Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Good to my Word!

I got started first thing Monday morning. Well, that is to say I got started after about an hour of searching for all of my utensils. My fault I asked children to put things away the last time I used them.... A year ago.

I start with carrots, celery and onion.

Then I mix in the meat and rice and spices.

Peppers are cleaned and the tops cut off.

Into the roaster they go.

Covered in a sauce of tomato soup and homemade tomato juice and of course more spices.

I let it cook on low most of the day. Sorry I didn't get a picture of them finished. But by the time they were cool enough to bag up I was tired. We ended up getting 7 bags of 3 peppers. 21 Stuffed peppers!! Now I know that if there isn't anything in the house to eat. He just has to take a pack out of the freezer and take it to work for lunch!!

As you may have guessed we are a house divided. He's a stuffed pepper man and I'm a cabbage roll kind of girl!

Two heads of cabbage blanched and cooled with the ribs cut out.

29 Cabbage Rolls cooking as I type. The only difference between the spices used is in the peppers I use something called slap your mama. And in the cabbage rolls I added dehydrated kale from last year.

These are the pepper tops from yesterday. I chopped them up and put them in the bowl. Which is 3.5 cups. Normally, to most people that would have been waste. Not here. I will be cutting up the rest of the peppers from the bushel and dehydrating them all. 

Not a bad haul, considering that I had no intention of doing anything this year...

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