About Me

What is there to say about me.... I first and foremost a mom. I have three monsters, that I adore greatly. They have helped to make me the woman that I am toady. They have taught me more about life then I could have ever hoped to have learned on my own. Grim and I have been married for 19 years, but we have been together for 24 year. Wow, how the time fly's. It hasn't always been rainbows and sunshine. But we have managed to build a great relationship. We live in a 3 bedroom house with the monsters and 1 dog, 2 cats and a house rabbit, named Fluffy!

I have an associates degree in Liberal Arts, (which I got 24 years ago).... For those of you that don't know what a Liberal Art degree is, it gives me an AA after my name... Pretty kewl, huh?!? Other then that it doesn't do to much. At least for me. Over the years I have worked outside the home when times demanded it. But I am generally a stay at home mom. 

My interests are varied. I preserve food any way possible so that my family isn't exposed to chemicals and poisons. I am in the process of learning how to ferment some of our food. Very exciting stuff. I do needlework, knitting, crocheting, embroidery, and some sewing (still learning this particular skill). I cook from scratch as much as I can.... The summer is tough because of the heat. (Looking into a solar oven). One of my favorite pastimes is to read. I am a certifiable addict when it comes to reading romances. I know sappy.... But I love em'!

I am a Pagan on an Eclectic path. Which means ultimately I have no direction with my religion. I have been practicing for well over 20 years. I stumble through like most people trying to find the way. I pray, I ask forgiveness, I celebrate all that the gods have granted me and I question their decisions. 

I am also a biker chick.... LOL! I come from a long line of Bikers.... My grandfather rode motorcycles when he was a young man. As he got older and the city that he lived in wanted to have motorcycle police he was the one that trained them how to ride. Then my dad was the ultimate biker... No it's true if you look Biker up in the dictionary you will see my dad. Then of course there is me... I have had my license since I was 18. Even though I don't ride a bike myself, I enjoy knowing I can if I ever wanted to.

I have a thing for vampires, zombies and daisy's. Halloween and Yule are my favorite holidays and I am a Gemini! So sometimes I don't know if I am coming or going! I use to play D&D and a couple other RPG's. I dig the ren fest and even dress up! Oh, and Wolverine is my all time favorite X-Man! 

We hope to one day have a real farm with bees, chickens and plenty of room for the monsters to run. Until, then I will blog about our adventures right here at Grim Wytche Farm!