Thursday, October 29, 2015

Abandonment Issues

I'm back, did you all miss me! LOL! We went up to see our monsters that are away at University! It was a great couple of days. We really missed them. We missed them so much we even brought the oldest her boyfriend. The first night we were there we went to the schools hockey game. Home team won! It was a great game. Very old school, if you know what I mean. The next day rained all day. So whats a family to do?!? We went shopping. Even the fella's got in on it. I was finally able to get a pair of winter boots. What I should say is that I finally able found a pair that I love. They have water proof stitching, wool lining and they are knee high. I even got myself a pair of lifetime warranty wool socks. If they ever get a hole in them they will replace for free. I'm thrilled about this part! Can't go to the dorms without going grocery shopping. You know for the kids that didn't pay attention to the fact that mom usually buys sale, couponed, or discounted items. They now have enough food to get them through till they come home at Christmas.

The next day we hiked on of the big hills and then we went out to the bog. We also got to meet all of the friends. It was nice to be able to put a face with a name.

We are all home safe and sound. The trip took me completely out of my routine. But I did pretty good. Grim has been home this week on vacation. So we have been trying to get stuff done around here.

Tuesday, we got the engine put back together. We need to get the timing reset and it should be good to go... Well, as good as a car with no fenders can go! Soon, she will be back together completely.

Wednesday, we had to go and pick up a dresser for his mom who is in a nursing home. The one she had didn't work very well. So my SIL purchased a new one, and since we are the only ones that have a truck we picked it up and delivered it. Then we met up with my SIL and her family and had supper together at our favorite Chinese restaurant. Oh, almost forgot Grim got a laptop of his own. Now he doesn't have to be stuck in the basement by himself on the old desktop.

Today we have been running around like crazy. Doing a ton of little things and one big one. Grim got me a new stove. Its a whirlpool, made in the USA. I'm so happy. Its going to be delivered tomorrow and I will be baking bread before the day is out. Little miss says she gets dibbs on using the oven first to make cookies.... LOL! We really have missed having an oven. I can't wait to put the electric roaster in the closet.

It was 38 this morning. I'm hoping for November 15th before turning on the furnace. We will see. Last year we made it to November 9th. 2 of the windows are completely shut, storms and all. I foresee more being shut up soon rather then later. But they are calling for 60+ next week. This weather is crazy.

Gotta go do dishes,