the orchard we will have to clear for the house and a small garden.


circa 2011 The ORIGINAL Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I originally planted 9 canes but only 4 took. This is behind my moms garage... 24 feet of berries!

Mouthy and I went over today. This is what we found. An amazing amount of berries... This is the best year yet for them. I plan on giving them another couple days and heading back over to get more when they ripen.
We should end up with quite a few, as long as we can keep the birds out!

This was our haul from today. Its a couple cups worth. But we both decided that next time we will be dressed differently... Man o man do those pickers hurt. I drew blood a with a couple of them... And my legs are really scratched up. Mouthy stepped on one of the canes that was on the ground and it bit the side of her foot... (flip flops).


circa 2011 The ORIGINAL Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop

Wisdom Teeth

Did you know Oral Surgeons book months in advance.... I contacted one that wasn't even doing consults till October.... How crazy is that? Then it would have been a couple more months till the actual procedure could take place.... WOW!

Good News: Graduated Monster will be able to see the dentist and get her wisdom teeth out on July 23rd. This will give her almost a month to heal before she starts band camp up at the university.....

Bad News: They don't take our insurance... I was told the worst case scenario is that I will have to shell out over $2400 to have this procedure done. They will help me fill out the forms to submit to our insurance so that I can be reimbursed... But how long that will take is not known at this time! Again, WOW!

We could go to another dentist but she would do the consult sometime before she leaves and then we could schedule her for Christmas break or even Easter break.... The problem is that two of them are already becoming impacted. I can't in good conscience send her almost 9 hours away knowing her teeth could go bad at anytime.

Good News: I just put in another show.... A few more dollars have been made on my part to help pay for the added expenses. 

I'm trying to get some shows going for July and August. The specials that are coming are really good. If any of you want to host a book show let me know. I would love to get you FREE stuff! :o)

Well, the thunderstorm is threatening my power... So I'm off for the night!


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Scrap-ghan WIP Update

Now that all the scraps have been used, I have purchased an additional 6 skeins.... there is no end in sight. LOL!

It is goingto be lovely once its done. But with the temps soaring, I'm not sure when it will get done.

After the brown is done I'll move on to Cherry!


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Want to take a peek?

Lots to Say

I told you all in the last post that things were about to change... I so want to talk about those things but there are a couple things that I need to talk about that are more important.

The first is that MMPaints over at Self Sustained Living in going through a rough patch right now and really could use some help... I won't go into details but you can read her blog posts here at She is a great person who just needs some help to be able to keep her place!! She has started a crowd funding page to be able to do just that.

Next, to one of my dearest online friends.... You know who you are (J&S)... Just know that what ever is happening that me and the whole family here are pulling for you and keeping you and him and the kids in our prayers! 

I have way more to say.... But will have to wait till the next post.... Off to help decorate for a graduation party!


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The EVE!

As I sit here it is the eve of my 42nd year on this planet. I look around and know that I'm happy with my life. I wouldn't change anything about it. Because the joys and pains have brought me to where I'm at today! I know pretty philosophical.... I even spelled that right! :o) I get the best present ever.... Tomorrow is the last day of school for the littles. My oldest graduated a week ago. I am so proud of her, she graduated with honors. Then Friday I get to sleep in!!!! YEAH, Summer vacation!

But my birthday isn't the only eve that I'm facing. Grim and I are finally back.... I know that really doesn't make much sense. The blog hasn't made much sense over the last few months. Just know that things have finally taken a turn for the better... The much better!  In the next few days Grim and I are going to be looking at several pieces of property. It will be vacation / retirement property. We won't be able to leave this area, until then.... Well, unless my Thirty-One business really takes off! *Smiles* The properties vary in size, price and amenities. I am fairly sure that I will have more news on this next week!

Also even though I'm in the city, I have found out that there are several others in town that have chickens. Did you hear me!!!!! CHICKENS!!!!!! So that's the next eve.... I'm going to get 3 chickens. I'm absolutely thrilled!! I don't know when but I'm hoping that it'll be soon.

I'm finally going to enter into the county fair. I have the form filled out. Just need to drop it into the mail. Then the end of July I have to take it to be judged. It is the flamboyant afghan. I finally finished tying all the ends in. I'm hoping to at least get an honorable mention! No matter how it goes I already have my thoughts to the one I'm going to make for next year's entry.

The last scrap-ghan I posted has used up all the scraps and now I've used 5 more skeins with no end in sight... LOL! Once its done it will be big enough for a queen size bed. Not to bad considering that it started from scraps. Pictures soon!


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Scrap-ghan WIP

We took a drive in our classic car on Sunday. Since Grim was driving, it was a perfect time to get some hooking in. I ended up burning through an entire skein. I love the straight granny pattern. It works up quickly. There only a few scraps left from the original project. Once this blanket is done, I will have made 3 different style blankets in the exact same colors. Can't wait to show them off.