Sunday, October 31, 2010

Jack O' Lanterns


Just take a golden pumpkin

Of quite the largest size,

Cut all 'round the stem, just so,

Scrape out the inside below,

And cut two holes for eyes.

And now fix a nose beneath,

And such a great big mouth with teeth,

And you've a jack-o'-lantern!

Then fix a tallow candle,

Just big enough to light,

And when it flickers, see him blink,

And when it flares up, see him wink

And smile so broad and bright.

This is the jolliest sort of a fellow,

With cheery face so round and yellow,

This funny jack-o'-lantern.


Happy Halloween

Gotta Run,

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Toothaches, Tornados and Halloween

I know I havent' been around all week. We have been running like chickens..... Grims, therapy went well this week until he strained a muscle near his elbow. He still had to go but they did different things with him. It is better now. He is happy to have the weekend to rest up.

Grim and I out ran a tornado the other day. It was part of the storm that took the northeast by surprise. We even went to get the monsters from school early. It wasn't a nice storm. I didn't get any pictures of that but I did pics later in the day from my porch. And of course they aren't loaded to the computer.

I have known that I needed to go and get a root canal done since this summer. I have been putting it off as long as I could. Well, my sinus's have been going crazy and in turn the pressure is on the tooth that needs work. I am medicating with sinus pills and tons of sleep. I hate taking meds.... they always make me so sleepy. Even today I have already taken a nap.... and I could go back to bed right now. Not good! Plus, eating has been a nightmare. Every time I eat or drink anything I am in pain. It goes the entire top set of teeth, into my jaw and down into my bottom teeth. Monday, I am calling to get an appointment. This sucks so bad..... I hate the dentist.... I would rather go to the doctor and that ain't saying much!

Grim and I were able to get the monsters pumpkins. The farmers market had buy 2 get 3 free. So of course I bought 10. That way the monsters will get there fill of carving. I am making them wait till tomorrow to let them start. That way I can cut some of them up tomorrow night and put them in the oven...... Yep, I am going to cook down the jack o lanterns....  Now mind you I have never done this before, but I think that they should be ok to use in this fashion.

Band monster is at her last competition of the year.... (well, states don't count).....(well they do, but  you know) It is the longest day. She won't be getting back to the school until 11:30 tonight. Those kids have been there since 9am this morning. With the weather turning now, they are going to be frozen band monsters. At least it is the last one.... State finals are inside and they will be competing at like 9am.... So they will just have to be up early....not up early and out till the wee hours. Yeah...... Marching season is almost done!

Oh, I can't believe that I almost forgot.... Grim, my brother and my friend and I went to a film fest! The movies are shorts and all done by independant film companies in my area. A friend of mine did the fx makeup and some of the special effects. The films were kewl. I really had a great time. As this isn't something that we would normally do. They are going to be doing this more. So I think that we will be attending more film fests in the future.

November is a super busy month for us. Of course we have doctors and therapy. But Mouthy monster starts off the month with a birthday.... I can't believe my baby is almost 7. Then we have a party the next weekend. Then it is the anniversary of my dad's passing we go to have dinner in the town that he absolutely loved... The following weekend we will be going to the amish community. And of course Thanksgiving the next week.... Every weekend is full. I really need to crack down and get to my holiday baking.... Last year I was in such a rush I didn't enjoy any of it.

I also joined a challenge.... It is the freeze yer buns off!

I have committed to 62 during the day and 58 at night. I wanted to join last year but I didn't think we could do it. But we worked on our own. The only time the heat got turned up was when we showered. And with that we showered one after the other so that once the heat was up it was only for that short time. Our heat still hasn't been turned on. Even though it was very chilly in the house today. I'm trying to hold out until Monday. We are suppose to have our first snow on Friday.

Gotta Run,

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Welcome to my Tea Party

I so hope that you enjoy yourselves.... I am running behind please accept my sincerest apologies.... Any time I have guests coming I always feel that I am behind. I just want to make sure that your stay is a pleasant one.

