Friday, October 16, 2015

Busy Day!

Today has been that day... Since my feet hit the floor, I've been running! Got Little Miss off to school and came home got some walking done. Had my coffee and breakfast. Then off to the farmers market. I got 2 full bushels of tomatoes, 25 lbs of sweet potatoes, 1/2 bushel of pie pumpkins, 1/2 bushel of sweet Hungarians, plus a few little things.

Then I had to drop off Grim's coat to be fixed. Its leather and I don't do zippers. Simply because it exceeds my abilities. And he wants to be able to wear it at some point this winter... LOL! Then I went to 2 florists and the cemetery to find out how I can order the topiary balls that I see in the winter. Of course no one had an answer.

So off to a yarn store that is going out of business. They had 40% off everything in the store. I should not be left alone in situations like that. I mean really shouldn't have been there by myself. I ended up with 38 skeins of DK yarn. 19 different colors. This is the first time I've had the opportunity to purchase DK yarn and it will be the last for quite sometime. Then I went to Michael's because I had a 30% off coupon. I got the yarn for What is called the popcorn blanket. Once I start that I will post the site for the pattern.

Then off to Aldi's I went. I had to get the bi-weekly grocery shopping. With that done, it was time for lunch. Since I was out I stopped in at Jimmy Johns and got an Un-wich. Love those things. Then time to head home and unload. This is why I had monsters. They should be here to unload, but alas, I had to do it. I got a work out I'll tell you. Up and down the porch, carrying 25 boxes. There are still 4 big pumpkins in the car. Grim will have to carry those in, I ran out of steam.

Once I ate lunch, I put all the cold stuff away and got started on the rest of the peppers from the last 1/2 bushel. They are in the dehydrator as I type. I need to get dishes done, laundry and finish my steps for the day.

Grim and I will be taking Little Miss for Pizza for dinner tonight. After I will work on Sophie and hopefully, get 1 or 2 of the newest scrap project done. All before I get to sleep tonight.