Thursday, February 26, 2009

Another Quick Post

Felt bad all day yesterday. So I didn't manage to get much done. I took it easy and just did my on-line stuff. Today I am feeling much better. I was able to get 7 quarts of green beans done and I have 4 trays drying in the dehydrator right now. Hopefully, they will be done before I go to bed. My freezers are starting to look bare. I am making sauerkraut and kielbasa, its in the crockpot. It will go in the freezer for St. Pat's. Probably will make a Shepard's pie and freeze also. As I usually cook a lot of food that day.

Tons to do tomorrow. Teenage monster has to get the stitches removed and from there I am running all day. I hope to be back on Saturday. As Sunday we have a birthday party and recital to get through.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nightly Ramblings

Well this is just a quick post for tonight. I was able to get 5 pints of hamburger done last night. But I did it to late so today I didn't want to do anything. Sitting babysitting the canner just took it out of me. I did get dishes, laundry and dinner done for today. Not much else though. I still need to fold the laundry, that can be done when I head up to watch some tv before bed.

I also worked more on the afghan. Only 2 more skeins left to go. I think that it is turning out very nice. I know I keep promising to post pictures of it. I will by the end of the week cause it should be done by then.

That's about it for tonight.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Bread's

Well, I didn't make any yeast bread but I did make waffles & two loaves of applesauce bread. I haven't made any sweet bread in a couple of weeks so I thought it was time. I still have two loaves of sandwich bread so hopefully that will last if not I'll have to make more later in the week.

On the pressure canning front. I did 7 quarts of chicken soup. Chicken, onion, garlic, carrots, & celery. Today I have started hamburger. It was in one of those chub things. It didn't even have a sell by date. I know that it hasn't been in there longer then a year. Nothing has been in there that long. I cleaned out the freezers last year at this time so it is all still good. But I digress. There was no sell by date. So into the pot of water it went along with onion, garlic and pepper. Yes, I boiled it. It is a much easier way to cook 5, 10 pounds or more. So that is done and the liquid is sitting out in the frigid temps cooling so I can defat it. Once that is done I will use the liquid to add to the jars of hamburger. I think I should at least get 4 pints. I will be happy with this as it will be the first beef that will go on to the shelf.

Tomorrow I will be doing green beans. I have a couple of quart bags in the freezer. I think they are better suited for the shelf. So that is where they are headed. I have bags of tomatoes in the freezer also. I need to make up chili and can it up also. That will be one day this week. Oh, and I found a stash of kidney beans I figure will look nice in jars also. Tons of work. But I am enjoying every bit of it. They are calling me the "mad canner" LOL!

Since it is Monday all the stuff that I put off on the weekend has to be done. I have laundry to fold and laundry to wash and hang. I got all the dishes done and the kitchen is almost spotless since I am in there so much babysitting the canner. LOL! I was lazy this morning and didn't make the bed. So that is on the list of to do. I need to wash the stairs and the basement floor. But I will see when I have the ambition to do that.

Only have a couple of commitments for this week, fish fry on Friday, 2 desserts one for the Legion and one for a fundraiser for the band. Other then that I am free and clear to do what ever all week. Which means maybe I can get more of that afghan done. Also could start on all of the sewing projects that need to be done around here.

Didn't walk on Saturday but I did get my mile in yesterday. You would think that I would be use to walking a mile and should be able to increase but I am winded after the mile. Maybe I will try and get on there twice a day and see if that does any good.

We are going to have fish tonight for dinner with french fries. Last night we had chicken baked in salad dressing, stuffing, corn and left over mac and cheese.

Gotta run,

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday Musings

I know that it is far from harvest time. But I got to use my pressure canner yesterday for the first time. I made 7 quarts of turkey soup. Turkey, carrots, celery, onion, pepper and stock. Today I used the rest of the stock to can up 4 pints of stock.I just wanted to share how they looked. And it does taste yummy!