Welcome, Welcome to my home! If you would like take a seat. The water is on to boil for tea, but if you would like something to munch on before the tea is ready feel free. There are a ton of goodies, for you.

I know it looks as if an army is going to be arriving..... Well, since the invitations went out and no one RSVP'd I wasn't sure how many people were going to stop by for tea and goodies.....

So I made chocolate skull candies, chocolate cupcakes with marshmallow cream frosting with chocolate bat picks, yellow cupcakes with a chocolate marshmallow cream frosting.

There are candy corn and mummy pretzels...... chocolate of course!!!

The harvest rice crispy squares are just to die for and the scary pumpkin brownie suckers.... Yummy......

I also made a delightful, skull spice cake..... But you know how the dead can sometime be..... He just didn't want to give up his head.... Camera shy I guess..... Oh, well whats a witch to do!

Thank you for asking me about the place setting, I was such a spendthrift with this.... Since this is the first tea party that I have hosted I needed to go and find dishes that were suitable. I stopped in at the local salvation army..... These lovelies were just waiting for me.... aren't they eerie?!? Well, turns out that I actually purchased a real china set from Japan. They are worth money and I bought them for pennies on the dollar..... I love being frugal!

I'm sorry the water didn't boil fast enough for you to have any tea.... I don't think the spiders would have been happy with a steam bath anyways.


If you like you could have a glass of wine... The ghoulish kind!

Before you leave please sign my journal.... that way I know to invite you again for next year's tea!

Gotta Run,

Friday, October 22, 2010


Mother Moon is hosting a giveaway..... I love it so much and you might also..... so head on over and sign up for this awesome giveaway!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I love my blogging friends

I look forward to seeing what is going on in your lives. I have shared ups and downs.... I have laughed and cried.... I even feel as if I know you personally. Grim was on the phone today and said that I had this friend in California.... LOL! It's another blogger that has influenced me. And yes, I talk about you as if you were real people in my life.... I know that sounds funny. But since we have never met and probably never will, I just wanted to let you know that you are very highly thought of. I even had a blogging buddy come to my defense today on facebook, I don't even know if she puts me Yart with the real me..... But I thought that it was wonderful. *Remember to the world you might be one person but to one person you might be the world" I love that quote!

Enough of the mushy stuff.... LOL! I wanted to share some really great things! The garden is officially been pulled out!!!! Well, the Swiss chard and the zucchini is still out there. It is just doing to good. They will wait till the first hard frost. I got off my lazy butt yesterday and got it done. Now I just need to get some compost and plant the garlic..... And of course in January and February start planning for the next season. I think that next year I am going to do squash, beans, corn and potatoes. Of course I have the strawberry patch established, so hopefully they will produce next year also.

Next Grim sold his bike today. He got enough from it to have the down payment on the next bike ( a dresser).... Even though he has to wait until he is healed and back to work to get it. I'm happy that we get to get a bigger bike. He's sad because it is his first bike and he really, really wanted to keep it. But since it tried to kill him twice I figure it was time for it to go.... Yep superstitious!

I was lucky enough to be online at the right time today. I was able to get one of the spots that Jenna at Cold Antler Farm was offering for her Fiber CSA. I am so excited it is my first CSA. I know it will be almost a year before I get the yarn I am so looking forward to it. Plus, I will get to see how the wool goes from ewe to yarn. I think that I am most excited about that. To feel like I'm part of a large community.... Again bloggin friends..... You all are great!

And the fortunes did smile on me today. I was bestowed with an award. Mother Moon, granted me with the Prolific Blogger Award. I am deeply honored to receive this award as I don't think what I say is prolific, or grand or even an easy read at times (due to the rambling *smiles*). But Mother Moon thinks that what I have to say is important. So I thank you, greatly!

