Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Newest Addition

This is the newest addition to the family! Its a yarn eater! I so love these, I can create something new out of scraps laying around. I am using the moss stitch to make a queen sized afghan. The yarn is what what left from the flamboyant afghan I did over the summer.... (Which still needs the ends tied in). The best part is I don't have to think.... After all the counting stitches for Christmas presents its nice to do mindless work.... Bonus its so easy! I will show more pictures as I get more done.

After the ordeals of the past two months, I think things are finally starting to settle down. Christmas is almost done, minor things left to do. Grim will be getting his surgery scheduled, hopefully, for sometime in January. Both of the older girls are settling in to the new routine of having nice boyfriends.... Band is done and Bowling is in full swing! School is out on Friday so I get two weeks to just veg! I'm so looking forward to that.... I actually won't get to veg to much as I think I will teaching a canning class here at the house. A friend wants to learn and I have two freezers bursting at the seams. I think some jams will be on the menu! Strawberry, peach and blueberry! I also have a big bag of dried black beans that need to be canned for convenience. LOL, it never seems to end does it. Oh, well... I guess I better enjoy these days before summer comes back again and I find myself with no time.


Monday, December 3, 2012

Bobs and Bits

I would first like to apologize for my absence. Things have come up in real life that have made it almost impossible for me to blog about. Most of it isn't so good. And because of that fact I'm not going to fill up my blog with a bunch of BS and discord. I come here to write about the good and the accomplishments of my family. But its hard to do that when life and times just seems to not be on your side.

What I will say is that what has been happening has been pushing us to get our s**t together and get out of here. I have hinted to it before, because I never wanted to put it out to the universe just to get disappointed  That's about to change. I like my house but we are in a neighborhood that no longer fits our life style. But I think its time to ask the universe to lead the way to finding our bigger and better or smaller and wiser! You get the idea.... 

I personally blame Mercury which had been in retrograde and now is flying high in its new position ... It tends to forget about us Gemini's that are backwards to begin with.... LOL!

We hit another major milestone... The last Major Band event was held this weekend. With that being done all we have left is the countdown to graduation! I can't believe that in just about 6 months Teenage monster will be done with this chapter of her life. WoW! I know I have to stop blinking!

I'll be back soon with happy things to share!


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Granny Twinkle

I found this great pattern, its the Granny Twinkle Star!

You can find the pattern here at The Royal Sisters Blog

So far I have only made three.... I am hoping to make a few more.
I want to use them as a bunting, either for the trailer or here in the house!

I will post when I have more done.


Monday, November 26, 2012

All work and no play

Drives me crazy.... Well, at least its not a far trip!
This is my newest creation! They are for pillows.... Love this new stitch! Sorry I don't have any larger pictures... But I wanted to make sure the pattern showed up... Once the pillows are together I will show better pics! This is the moss crochet stitch.... Which can be found here


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Give Thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving!

May your turkey be moist and may your potatoes lack lumps!


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Gluten-Free Conversion Chart

Got this off of Facebook.... Sorry I don't know who to post credit to for this. Hope it helps someone out there!


Did you do it yet?

I'm referring to taking the turkey out of the freezer to let it have plenty of time to thaw! I'm the queen of the fast thaw, but it is better to let your bird defrost for a couple days before. Picky pulled ours out of the freezer last night. So we should be all set.

In other news... I forgot to post that I was able to get sauerkraut made on the 21st of October... Only 2 more weeks and it should be ready to be canned up! I'm so looking forward to that. I won't can all of it though, I need to make Kapusta to freeze so that it's ready for Christmas!

We also broke down and turned the heat on the 14th of November. I'm telling you as much as reminding myself. This way Grim will know when to change the filter and I can say that we are almost a full two months later this year then last... Last year was horrible. We got hit with a cold spell and of course I got sick.... So you know I turned the heat on really early.... But this year was much better. I would have loved to have waited till December 1st.... Alas, the monsters were revolting and they smelled funny, too! LOL! I love that line!

Mouthy monster has to go back to the dentist tomorrow.... That tooth she broke near the end of school last year, well it got broke again.... Luckily it was just the filling that broke and not more of the tooth. That kid just won't be careful.

So far I have two big items made for Christmas, that's why I haven't been around lately... Just trying to get everything done in time. I still have more canning to do. Not to mention the turkey stock that will need to be jarred up over the weekend. Non stop straight through the holidays! But I love it!


