Monday, January 19, 2009

Day off

The monsters were out of school today. So everyone slept in. I got more laundry done. We ate leftovers. Dh and I went out and got the rite-aid brand of tylenol and motrin for $.99 a bottle, also got halls cough drops for the same price. We needed it and I got a couple for the stock.
I found more evidence of a mouse. A Christmas candy that made its way to the back of the couch had little teeth marks in it. I have a couple of traps set. If I don't catch it soon I will have to let one of the cats run around to get it. Generally, the cats stay in the family room area. They don't run the rest of the house.
Here is the link for the pretzels. This site has a lot of great recipes. There are a few more that I will be trying out in the near future.
I watched a great series on food storage on youtube. Here is the link to the blog she writes. The site has a ton of great information. Also if you get a chance check out the videos over at youtube.

I wanted to get a list of what I want to accomplish this coming year. I have my list of what I want to learn. So here goes:
  1. plant a vegetable garden
  2. plant an herb garden
  3. take out the raspberries and transplant
  4. put in grape vines
  5. put a roof on the house
  6. get the basement checked out
  7. get new replacement windows 13? Maybe just a couple to start
  8. re-tile the around the bath tub - Need to learn how to tile - Put on other list
  9. carpet the living room
  10. get solar heater
  11. plant apple and pear trees
  12. plant blueberry bushes
  13. paint dining room
  14. paint kitchen and redesign cabinet doors
  15. build shelves
  16. finish basement
Well, now that this is list is started I guess I have to start on it.