As with all blog awards there are rules and this one is no exception, so here they are:
Link the award to the person to whom sent you the gift. (see above)
2.  Link to the blog of the person who created the award - Hazra of Advanced Booking.  I love the fact that this started back in November of 2009.
3.  At Advanced Booking enter your name into Mr. Linky so there is a complete list of all the recipients.
4.  Pass the award on to 7 more people whom you feel are prolific bloggers.


Lynn at Viggies Veggies 
Skippy at I make soap
Faerwillow at Serendipity
Annette at The Ward House

Gotta Run,

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday's Musings

Back from today's appointments. Grim got his stitches out and had a therapy session. Now we are home and laundry is in the washer doing its thing.... LOL! Off of my lists yesterday I got the bread made, some laundry done and all of the summer to winter clothes switched out. Out of the clothes I managed to get rid of two more garbage bags full. I didn't realize how many clothes I had..... I just did this back in the spring and got rid of several bags then also. I really did think about going out to the garden yesterday, but it was gray and gloomy. So the garden lives another day. I know I'm being lazy about it. And once it is done, its done, not like dishes or laundry. Maybe today!?!

I also put up a list on the sidebar to help with remembering what it is that I'm suppose to be doing. I get side tracked quite often. So if it where I will look like a million times a day, then I might actually get something done. And that also goes to helping me clean up my desk area. Got lots of starts just none really finished. Soon!?!

Who would have thought that today is already the 19th.... Where has the month gone or really where has this year gone. I keep blinking and the days are gone. I think that one of the reasons that I strive for sustainability is that I want more down time. I know that sounds funny. Because sustainability is hard, time consuming work. Here is the case in point:
  • I spend an hour making laundry soap, it will last 2 to 3 months. Yes, it took an hour to make, but it saves me from going to the store twice a month for more laundry detergent.
  • I spend the day baking bread and goodies for the freezer. We then have a months worth of bakery products. Yep, a day gone, but it saves me from having to run to the convenience store at 10 o'clock at night because we don't have bread for lunches in the morning.
  • I spend a couple of weeks a year gardening and canning. But I have food on hand for the winter that saves my sanity on what to cook for dinner.
So yes, what I do is hard, time consuming work but it allows me more family/me time. It saves money that can be spent on leisure pursuits. As an added bonus I now have time to learn things that I never thought I would have time to do, such as knitting, sewing, making bread. I love these things.

Even though it is the 31 days of Halloween.... and pumpkins are very much in the spotlight right now.... There are other October harvests hiding in the background that need to be taken notice of:
  • Apples
  • Beets
  • Blackberries
  • Broccoli
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Cabbage
  • Cauliflower
  • Chicory
  • Cranberries
  • Dates
  • Figs
  • Grapes
  • Leeks
  • Lettuce
  • Okra
  • Oranges
  • Parsnips
  • Pears (late season)
  • Peppers
  • Pumpkins
  • Quince
  • Shallots
  • Star fruit
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Turnips
  • Watercress
  • Winter squash
Gotta Run,

Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Chores

As usual since Grim has been home I have been so very much off of any type of schedule. We got the monsters to school then off to therapy for Grim, now we're home and I need to get some stuff done. I'm going to get the bread going, then while that is rising I have laundry to do, once that is hung I will head out to the garden and commit gardencide once and for all. Then I will get the garlic planted. I know high hopes and dreams. But someones got to do it. I also still have a laundry basket full of jars that need to be emptied and washed. And of course the freezer still needs to be cleaned out. At least we know we won't be getting a deer this year so I don't have to rush with that part.

Monday ~ Bread and cleaning
Tuesday ~ Laundry and sewing
Wednesday ~ Canning-winter / Gardening-summer
Thursday ~ Baking and cleaning
Friday ~ Errands
Saturday ~ Family day
Sunday ~ Jammie day

I also have to make a big note and stick it somewhere to go to the farmers market on Nov.1st. I am hoping that they will be giving away what is left of the pumpkins, well I can hope!