I also noticed that I have sprouts. Remember that I told you that I put seeds into sow. Well, the peas have already sprouted. Woo Hoo! 8 of the 9 seeds for both varieties have popped up.
Ok, lets see what else happened. I got an email from the local freecycle and it said that the remains from an estate sale was free for the taking and that there was canning jars. I ran and got them. They are full of dirt and still in the back of my car. I didn't even count them. LOL! I just grabbed and left.
Then I went over to the Joann's that was in that neighborhood. I got almost 6 yards of material at 70% off and I got 3 pattern sets. 2 of them are just aprons, the other one is all kinds of kitchen items. I love when everything is on sale.
The fish fry went really well. We sold 80 dinners. Yeah! Next week should be 120 dinners, considering that it will be the first Friday after the start of lent. I was going to bow out but they are really going to need my help. I hope I don't have to take the little monsters. If I do I do, that is kewl.
Teenage monster is healing nicely. Thank you for all of your concerns. She is happy that she doesn't have to do much around the house. It is like a vacation. LOL!

I let DH in on a secret. I told him that now that the pressure canner no longer scares me. I will be cleaning out the freezer and canning everything that will fit into the jars. I will be busy for quite awhile as we have 2 chest freezers. Right now as I type, I have some chicken that was a little freezer burned in the pot with veggies making stock / soup. I have used slightly freezer burned meat before to make soups with. I don't find that there is much of a difference. So something that would normally would be trash now has a whole new life as sustanance for my family.
I think that I am addicted to canning. In the fall when I did all the water bath canning it was fun and I looked forward to the next item. But those individual items wouldn't keep us for long. But the pressure canning, I am searching for ideas. I have a whole list. I posted it not to long ago. Now I have added things to it. I'm having a blast doing this. It is a lot of work. But I love it. I really wish I would have started doing this years ago. Even though I think by doing it now I have a greater appreacition for it. So I figure until I run out of jars I will be PC'ing something everyday.

Gotta run and check the soup,

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday Morning

As promised we had leftovers. Everyone like it. Plus we didn't really have a choice it was either that or nothing as we had to spend almost 2 hours getting stiches last night. Teenage monster was doing dishes and broke a glass. Needless to say she ended up with 9 stiches and a couple pieces of steri strip, and antibiotics. So it was such a good thing that I just had to pop it into the oven and reheat. She is doing ok. Sent her to school with a note about if she can't hold her pencil she can bring the work home and we will do it.

So far this morning I have got the bread dough rising, exercised my mile and got more of the afghan done. I am dreading taking the laundry down. When the monsters were cleaning the room I had them toss all of the socks in the wash. So now they are all clean and I don't want to have to match them. LOL! I have to do more laundry today.I think only 2 loads. That is great. I got the towels done in the last batch so very little laundry.... Woo Hoo! I guess I do something with laundry everyday. It doesn't generally take long to do. It is just everyday and I think that is why it gets so tedious.

I found another paid to click site. They pay right into your paypal account. It is called Storm of Cash
I am working it right now as I type my blog. Like I said before these are not get rich schemes. They take some work and you make something.

I go at 3 today to get my canner tested. I am so excited about it. I just can't wait. I think I will have to wait until Saturday before I will have the time to do anything with it. And even then I have to get started early as I have plans Saturday night. I'm still thinking that I need to make turkey soup. As the bones and the meat are in the upstairs freezer taking up room. I hope to get at least a full canner load for the first time. Then Sunday I will have all day.

Tomorrow is the fish fry...Oh boy. I do get tired of working them. But it is a volunteer thing so I really can't complain to much. Plus I like most of the people that are there. It is just that with most volunteer organizations you only have a few people who do the majority of the stuff. I wish a few more people would step up and help out once in awhile. But the good news is that we are done the end of April not to start back up until September. It will hurt the Legion as they won't have the money coming in but I think they can come up with a few other things to bring in the money. Lent is coming also so that will help. The last couple of weeks we haven't been getting the crowds like we were last year. Maybe just a sign of the times.

