Monday, October 12, 2015

Inspiration from out of No where!

You know how I said that I didn't can anything and there really wasn't a plan to can anything until next year! The best laid plans of mice and men. I was checking out a blog hop last week and I found a great blog Thoughts from Frank and Fern. As I was reading the blog I noticed that it is very similar to SciFi Chicks writings. (Miss You) It always seemed like when I was ready to call it quits with the whole homesteader dream SciFi Chick would write something that would make total sense and put me back on the right track. Well, I guess I needed to find their blog. Because it has once again lit a fire under me.

I went to the market Friday. I picked up, a bushel of delicata squash, 50 pounds of potatoes and onions. 2 huge hubbard squash and a bushel of yellow peppers, 2 giant heads of cabbage. I will be making stuffed cabbage and stuffed peppers today to put up in the freezer. I will be heading back out to get 4 bushels of tomatoes to put up, plus whatever else I can find.

Its my job as wife and mother to make sure my family is taken care of. First and foremost! And to do that successfully, I feel I need to get my butt back in the kitchen. Please, no sexist comments about making sandwiches.... LOL! So, sending blessings my way, as I feel very much like the grasshopper this year vs the ant! Luckily, I still have time.

Oh, almost forgot!

The front and the buttons are done! I actually wore it out on Friday night! Its a little akward. As I had to deviate from the pattern. But I still love it! First time making a clothing item for myself. Many more to follow I'm sure.

Grim told me not to look at anymore yarn projects. Little did he know this had already arrived. Its going to be the Spice of Life CAL.

And I got week 7 done on Sophie's Universe. Plus, I had enough time to start on week 8. It is already 4 foot. Side to side. This thing is going to be massive once its done. One day I will get the gauging correct. Until then I will just keep making them big! LOL!

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Becki said...

I love all your yarn colors! The Sophie looks great!

Evelyn Hender said...

Wow your Sophie's universe looks amazing!

Frank and Fern said...

Thank you for the link and the nice comments, Yart. You're always welcome to pull up a chair and take a read.