Here is the list of what needs to get done before the end of the month:
Clean out freezer
Clean out garden
Plant garlic
Switch out summer for winter clothes
Get pumpkins to carve
Finish shawl
Start on knitted hat for etsy
Get the etsy store going once and for all
Fill 3 boxes with donation items and take to donate
Get dog back to vet for check-up
Make chicken stock and can
Make zucchini bread for freezer / Christmas-Yule gifts
Clean off desk / wash-dust and re-organize
Sew at least 2 aprons for etsy
Make pattern from vintage apron just bought

Gotta Run,

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Who woulda thunk it

This weekend wasn't as quite as I would have liked it to have been. First I found a travel trailer that I want.... So I called my local city ordinance officer.... after playing phone tag I was able to get clarification on storing it in my driveway behind the house. But it was to late to go to the bank and call for an appointment (found on craigslist).... I want to have the cash in hand, so that way if it is decided to buy it, it can be done right away. Now that is on the agenda for next weekend.... that is if the people who own it still own it.

Like I said yesterday band monster had an all day practice. And we had to take the littlest monsters to bowling. But since Grim can't bowl, we left Picky monster at the alley and we went yard saling..... Really the middle of October, I'm yard saling. I actually went to more yesterday then I did all summer. I got a ton of really kewl stuff. I got a vintage embroidered blanket, a newer steamer trunk, 2 small Thermos's, 9 vintage aprons, several purses/bags, some glassware, a spice rack, 2 barbies, clothes for the monsters, dress boots for Mouthy, oh and a 100% silk scarf for a dime. Had tons of fun! I am jumping the gun again and went ahead and picked a color for the inside of the trailer....Blues... So I was really looking for stuff for the trailer..... Didn't really find anything though.... The fates didn't smile on me.... LOL!

We went to see Band monsters performance last night. Then we went to the store so I could pick up some stuff to get the tea party started. I worked on a few things last night. But the rest was done today. Man was it time consuming.... Each monster helped out with something. Everyone was drooling and chomping at the bit to help eat the goodies...... But I had to do the photo shoot first.... LOL! I love the Internet..... I have found so many like minded people..... In the real world not so much! If I was to tell real world people that I was hosting an online tea party for Halloween they would think I was crazy..... But there are a lot of people who have signed up to take part in it..... It is so good not to feel all alone in the world......Ahhhhhhhh! LOL!

Well, tomorrow back to the grind.... monsters have school, Grim has therapy and I, not to sure what I'll be doing but I guarantee that it won't be boring!

Gotta Run,

Leaf me be in peace

 Yep you betcha this post is about leaves..... It really is just one of those things that happens all of a sudden. The weather can do silly things and the calender can date it but once the leaves change and land on the ground fall is here.


The Leaves

The leaves had a wonderful frolic.
They danced to the wind's loud song.
They whirled, and they floated, and scampered.
They circled and flew along. The moon saw the little leaves dancing.
Each looked like a small brown bird.
The man in the moon smiled and listened.
And this is the song he heard.
The North Wind is calling, is calling,
And we must whirl round and round,
And then, when our dancing is ended,
We'll make a warm quilt for the ground.


The monsters will be doing a little bit of raking this year. We only have these yucky trees that have leaves like pin feathers a bugger to pickup and they stick to everything. I think that there will only be like a grocery bag amount for them. If they get really ambitious, I know my mom has a ton that they could go rake.... but alas.... I don't think they will have the gumption. Oh, well!

Fall graphic bench Pictures, Images and Photos

Band monster had an all day practice yesterday. Poor kid! But she is almost done, they only have a couple more competitions and last night was the last football game unless the football team goes to state finals. And both of the littlest monsters have bowling. They love it. I wish I would have gotten them in years ago.