That's all for today.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Making Money On-Line

I know 2 posts in one day I must be sick... LOL! But anyways, since I have been layed off without a possibility of going back I thought it was time. I have always worked online doing something, surveys, paid to click, or searches. At one time I did really well at it. Then I went back to school, then on to the job that I am now laid off from and fell out of it.

So here I am again.

These are not get rich schemes. They will make you a couple of dollars here and there if your willing to put in a little time. Now I know my description of these jobs are not fantastic. But I don't want to lead anyone to believe that they can quit their job to do searches all day.

Here are the sites that I do things for with an example of benefits.

Swagbucks - Search engine - Randomly earn swagbucks while doing searches - 45 swagbucks earns you a $5 e-gift cert to
MySurvey - Survey Site - You earn points for every survey you take - 1000 points earns you a $10 check
InBoxDollars - Paid to Click Site - You earn points for reading your emails and clicking on a link - Once you reach $30 you can cash out
Say Nation - Survey Site - You earn points for every survey you take - 12000 points earns you a $10 gift card to Barnes & Noble
Mypoints - Everything Site - You earn points for searching, paid to click, & surveys - Once you reach your point level you can redeem for lot of different gift cards.
Bzz Agent - Product Testing & Surveys - Here you can earn points as a reward from buzz that are transfered to mypoints - So you do things at buzz and are rewarded at mypoints. Double the benefits.

I am just sharing these in case anyone else would like to try and make a little bit of money.

Lazy Day

I forgot to say that Sunday I got all of the seeds into the dirt. I have 2 types of peas, 4 types of tomatoes, eggplant, green peppers. If they all come up there will be 9 tiny plants for each item. That should be plenty. And it should save us quite a bit of money as I won't have to buy the plants. Then once I can get outside to plant I will do lettuce, onions, potatoes (white and sweet), cabbage, beans ( green and lima). Not sure what else I will plant as this is quite ambitious for us as it is.
I was so busy yesterday. I started cleaning mouthy monsters bedroom. Mind you mouthy is only 5 so a lot of help is needed. LOL! 2 bags of trash, broken toys, stained clothes and paper, a ton of paper. She loves to draw but doesn't keep them nice. The drawings end up everywhere. I have tried to organizer her. She just doesn't fit into the organized category.
We had the first estimator come to give us a price on our roof. WOW! For the cheapest roof its $3500 for the most expensive the starting price is $12k. I just sat there listening and told him, let us think about it and we'll get back to you. All I can say is NEXT!
My idea of calzone's was shot down. I will put that on hold till one day next week. We ended up making Shepard's pie:
2lb hamburger
1 onion
2 cans of mixed veggies
1 can of corn
2 cans of beef broth
4 tbsp of flour
Mashed potatoes
Cooked hamburger and onion. Added beef broth and veggies and flour. Simmer till thickened. Poured into a casserole dish and topped with mashed potatoes. Baked uncovered for 25 minutes at 350. And of course I forgot to take a picture, next time.
Monsters weren't home for dinner but DH and I ate. Loved it. Once the Monsters came home they said they would rather have been here for dinner. That's ok, cause we had a ton left so that is what is for dinner tonight..... YEAH! No cooking tonight. LOL!
I still haven't gotten around to making dessert bread or even bread for sandwiches. I was up last night with a sick stomach. I know that I shouldn't snack before bed but I was hungry last night. I worked out late. So I paid for it. I am taking it easy today. I was able to work more on the afghan. All of the variegated is done. Now I am on to the dark blue. Only 3 1/2 skeins left.
Tomorrow I get to have the pressure gauge tested. So I think that I will start with turkey stock. Oh I can't wait. DH and I were discussing what we are going to make over dinner last night. Looks like I need more jars already and I haven't done any thing yet. LOL! I think I have accumulated about 8 dozen empty jars. But that will never be enough.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Rambling's