Monday, November 19, 2012

My Eye Test

I went today for the Glaucoma test. After a lot of drops and my eyes touched multiple times.... It was determined that I don't have the disease but I am on the suspect list. That means that I need to be test each and every year. As uncomfortable as the tests were I will have it done each year so that if I do develop it, they can start treatment right away. I still can't see all that great but I just had to share the good news!


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Where I spent my morning

We actually got out opening day. Nope we didn't get any.... didn't even see any deer until we were on the way home. Two does were eating by the side of the road... but they weren't on hunting land..... we will be going back out again. Grim, was happy and I didn't freeze to death.... lol!


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A day finished

I worked like a dog to get more rows of the Christmas present done.... Then the call from my stomach made it impossible to work any longer....I fried up some spaghetti, spinach and eggs in coconut oil.... It was a hot, filling breakfast! Then I went back to work, row after row the gift is coming together.... About half way done now! Grim, starts to stir. He makes himself breakfast of ham and eggs. He visits with me as I work. We discuss the election, his night at work and when the monsters and I did last night. Its an easy rhythm of years together. He goes off to shower and I clean up what I'm working on as I don't want to get caught by leaving it out. Once hes done we head out to Kmart. The need for long johns out ways any money concerns. Good thing we went today. They were on sale for $6.99. So, Grim got 4 pairs of pants and 2 shirts. I was able to pickup a Christmas present. Score!!!

We go to Sonic to get an unsweetened tea and watch as they are finishing up the never ending road work. Before we know it, its time to get the monsters. Once they are in the car we hear all about their days. One passed a test, one has senior stuff to share and the other has friend drama to share! The joys of children! At home I start dinner. The pot of water on the stove to boil, the ham and the cheese are cut waiting for the pasta to cook. I run to the library and get a book that I put a hold on, its one that I missed reading to get a merit badge. Back home I get dinner mixed and on the table. We enjoy each others company, make jokes and laugh about the silliest things. Dinner is cleaned up and the monsters go off to do their respected chores and homework.

Grim, is getting his lunch ready and I'm on the computer. After he leaves I will search pinterst for more things that I doubt I will ever have time to do... LOL! It sure does pass the time, though. After I get bored of that my knitting will be calling my name... I have been putting off finishing up the dummy clasp shawl as it is getting heavy on the needles. It needs to be done as I have so many other projects that need to be started. Then if I'm lucky I will pour a glass of wine and head to bed, mindlessly watch some tv and drift off to sleep.

Good Night, All!


The day ahead....

I was awake before the alarm this morning.... I didn't want to get up but that's most mornings anymore.... It cold, the skin of my arm that's peaking out of the blanket is goose bumpy. I tuck it quickly back under the blankets and snuggle back in. The warmth of my homemade blankets is a welcoming feel.... I love my bed! The alarm starts to chatter.... I need to get up before I wake Grim as he got home at 5 this morning.... Earlier then he has so I figure he'll enjoy the extra sleep. The two older monsters are in the process of getting ready and taking care of the animals. Picky says that the outside bunny fared well in her newly plastic wrapped hutch. I have the heating unit for her but we need to get a cord run so I plug it in.... Another thing added to the list.... Now I also remember that the heated water bottle should be here in the next day or two. I finish getting ready... I'm dressed in layers and layers, I have low blood pressure so I'm always cold even though the house is in the mid 50's. I keep reminding myself that its going to be in the 60's over the weekend and turning the heat on for one or two days is silly. 

We get out to the car and have to scrap the frost off the windshield.... This is a first for the season. I take a look around and all the plants that had been struggling through look like they've given up the ghost! That's fine because what's left of the yard clean up will be easier this weekend. Get the monsters to school and come back to get Mouthy.... She sleeps a bit longer as she starts later. With her up and moving, I take time to eat a banana and check to see if Proposition 37 in California passed.... It didn't, sad news for those of us that wanted to know if GMO's were in our food. I also looked to see who won the election... No real surprise there either. No time to worry about any of that I need to get Mouthy to school. Get her dropped off and come back home.

I sit at my computer and check what's going on, on facebook, read through emails and blogs. I realize that my hands are cold so I get out my fingerless gloves and start the kettle. I love yogi tea! With just a little bit of honey its my favorite! Now the sun is starting to warm the living room, with my tea in front of my I thought it was the perfect time to type. I need to get working on one of the Christmas presents, so dear friends I leave you for now, but I will be back later!


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What I got done!

