Tuesday, October 6, 2015

October Reflections

I love my blog... I really do... but the last year or maybe 2 life has taken some unexpected twists and turns. Some really good and some very disappointing.

We are making great SLOW progress on the property. I would love to be there full time, but that simply isn't possible. Everything we plan takes about 3 times longer then I plan for. At home we have friends and family that we can call on when we need help. But there we are all alone, doing the things we want to get done. Plus, its not like we are that skilled... LOL! This year we did manage to get the barn floor done and the barn itself sealed up. The doors now lock and we don't have to worry about big critters getting in. We learned how to use solar power. Very Cool! Even broke the first set of panels, thank god for Harbor Freight. We got half of the woodshed built. Built a solar oven.... It needs to be tweaked before I try it again. And have ideas for lots of other project.

At the house, we are making progress. With the oldest 2 gone exploring their educations, that left and empty room and a really trashed house. The empty room is being turned into my studio. I had always thought of it as an office... But I do so much more then just work in my space. I create, I relax, I meditate and I yarn! So a Studio it is!! So far the relaxing hasn't happened. Once the room was completely emptied for all the former occupants things, painting happened. Then curtains, then the moving of stuff, out of the living room, where it had lived for the last few years. Things are coming up from the basement and other things are going to storage. What ultimately started as a 1 room project has some how turned into a whole house project. Its coming along.

I came to a hard realization. I'm fat. Well, I was.... Since the end of August I have been exercising everyday and watching what I eat. I use myfitnesspal to track my food intake, fitbit tracks my steps and my weight tracker keeps track of my progress. I stated at 230.2 pound. I am down to 218.1 as of today. This isn't a diet. I am really trying this time to make a lifestyle change.

We should have our car back in running order before the end of the year. It has been in pieces for the last couple as Grim has painstakingly took it all apart and fixed all the wrong with it. I won't bore you with details that I don't even understand. But the engine is getting some TLC before the fenders go back on. Hopefully, we will get her out at least once this year. But if not for sure as soon as Spring gets here she will be road ready!

Now the disappointing ~

I haven't canned anything this year and I haven't put anything up in the freezer. Not sure if this is just a sign of the times for me or if I will pick it up again in the future. I use to be passionate about it, now not so much. Maybe taking the year off will help to make me want to do it again next year.

My MIL is slipping fast at the nursing home. Her doctor told us that once she went in that it would just be a matter of time. When we go and see her, her hold on reality is fleeting. There are times when she doesn't recognize us and other times she thinks we are someone else. And then there are times when she remembers who we are and remembers a reason to not like us. It is a very frustrating situation.

I lost 2 friendships this year. Both because we really just didn't have anything in common anymore. Not that there was any type of discord. They went there way, and I went mine. It saddens me though. They use to be such a large part of my life that its just weird. And then I had someone from my past show up quite unexpectedly. This brought up a lot of things. Eventually, I had to come to the understanding that there is a reason my past didn't come to the future with me. This person was very unhealthy then and is still toxic now.

Grim, had put in for another job. It would have been great. We would have been much closer to the girls. I found an absolutely gorgeous house. We would have been closer to the property. It was located in small town USA. Perfect!!! Only, problem was there was a hiring freeze just after he applied for it. So that fell through.

Tomorrow will bring more successes and failures!
Challenge Accepted!