Gotta Run,

Friday, October 15, 2010

Bats in my Bellfree

Today is the last day of therapy this week for Grim. I know he is looking forward to the weekend and a break. I was able to get the nerve block tube out of his neck..... BLAHHH! For those of you who know me already know that this was no easy task. I hate anything to do with any of that stuff. I got the damn thing part of the way and almost passed out. Then he said that he could feel it and that it was starting to burn. So back to it I went. They told me that it was just under the skin and it would be no problem pulling it out. The thing was in his neck/shoulder like 6 inches.....ewwwww!!!! That has now been conquered! YEAH!!! The only thing is that now he feels his shoulder and it is really a pain. He is on pain killers and anti-inflammatories. Long road to go.

Now on to the bats. I will save vampire stuff for another post but this one will be strictly about bats. I know that bats tend to gt a bad rap. If they get into your house they can become quite the nussance and they do pose health risks in that close proximity. But overall bats are a great little creature to have around. They are very helpful getting rid of misquitoes and other pests. Plus, they are neat to watch flying around at night. The problem is that most of thier natural habitat is on the decline due to urban sprawl. If you would like to help bats out you can build a bat house. Here are some plans.
Bat house plans from several different places
Installing a Bat House
Florida Bat Conservancy here

Now on to the costumes and crafts
Cute Kids bat costume @ Family Fun
Bat costume @ eHow
Build a better Bat costume @ Evil Mad Scientist
A ton of Bat crafts and activities @ DLTK
Really cute Preschool and Kindergarten Bat activities @ Kidsoup

And without further ado.... Here are the recipes.... I just love boiled bat don't you?!?

Bat sandwiches @ Food Network
Bat chips @ Family Fun
Bat cupcakes @ Taste of Home
Bat wing soup @ Taste of Home
Bat wings @ Allrecipes
Bat Bite @ Drink Mixers
Spooky Bat brownies @ Betty Crocker

Gotta Run,

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Update, Review & Zombies

Grim is doing well. He made it through the surgery like a champ. Now we have begun the long road to recovery. He had his first therapy session yesterday and he has been using his CPM unit (it moves his arm for him). There is still a pain catheter in his neck that I need to remove later today. It has numbed him so that he can't feel a thing.

Now on to the review! I am a bzzagent.....they sent me an invitation to join on of the study groups about a book called DUST by Joan Frances Turner. They gave me a 50 page excerpt from the book. I read the first paragraph and I was hooked. I knew that I had to read the book. Grim and I went and got it. I read through it in two days. The very first line of the book is "My right arm fell off today. Lucky for me, I'm left-handed." Oh, this book is great. It is about life through the eyes of a zombie. It isn't the zombies that we see in the films that just suddenly rise up. These zombies have been around as long as the human have been here. Very interesting concept. I absolutely loved the book!

Since I'm on the topic of zombies here are a few zombie things I found to share:
Zombie your photo here
Zombie costume directions here
Zombie Silohettes here
Zombie Drinks here 
Zombie Finger Snacks here
Zombie Brain Pate here

Gotta Run,

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Inspiring Witches Blog Party!

As soon as I saw this blog party I knew I had to join. Then I got right to typing about the Witches that inspired me to be the witch I am today. 
My Nana was a very small Irish woman with salt and pepper hair that was down to ankles. She was an extraordinary woman. She was born in 1888. She was a devote Catholic. She raised 4 children after her husband my great grandfather died of black lung in the mines. She could whip up a loaf of bread just as fast as she could treat a chest cold with a mustard plaster. She was very old and frail by the time I was born. She would go through her prayer cards and do her rosary's every morning before we could start our day. She loved roller derby and playing cards. She died when I was 14. She was an amazing woman who lived an amazing life and raised an amazing child, my gram!

