Thursday, October 22, 2015

Feeling Accomplished

With everything said and done. I ended up with 49.5 quarts of tomato puree out of 2 bushels. 1 quart jar of dehydrated yellow peppers from about 1/4 bushel. 1.5 quarts of Sweet Hungarian peppers dehydrated from 1/2 bushel and a pint of dehydrated green peppers from 6 average peppers. I was also able to get 6 bags in the freezer of 28oz each of pumpkin puree. That came from 17 pie pumpkins.

Not sure if I'm going to do anything else. But I know for this week I'm done. With yarn projects on the hooks and house cleaning to do. I think its still going to be a busy weekend!

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Tracy said...

Sure sounds like you had a busy weekend! I always feel so satisfied when I complete a big canning day!
Thanks for sharing on this week's OSH Blog Hop!