Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Does anyone else hate the weather forecasters? I know I do. I had a ton of work to do yesterday, when I checked the weather. It said that Monday would be very nice but Tuesday (today) would be raining. So added to the list of things I absolutely had to get done, I added running out and getting laundry hung on the line outside as it looked to be one of the last nice days. And since I was doing laundry I got 2 loads hung in the basement as I didn't want to take the chance of them not drying before the rains came!

Its sunny and 59, right now!!!

I could have waited and got all the laundry done outside!


Anywho, I got 25 jars of tomatoes done yesterday. Only 24 made it though. I had the strangest thing happen. One of the lids and rings shot off the jar in the canner. I swear I thought it was a shot. Never had that happen before. I also got most of the peppers done. What is left will go into the dehydrator today!

Back to more tomatoes! 

Have a great day!