Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First day of School

Well, the monsters have all been dropped off at the proper location. I was suppose to go to the gym today, but I just don’t feel it. As much as I love the thought of getting my days back, I hate school. I miss my monsters terribly. Grim is on a permanent job for the next 3 weeks, which means he has a set schedule. It makes going back to school easier when everyone is on a schedule. Today is a half day. After I pick them up I need to take Teenage monster looking for a Home coming dress. I really hope we can find one quick. Neither one of us enjoys shopping. So as soon as she finds the dress there will be no having to keep looking just in case. Yeah!

Now all the tomatoes are done. It is time to move on to other foods. I have a large stock pot full of pears that I really need to put into the juicer. But I think that is going to have to wait until the monsters are in school all day tomorrow. Just so I have time to get it all done. After I juice them I will run the mess through the pureer. With what is left I will make pear butter. Oh, I can’t wait. I only got a few pears last year, but I decided that pear butter was nectar from the gods… LOL! So I really need to make more of it this year. I still might make it out to get raspberries. I don’t know… the weather has turned cold. I know it would be the perfect time to pick.  Just being lazy, I probably will get down there tomorrow. I think a magic fairy is going to bring me a bushel or two of apples. I have to pay for them but I don’t have to go and get them. LOL! Plus, they are cheaper then the ones around here. If that is the case then I will be making apple sauce later in the week. The monsters just love it. So why not have it on hand.

I have a couple of tomatoes that I was able to salvage from the garden. Mr. stripy, purple Cherokee, and a couple of the Italian paste. Now that they are ripe, I need to gut them and get the seeds ready to save. So then next year I will have my own seeds and hopefully, won’t have to buy any starts.
Oh, I almost for got I have some links to share.

I signed up for this, this morning. I looks like it will be full of great information. And as I learn new things I will pass on some of the knowledge. Or at least the links…In love

I am still waiting on some things to get here in the mail. The first is the vintage remedies beginners kit. I got that one first to see if doing herbal things suits me. I would like to think that it would fit very well into the sustainable lifestyle. But I don’t know if I have what it takes. Fingers crossed The next  package is my wool csa. I am so looking forward to finishing the project that I started with the first skein. I’m not sure if it is a scarf or a runner. I guess once I get more wool, plus this is my first pattern. I came up with it all on my own…. Black Sheep