My gram is the one woman in my life that had the greatest impact on me. She too was a little Irish woman. Who gave birth to 7 children. All of whom towered over her. And grands who looked like giants compared to her. She had an adventures spirit. It was nothing for her to pack up the house and leave for months at a time. This is how we got so close. She took me with her. The adventures we had. I learned how to stretch a penny till it screamed and then stretch it some more. I learned how to barter and how to put in a hard days work for a hard earned pay. We always ate well and had a roof over our head. She told me of family that had come and gone before me. We would go and pick blueberries by the side of the road. We would go exploring to see what we would find next. She loved antiques. But she loved finding things to sell later even more. She kept her house clean and her affairs in order. See my grandpa died when I was just 6 and left her with 4 children still at home. She did everything she could to keep the lights on and the roof over there heads. It took some doing but she did it.

The reason I picked these two women, is because they taught me to be strong in the face of adversity. To know that with sound judgement and an unwavering heart I could do anything. They taught me that family comes first no matter what the cost. That nature has everything that I could need, if I'm just willing to look for it. And that a hard days work will help you sleep soundly at night.

Granted they weren't witches in the traditional sense but they were classical in their own right!

Gotta Run,

Monday, October 11, 2010

Today's the day

We will be leaving here in about 15 minutes to head to the hospital. He has to sign in at 8:30. I'm not sure what time the surgery will take place. They really haven't told us much about what is going to happen. Please if you could say a little prayer or light a candle for us. We are both scared about this procedure.

Gotta Run

Friday, October 8, 2010

I'm Mad I tell ya

Mad as a hatter that is! I really should be doing the futterwacken but instead I have been busy shopping for the perfect accompaniments for the tea party! I am really excited to do this one. The monsters are looking forward to all of the goodies that I will be making for the party. Plus, I did need some new pretties to display for All Hallows Eve. There will be chocolates, cookies, cakes, puddings, candies, oh and I think just a cup or two of valerian tea. After all those sweets I will need something to help me relax and enjoy the party!

I purchased a red kuri squash today. I thought it was a great decoration. Now I know that is has a great chestnut flavor and will make a great soup. Thank you oh great and powerful internet for the knowledge you have bestowed upon me. LOL! Plus once I cut it open I will be saving the seeds from this squash also. The vendor had a few other squashes but they didn't fit in with the table scape that I have in my head so I couldn't see buying them without knowing what they were. I'm not that adventurous yet.
Well, I guess that's about it for today. Nothing overly exciting!

Gotta Run,

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Here is a really cute Spider Hat for the little ones ~ Family
Spider Mask ~ Woman's
Pom Pom Spiders ~ Woman's (very cute)
Black Spider ~ Martha
Spider Lollipops ~ Family Fun

Spooky Spiders Recipe ~ Woman's
Spooky Spider Snack Recipe ~ Taste of 
Spider Cupcake Recipe ~
Miss Spider's Homespun Pumpkin Cookies ~

And I will leave you with Classic Spiders!

Gotta Run,

Beter late then never

I know I missed posting for Wednesday. We had a lot of running around to do today. Had to go to the library, then to the salvation army (needed tea cups for the tea party). Then we decided to go and look at TV's the one that I have in the bedroom was a cheap one when I bought it a couple years ago. For the past year it has been showing its age. When it is shut off it has color spots that glow. And since Grim is going to be laid up on Monday. We thought that it was a good idea to replace it. It was a 20 inch flat screen and now we have a 26 inch flat lcd tv. The color is very good and it is super bright. No more wondering what is going on in a dark room on criminal minds... LOL!

The reason I'm up so late is that damn dog of mine is feeling way better. Better then he has a right to. He wasn't feeling well and we knew he had an ear infection. The over the counter meds did nothing so last week we took him to the vet. Sure enough he had a really bad infection in the one ear and just an ordinary infection in the other. He also had an eye infection. Well, he has been on meds for the last 6 days and tonight he wants to play. Everyone is in bed and he was howling in his kennel. I was hoping he just had to pee. No such luck! He is jumping around like he is a puppy. The sad thing is he couldn't have been like this when the monsters were still up. No! He has to do this while I'm trying to sleep. So here I sit at the computer while he's wandering around with all this energy. LOL! Damn dog!!!