It's monday night and I am just beat. I know I talk all the time about being tired. But I seem to do way more then I type about. Worked the fish fry on friday night. We didn't do to many dinners. I wasn't able to help out all that much. I have problems with my wrists and with all the work I have been doing around the house I strained the left one. So here I am taking orders and being able to do much else. But I was there so that is all that matters. We went out after up to the local bar. Stayed there for awhile. I got to be lazy all day Saturday as my Valentines Day gift.... LOL! But it was wonderful. We even got Chinese food for dinner. Then Sunday, I was back to work. I finally cleaned out the closet of holding. It took all day. I still have some things to tweak. Plus since most of the stuff had to go into the bathroom that got reorganized also. Today, I finished my bedroom. I just had to move one small unit to vaccuum behind and wash back there. So that room is done till fall. Also helped the monsters with that room.... Yuck! I hate helping the monsters their room is always such a pig sty. Sorry Pigs for offending you! LOL!
Sunday we ate leftover Chinese food and tonight we had pizza. Tomorrow night I will try and make calzones as the monsters will be gone all day. Yeah! I have been keeping up on the laundry. And I have even got more of the afghan done. Once I start on the solid color I will get a picture of it.
If your wondering why it is a light week so far. Well, I am taking it slow as I know once I get the canner tested I will be a canning fool. I can't wait. Oh, I almost forgot. I was shopping the other day. I found 2 pounds of strawberries for less then a $1. They were on the bottom rack in the back of the discount rack.... I think someone was hiding them. But I found them. Once I got them home I cleaned them and tossed them to the dehydrator. Now I have a whole jar of strawberries for cereal or oatmeal or a batter of some kind. I also tossed 2 sliced apples in to see if we liked them. Not bad but next time I will add some cinnamon or sugar or both. They are kind of flavorless, but maybe they will taste better once they are rehydrated.
I think one day next week I will have to make more laundry soap. Now that I know how much to use this batch should last me a lot longer. I made the last batch the end of November and it will be almost the end of February. Four months and next one should last at least 6 months maybe longer. Considering that it costs just pennies to make. Now I'm not a mathamatician. But I know buy the detergent was way more expensive. Plus, I use vinegar as the fabric softener and they seem just as soft as with the commercial brand.
I have been going like crazy on the treadmill. At least 1 mile everyday. I still haven't lost any substainsial weight I have lost inches. So at least I know that something is happening. Slow and steady!
Tomorrow will be more work around here. Maybe calzone's for dinner. Just have to wait and see.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Busy Friday

Well, I am just popping in. I have been out all day shopping. Got tons of stuff. Dog & cat food, ramon was also on sale. Stocked up on the toilet paper, cake mixes and frosting. Picked up a tray, potting soil and some more seeds.Went to Rite Aid, I purchased something that has a single check rebate. I am trying to figure that out right now. I hope it works. Cause I should have $6 coming back to me.
I have to go to work the fish fry tonight. Hoping that more folks show up then have been over the past couple of weeks. But it is hit and miss. The weather isn't very good right now either. There is suppose to be a lady coming in to speak to me about helping out. I sure hope so. I am going to need to take off the last friday because something else has come up.
Tomorrow I will be working on cleaning the house. The friend that I was going to be helping move isn't moving now. So I have the day to get some stuff done. I really want to work on the linen closet. Still haven't gotten in there. I did work on the living room a bit yesterday.
We have panini's for dinner last night. I got a mile on the treadmill and then I worked out with the wii personal trainer. Did that for 2 - 15 minute intervels. Boy did that ever beat my butt. I was so tired last night I don't think I slept well because of it. I will have to start working out earlier.
Well, I guess that about does it.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday Morning

