Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I was able to get all the raspberries processed. 7 ~ 12oz jars and 5 pint sized jars! With all the jellies and the other jams. I think we will be all set for the upcoming winter. I see a ton of jelly rolls and waffles in our future… LOL!

After I take Teenage monster to practice I will be come home and get the rest of the pears juiced / cooked down. A few more jars of pear butter won’t hurt to have in the pantry. I think I am going to make pear syrup with the juice this time.

Thursday I will get the apples started. I was going to do it tomorrow but Grim will be home, doctors appointment. Nothing serious, just a check of his shoulder. And if it doesn’t rain I will be out cutting the grass. Hopefully, that will be the last time this season. With all this hokey weather it stayed green and growing all summer.

Next payday I will be going and getting a 50 pound bag of potatoes to can up. I still have enough carrots from the last two years that I don’t need to do them. I think I would like to do more tomatoes. I don’t feel like I did enough this year. You never know maybe one more bushel.

I will also have to check the one farmers stand that I go to should have peppers for like 12 @ $1, at this time. I also need to get some squash to put in the cellar. I will wait till closer to Thanksgiving to get the yams, for storage. I think I might even try to can some of those up this winter also.

I’m still trying to clean out the freezers. What a chore. Good thing I only have one big and one little. It is going to take me a couple months to get it finished. As long as it is done by the time Grim brings home a deer or two, we will be fine. Not complaining, just stating the facts… LOL! I have 3 giant turkeys that need to be cooked up. Can’t wait for turkey broth. I love the stuff! I cooked a ham on Labor day. Grim and the monsters love that!