I know that I haven't really mentioned this before, Grim is going to have surgery on his shoulder on Monday. This is to hopefully repair the damage that was done to him when he was in the motorcycle accident back the end of March. He has had the cortozone shots then he did therapy, now surgery. I wish that the dumb ass that ran him off the road had been paying more attention but I'm thankful that he didn't get hurt worse or killed. Once the surgery is done, we have been told that the recovery time is like 3 to 4 months. What a mess this whole thing is. 

Here are few things for Halloween countdowns....

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesdays Ramblings

Not to much fall like or even Halloweeny type stuff happened today. I got up and took the monsters to school. Then I came home and messed with the computer. A friend stopped by and then the 3 of us went and looked at some forclosed with him. Then went and got the monsters from school. We came home everyone ate. I took band monster to practice. An hour and a half later I sat in the parking lot waiting to take her to the competion. It was very local so instead of getting busses they had us drive the kids. So now I'm waiting for a call to go and get her. Oh, I got all the jars washed off and in the process of heading down to the pantry.

I got a Halloween sign and it says " A witch lives here with her little monsters". I thought that was just the cutest thing. I have it hanging outside the front door so everyone can see. I have a picture..... yep on the camera.... nope not uploaded yet.... I know bad blogger.... LOL! I did add a Halloween countdown display on the blog. I thought it was very kewl. One of the monsters pulled out all the boxes of decorations while I was at Bingo last night. That was so nice of her to do that for me. Now I just need to get the energy to put it all up.

Grim and I have gotten a hair brained idea....... Drum Roll.... LOL! First some background. We have a 1967 Chevy Malibu. It is baby blue and white. About two years ago we rebuilt the motor and did some other stuff to it. Grim had it up for sale for awhile with no real interest. We don't have to sell the car.... It was just one of those things taking up room in the garage and he thought eh, what the hell. Since the accident we have decided not to sell it. So now we have decided that we need to get a vintage travel trailer to use with the car. And of course the fates are with us on this. I started my search on craigslist. And low and behold I found a 1966 travel trailer for $600. I figure it must be in really rough shape. Then what do I find while I'm looking up vintage travel trailers, a restoration place right here like an hours drive away.... Who knew!

Gotta Run,

Monday, October 4, 2010

Best layed Plans

I had an awesome post about my pumpkin. I was going to show you what it looked like. What huge seeds were in there needing to be washed and dried to save. Then on to how pretty they looked going into the oven. And that unfortunately is where the story ends...... Wa...wa...wa! 

This is going to be a safety post instead. I have been using pyrex cake pans for years. I have never had a problem with them. Well, I forgot to add some water into the pans with the pumpkin. So I had Grim do it while I washed my hands. He used hot water and one of the pans exploded. There was glass everywhere. Luckily, he was quick enough and got back and I had just walked out of the room. Now I had heard years ago not to put a hot out of the oven pyrex pan on a granite counter top. Because of the temp change could cause this to happen. My pans were only in the oven for about 20 minutes before we added hot water. Trust me it was a lesson learned. Not only did I loose one of my pans but I tossed out my pumpkin cause the glass went everywhere and I didn't want to take the chance of glass shards in the pumpkin puree. Please be careful when using glass in the oven. I was complaisant, it won't happen again.

On a brighter note..... I still have the seeds. They are clean and drying. If everything works out I will have pumpkins galore next year. And Grim said I could go and get another warty pumpkin.... I will probably get a whole lot more.... LOL!  I never use to like squash or a lot of other things either. Then I quit smoking and my tastes changed. Now I love squash and sweet potatoes!!! I can't get enough of them.

I'm looking forward to getting beans and pumpkins in the garden next year!

