Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Seasonal Changes

I know that Autumn has been here for almost a month. We have even had a really cold snap move in about 2 weeks ago and move out just as fast. The leaves are not just changing but dropping at an alarming rate. But late last night and this morning, real seasonal changes started. I started sneezing last night. I really didn't think about it. I needed to finish my steps for the day so I was outside late, then didn't want to go right to bed so I worked on my Sophie's universe. When I noticed I had a chill. Right then I should have gone and make a cup of tea. But noooooo! I suffered though the chill. I even put on a hooded jacket to go to bed with. Didn't help one bit. I woke up numerous times thoughout the night sneezing. Then by the time I got up this morning, snot and phlegm, sore throat, ear ache and of course way more sneezing. So since this will turn into something fast if I don't act..... Off to the drugstore I went. Because I couldn't find my allergy pills anywhere in the house. In my defense though, I couldn't see much with the watering eyes. 

I'm feeling much better now. The sneezing and all the other symptoms are kept at bay. The chill is still with me though, even after having my cup of coffee. Looks like it will tea and soup all day today. I know the family will be thrilled with the prospect of soup of supper.... LOL! Oh, well! At least its a crap tastic kind of day..... So maybe they won't overly mind much!

Again, no pictures of the finished cabbage rolls. But I did manage to get 4 bags full into the freezer last night. They will be pulled out and used around the holidays! I also got 3 trays of peppers dehydrating. There is still more to do but I just haven't had time. Maybe tomorrow!