My canner came today. I called the extension office to see if I could bring it down to get the gauge tested. I have to wait until next week to get the damn thing tested. This really sucks! I wanted to start filling up them jars this weekend. Man, I am so bummed out. But that is ok, it gives me another week to get all of the supplies ready.
Still have bedding to do. But the rest of the laundry is washed and hung up. That is the only thing about hanging in the basement it takes awhile to dry. I love my outside line. The laundry is dry the same day. Plus it makes everything smell so nice.
I need to make more waffles this weekend. I think I am going to triple the recipe this time. I got 12 last time I made them. I am hoping for more like 20 - 30. Then they would last for the whole month. Instead of just the week. I also pulled out one of my cook books last night. There are several new recipes that I think I might try. All of them are dough related. One is called a zesty picnic bread. It sounds like it would go great with a pasta dish.
Well, today is the last day of school for the monsters till next Wednesday. So we are going to try and get the spring cleaning all done. My room is almost done. I just have a corner left to clean out. Once that is done I am moving on to the linen closet / pantry / storage area. That will probably take me a full day as quite a bit of the stuff has to be moved into the bathroom. I need to get more garbage bags. I love spring cleaning. I was such a pack rat for so long, and never got rid of anything. Now I am like I don't have room for it, it has to go! LOL! So if the monsters get their rooms cleaned then the whole back of the house will be done. Then I just need to concentrate on the front of the house. But I can do that at my leisure.
Dh, has to call the garage door repair man and a basement repair company to see if they will come out and give us an estimate. This is going to be the year of home renovation. Once we file our taxes our roof needs to be replaced. Need to get estimates for that also. Come spring we will be taking out all of the paneling in the basement. Once we get the walls taken care of. I want to insulate and repanel the basement. That way it is all new and nice. Instead of a dark, dank, dungeon... LOL! Plus it is one of those projects that can be done over time. So it won't be a huge expense all at once.
The weather has changed to chilly again, by tonight it should be down right cold. 6 more weeks is all if that little rodent is right. LOL! I will be putting my seeds in the dirt this weekend. I am so excited about getting my hands dirty. I know nothing like being outside but oh what a start. =o)
Made mac n cheese last night. I used the powdered cheese about 3/4 of the mix, 2 pounds of pasta, 1 canned ham and then baked it for about an hour. This is one of the family faves. Tonight I think I will be making calzones or pasties. Not sure what I have to fill them so that is why I don't which one it will be.
I think I have rambled enough for today.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Winter in my heart.... LOL! I wish winter would leave. The snow is almost finally gone. We have had rain all day. But the cold temps and snow are suppose to return starting tomorrow. With the last 2 days of warmth. I know that spring is just around the corner.
I am just popping in to say that I have been cleaning like crazy. My bedroom is first. With the warmth of the past couple of days I got the bug to start spring cleaning. I got about 85% of it done. I will finish it up tonight. I have the old bedding washing as we speak.
Had a meeting down at the legion this morning. That is why I am behind on everything. But that is all I have to do with them other then the fish fry's on friday's until next month. Woo Hoo! Just getting a little run down from all this stuff. I don't know if I want to be president next year or not? I guess that is the million dollar question.
Yesterday ran to the butcher to pickup something for dinner. I got 3 bone in pork roasts at $1.18 a pound. Cooked on last night and put the other 2 in the freezer. That way I have stuff to put into jars once my pressure canner gets here. Which should be tomorrow or friday. Can't wait. Then I have to get the gauge tested. Hopefully, I can get that done this week. I want to start PCing this weekend. My jars are all waiting.
I got on the treadmill last night. Did another mile. I am hopeing to get back into the wii and the other game tonight. Keeping fingers crossed that I will have the energy. Teenage monster and I watched biggest loser last night. That helps to motivate me.
Well, that is about it for now. The laundry is calling!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Bread's

So I got most of what I wanted to do done today. 4 loaves of bread and pita's for dinner. I think I am really getting the hang of making the bread. It didn't need a lot of kneading this time. I left it in the mixer for a longer time. This seemed to be the key. The pitas turned out really well. Almost all of them pocketed. So everyone was happy. Yeah!
Got laundry sorted, dishes and more crocheting done. Only 6 more skeins to go. I hope that I can get it done before the weather changes. I don't want to be in the house when it finally warms up. I have to go and get potting soil. It is on sale for like .87 cents for a 5 pound bag. I only need a couple so it won't be to expensive. Then I can get my pea seeds started for the challenge. I am also hoping to do some winter sowing outside. If the weather holds for the rest of the week I should be able to get them started as well.
Started to exercise again. Did 1 mile on the treadmill and my legs felt like they were going to fall off. It's funny, I did work out a couple of times last week. But it didn't feel like it today. I still am hoping to get on the Wii tonight. Keeping fingers crossed. I have a head ache. Wondering if I exercise if it will go away. I went to My Virtual Model. Here is what I look like:

Soon I will have a new picture up here with the way I look after all of the exercise.