Gotta Run,

Sunday, October 3, 2010

A day at a Farm!

 stock photo

Well, not your ordinary farm but a Chestnut tree farm. We were some of the last folks to be allowed to pick. The season came on early and in turn ended early. Grim and the monsters had a blast hitting Green Spikey balls of death out of the trees using a hockey stick! There were only a few minor injuries. Mouthy got a splinter, Grim took a spike under the nail and we were each hit in a soft spot with at least one spikey ball. I know it sounds dangerous, but the gang had a ton of fun. We even put our name on the list to be one of the first notified when the season starts next year. Oh, even though we were there at the end. We still got 15 pounds in just about an hour. The owner said that if the season would have been better we would have gotten double or triple the amount in the same time. So since we have never even eaten chestnuts before I need to find and share some information with all of you!

Here is a great site on the how to cook chestnuts plus a couple of recipes. - Guide - Chestnuts
And here is page after page of recipes. Recipes at Epicuious

While I was typing this post the phone rang. It was from my long lost uncle. I haven't spoken with him in about a year and a half. Since he travels quite a bit, he canceled his home phone and never got around to getting a cell phone. I love hearing from him. He is like a big brother to me. He is only a few years older and he was always the one that was there even when he was gone off on his own adventures. I'm happy to hear that he is alive and doing well. Now I have numbers where I can leave messages for him and he knows that I love him and not mad because of our time apart.

Love you Crusty!!!

Gotta Run,

Saturday, October 2, 2010

It's pumpkin time again

Since I have a huge pumpkin that I will be cooking up this weekend. I thought that it was a perfect time to look for some pumpkin recipes.... And boy howdy did I!

These are in no particular order:
At the Pumpkin Nook there is a ton of foods to drool over but the one that sounds so good to me is the Pumpkin Banana Pancakes.... I don't even like pancakes and I want to try one of these!!!
(Aunt Janet's) Pumpkin Dump Cake.... What could be easier?

It's a good thing I found this link last.... It is All I can say is this ain't your grandma's pumpkin pie site... WoW! Now I'm starving.... Let me leave you with how to cook a Pumpkin - Pumpkin Recipes

Gotta Run,

Friday, October 1, 2010

Football and Pumpkins

Band monster has a football game tonight. It will be a loverly 55 degrees out on the field. Trust me that isn't a complaint. She won't be freezing or getting rained on and with the uniform she will be nice and toasty. But she will be gone for most of the night again. I give that kid a ton of credit, she is busting her butt to pull of marching and keep her grades up.

I was able to get a galeux d'eysines pumpkin. I would never have had the courage to purchase something like this. But Judy over at My Freezer is Full planted them this year and had a bumper crop. So I decided to get one when the opportunity presented itself. I plan on cooking it up on Sunday. Judy stated that the more warts the sweeter. I can't wait to dig into this one. I also plan on saving the seeds so that I can grow some of my own next year. I think I'm going to try and do several varieties of squash next year. Give the garden a break from peppers and eggplant. ( Went out in the garden today and found another 8, when will the madness stop!)

Grim helped me put in a walk way yesterday in front of the house in the boulevard. It has been a mud pit since we moved in and that is where I park. With the monsters back and forth nothing grows there. Every time it rains, they track a ton of mud in the house. I purchased the blocks a couple of weeks ago. The mood hit yesterday to get the deed done. Let me say that I am lucky to lift my arms today. Grim is only one handed since it is really strenuous work. He was a great help. But see usually I get these things started and he comes by and helps out and then takes over. He can't do, so I got stuck doing it..... LOL! I should know better. We need to get two more blocks but it looks great now. Bring on the rain!!!!

I decided to wait to pull out the garden till the first frost threatens. Yep, you guessed it. LAZY! All of the canning that was demanding my attention is done. I still have more if I choose to do it. But I'm not being rushed to get stuff put up before it spoils. I figure that the garden will give me just a little bit more before it's got to go. Anyways I still need to go and get more compost. Once I get off my butt and do that then I can plant the garlic and say g'night!

Gotta Run,