Saturday, October 31, 2015

I caved!

So Grim and I got talking the other day as we usually do. And the discussion turned to the broken oven that sat in the kitchen. The oven used to work and then the igniter got funky, and would cause the oven to shoot flames out of the vents. So I choose to stop using it. At one point we tried to fix it. Lets just say that didn't go quite as well as we hoped. With the oven out of commission I used the space to house all of my cast iron pans. Not a bad trade. Then a few months ago the burners started acting up. Not wanting to light, even though it was clicking like crazy. One burner had flame for miles and the other barely anything on high.

I muddled through because I really didn't want to spend the money. I have used the toaster oven, the counter top electric roaster and my numerous crock pots to bake in. Everything has cooked well. But Grim got thinking about all those Christmas cookies that I use to make and didn't last year. (It was such a nice break not to make them all). Of course out come the puppy dog eyes and the begging from little miss and Grim. They want Christmas cookies and everything else an oven can offer.

Who am I to deny my family one of our biggest traditions. So off to several stores we went until I found what I wanted. American made, big oven, griddle, 5th burner and broiler on the bottom.

So here she is! The latest and greatest addition to Grim Wytche Farms!

Guess, I will be making bread before this weekend is out!

Happy Halloween!