Sunday, September 25, 2011

Day 6

Food – Long term storage

Metal cans only have a shelf life of about 2 years. Home canned goods could be good for up to 4 years ( with a decrease in nutrients ). But when your hungry, you will eat whatever is available. Doesn’t that just sound yummy! So what are you going to do so that you can eat something edible.

First your going to see what you have available locally and learn how to preserve it.

Can It
Dry It
Freeze It
Ferment It
Pickle It
Sprout It
Store It
Jerk It
Salt It
Smoke It
Grind It

I’m not going to go into a ton of detail on these things. I have been learning over the last few years how to do many of the above. Sometimes I have success other times not so much. I have the luxury of failing right now. My life and the lives of my family don’t rely on me getting it right all the time. But if the time comes when we have no other choice then I am confident in my ability to keep them feed for the long term.

Need to Do or Get
  1. Get more canning jars… Can one ever have enough
  2. Buy Tattler Lids ( lots of them )
  3. Buy more disposable lids
  4. Learn how to make pectin
  5. Get more salt 
  6. Get more seeds for sprouting
  7. Buy a bolt of muslin ( for making bags to hang meat ).
  8. Get several more crocks