Well, that about does it for tonight,

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Night

Ok, I wasn't going to post tonight as I am just plain tired out. I worked at the Legion all day. I left here at 10 am to get home at 6 pm. Long day that wasn't that forfilling. We didn't get the crowd we were hoping for. So that really sucked the energy right out of me. But I was smart enough to put a roast in the crock pot before I left this morning. So when I got home dinner was already to go on the table.
After dinner I figured that I would just veg on the computer and read my mail and bugger off. Well, the laundry started nagging me. So off I went to get that done as I don't know if I will have time to do it tomorrow. I got 3 loads done and hung. Woo Hoo!
Then back to the computer I came. Looking at some of the survival sites and homesteading sites there was a common theme. The end of life as we know it is just around the corner. And I suddenly feel like the grasshopper and not the ant. I want to be the ant. I know that sounds funny I have been working towards this goal but when I read things like that I get all paniky and want to jump into high gear even though I can't.... for a number of reasons..... which all will seem really stupid when the SHTF. So I sat here and found some really good informational web sites. I will make another post later with those. To help me regain some type of footing. My family will be fine I know this deep down. It's just with all of the talk and happenings with the economy it bothers me. But that is what keeps me motivated to become the ant.
One of the things I have to do tomorrow is get a gift card so that I can finally order my pressure canner. I have only been trying to get one for 8 months. I know should have had one years ago. But I digress. I have already made a list of what I want to make to put up on the shelves.

Chicken barley soup
Chicken soup (carrots, onion, celery)
Beef soup
(carrots, onion, celery)
Beef and Veg soup
Beed and barley soup
Bean and Ham soup
Turkey soup
(carrots, onion, celery)
Beef broth
Chicken broth
Turkey broth
BBQ Pork
BBQ Chicken
Spaghetti sauce
Beans plain
Pork and Beans
Bush's type of beans

I can't wait.... I don't even know what I will make first.... LOL! Maybe the turkey broth and soup. I have the bones in the freezer from the Christmas bird. I want to try and get most of my large freezer canned. That way if we were to have a power outage or something else happen I won't loose all of that food.
Well, I think I have rambled enough for tonight. I have to get up early in the morning.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Weekend Ramblings

I was so sick yesterday. I spent most of the day in bed. When I got up it was time to start driving the monsters to their appropriate destinations. So after they were all dropped off then we had to kill some time. We went to Target. I picked up some clearance items. I got some fireplace matches, window cleaner, long handle green onion and pea seeds to plant, I got a couple of other things but I can't remember what. Old age is such a pain. LOL! I need to get some potting soil so that I can get started on the winter sowing of the seeds.
Went and got the pork chops for the dinner at the legion tomorrow. They are very nice looking chops. I hope that we get a lot of people come in for dinner. We need to get someone to walk around and do the 50/50. It is going to be a long day, I have to be up there at 10 and not get home until after 6. I am going to throw an english roast into the crockpot for dinner. That way it will be ready when I get home.
I'll post more later.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nightly Ramblings

Went up to the legion today, then had to go and do shopping for the pork chop dinner Sunday. I am sure glad that is all done. I have my meeting tonight. That I am hoping will be over in less then an hour. Keeping fingers crossed. I don't feel well today.

I had to relent to the pleas of the family. I have stopped making dried onions and moved on to making fruit leather. One tray has strawberry and the other has applesauce. Hoping that the house starts to smell better. I still have onions to do. But I will try and get more of them done next week. Maybe by then I can open a window or something.... LOL!