Saturday night my Band monster took 3rd in the State in their division! So proud that they were able to make it that far. The two schools that were in the top spots are big money schools... They spend more money on the music program then they do on the Football team so that tells you something.

Sunday we were able to get out and finish cleaning up the yard. All the leaves are now in a nice pile in the front of the house in the street. Our city comes by and cleans them up. We didn't get the Christmas lights up, it took way longer to do the yard then we had anticipated. But we are suppose to have temps in the 50's over the upcoming weekend. I don't mind to much. I'm trying to figure out how to come up with the money for a new inflatable for this season.... Its a travel trailer and Santa opens the door. I so want it.... But I think I need to get more lights instead. The neighbor kitty corner from us is doing the Oswald's thing... So Grim and I are trying to see what we can come up with to light up the entire corner.... LOL! I love the holidays!

Yesterday, I was able to work more on one of the Christmas presents. I had wanted to get a canner of potatoes done, but never found the time.

Today, was a no school day for the monsters! We all slept in! I love no school days, I wish there were more of them. I know most moms are like I wish school was all year... Not me, I love the freedom of having them home... But enough about that. I had to take Picky to the doctors for a physical for bowling... She passed! Now as long as she makes the team again we will be golden! Grim and I also went and did our Civic Duty and voted! I don't know if my vote will actually mean anything, but I did it and now I can complain till the next election! I know very self serving, it is what it is! :o)


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Oh doesn't that look Yummy?

Nikki over at Chef in Training has posted this recipe! I think I need to run out and get some chicken breasts for dinner tonight!


Friday, November 2, 2012

A new month!

Grim, Band Monster and I went to a food bank yesterday as part of Band Monsters NHS volunteer hours. We spent time learning all about the food bank, which was very neat. Then we put together bags of snacks for school children. Each bag will feed a child a snack for one month. They send snacks into schools because we all know what its like to try and do anything when all your thinking about is food. This way the kids will be able to focus on school... get better grades... become something greater! Grim and I have already talked about going back to donate more time.

While we were there doing that Picky Monster was at a college recruitment for Engineering and Design. Which will be a great fit for her as she is very artistic and she is really good in math. The sad thing is only one of the schools there was interested in speaking with her and there were a lot of schools. So right now that is the school that's on her short list. Not sure how I feel about it. But it is only a couple hours away unlike Band Monster who will be almost 9 hours away. This one is my baby, yep even at 15. LOL! Oh, well.

If that weren't enough.... Mouthy Monster turned 9 yesterday! She got a stereo, a Luke Bryan CD and a Monster High doll. This weekend I will be taking her to get her ears pierced... this is a right of passage in the house. She is thrilled to now be able to sit in the front seat of the car. So let the battle of the girls begin.... Even calling shotgun doesn't help!

I have been trying to upload the pictures of the pumpkins.... Stupid Smartphone..... Here is one that Picky took Halloween Night... Of course its her's! She loves Jack the Pumpkin King!

I have a ton of canning still to do.... crocheting needs to be finished and started depending on the project..... cleaning needs to be done..... Sunday if the weather holds put out the Christmas lights (but not turn them on till Thanksgiving night).... keep watching the weather on when to turn the heat on ( yep its a game every year... I lost last year when I had to turn it on it September ). And of course I'm getting nothing done while I sit here blogging! See you soon!


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween


I am so happy that all those that are nearest and dearest to me made it safely through the Franken-Storm of 2012!!!

This is the weather that I remember having for Halloween when I was a kid... Cold and Rainy! It wasn't every year but it was often enough that I remember it. So my littlest witch will look more like Nannock of the North! Oh, well... She has been lucky in the past few years being able to dress whatever way she wanted. This time, costume with clothes under, coat, scarf, hat and gloves. Its only going to be about 44, but it will be raining. And I know as soon as she gets cold she'll be done.

There has been a change of plans this year. The older two were going to take her out. But there was an incident in our neighborhood with a man trying to grab 3 girls at knife point while they were on the way to school... Not my girls ( thought I should just clarify ). So Grim will be taking Mouthy out this year! So I will Get to stay nice warm and dry, miss the fact that I won't be able to go!

We still have to carve our pumpkins.... I know we always wait till the last minute. But I wanted to make sure that the squirrels get the freshest possible pumpkins. Our garbage day isn't till next Monday so they will have a whole week to eat and get fatter! I think this winter is going to be a doosey. So we share what we have with the critters.

Happy Haunting!


Saturday, October 27, 2012


 This comes in several colors that you can print!