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Today is my 15th wedding anniversary! It hasn't always been easy or fun but it always has been an adventure. My darling Dh and I have been together for 20 years.... Wow! Where does the time go. I remember making plans for the future, when we would get a house, have kids, places we would travel to and things we would see. That was yesterday right? 3 kids later, a house in suburbia, a few animals and still looking to the future dreams, I think we have done really good with what our lot in life.

I am on my second day of onions. The whole house smells like onions. When I ran out to get some thing earlier I smelled like a line-backer that hadn't showered in weeks. Pewwww! So tomorrow I am going to take a break from the onions and do some garlic that I found that fell out of sight. I already cleaned it. Just cut it up and put into the dehydrator. Well, maybe I will add a tray or two of onions... LOL! I still have a ton to do and just found out my mom still has most of her bag also. So gotta get crackin'!

Tomorrow I have to make cherry nut bread. I have the recipe written down. So I have to find it before I can post it on here. The monsters opened up a big jar of marachino cherries now I have to use it up. But that is ok, I can freeze the loaves we won't use right away. I think I am going to finally make that applesauce bread also. I am hoping to get away with not having to make sandwich bread till the weekend. I only have Saturday to get it done. As Sunday I have a pork chop dinner at the Legion to attend. We the auxiliary are hosting so I can't miss. That is ok, as I won't be there for the fish fry this week. To many other responsibilities, this week.

Got all of my laundry caught up. Now I have turned my attention to the monsters room. Boy, oh boy! What a mess it is. We are going to go through all of the clothes, toys and garbage. I hope to be done with thier room by Wednesday of next week. I have to wash the walls, wash the carpet, move funiture.... all the fun stuff. Mouthy monster's room isn't to bad. Will get that done by next weekend. Plus I have to get all of the bedding washed. I love having the extra clothes line. It make washing the linens so much easier.

Talk to you all later

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


It has just been hectic here over the past couple of days. Where to start.... Cardinals lost... But that is ok. I really didn't care. I was just rooting for the underdog. So Yeah Steelers... LOL! The super bowl party we went to was fun. Lots of friends were there. Lots to drink.... That is why I didn't post yesterday... LOL! I was too hung over to want to sit in the cold and type.

Ok, I got out the dehydrator and cut up onions. I have a 50lb bag that I put up for winter well, they need to be used up now before the weather changes and they all go bad. So this is the first item. I cut up enough for all 4 trays. I plug it in, then say to Dh this is the quitest one I have ever seen. We went out cause it says 6 - 12 hours. So I figured I had plenty of time. We get home and I check them as it was like 3 hours later....hmmmmm! Something doesn't look right. I flip the thing over and the fan thing isn't moving. I move it to a different plug... Nothing. Now I realize that it isn't working. I call the 800 number. They say all I should have to do is plug it in. So now I have to take off all of the onions and pack the thing back up to take back to the store. I take it back and explain how I know it doesn't work and why it smells like onions. They give me a store credit just in case they don't have anymore on the shelve. Sweet I know. But luckily there was one for me. So got back home and replaced all of the onions and it is really quite but this time Dh checked to make sure it worked. LOL! Once I get this batch done I will take pictures cause I still have the rest of the bag and some potatoes to do also. But I think that I will be working on the onions for the next month.

One of my friends over the weekend bought some knit hats with patches on them. The patches were just stuck on so he is coming over so I can sew them for him. LOL! That is ok, cause this falls into the whole I need to learn how to sew better skill learning. I think he has 4 of them so I should be able to get it done in just a couple of minutes.

I have been very bad this weekend. I only exercise on Friday. I haven't done anything since. I had to work on the laundry today and I am already sore from hanging it. So I know I am going to pay for having missed 3 days. My Wii is going to yell at me. LOL!

I can't wait for Monsters -vs- Aliens. It is a pixarmovie... Also is of the child type movie. It looks really cute. I like the kids movies and comedies, some horror. I use to watch every horror movie that ever came out. Now not so much. Not sure what changed now I guess I'm not that in to them.

Fringe is on tonight so I have so much to do before that comes on. I better go.....