Friday, September 30, 2011

Day 11


In this area, I am completely unprepared. If we loose power, I have a generator for short term. Long enough to can up what is in the freezer, I hope. But other then that, we will be out for the count. Even now that it is almost the end of September…almost 6pm… it is getting dark. I do feel like I could go to sleep, but could I sleep till the sun comes back up? Nope! So what to do with no power?

The fridge would become a storage area in the summer. In the winter we might be able to use it like the old ice chests. I do have several clocks that run on batteries, so we would know what time it is for a few months till they died. I have one old mantle clock that needs some work, but will keep time once it is up and running. No television, no washer, no microwave, no computer, no freezer, no fridge, no cell phones, no house phone ( voip ), no radio.

What we do have is a ton of board games, puzzles and cards. We have books and crafts ( sewing, crocheting, knitting, tatting ). Not to mention the work that will need to be done. With no appliances, the work  load will have at least doubled. Laundry will take longer, cooking (for those that don’t cook from scratch now) will take longer, finding food will take longer ( no grocery stores ), heating and cooking will take longer ( gathering wood & starting a fire ). Plus, now candles need to made as does soap and other cleaning product. Clothes need to be fixed, altered or made.

For the people that do most of this everyday, I don’t think that it is going to make much difference to them.

The radio is something that I feel will be a real loss to us. Everyone in the family is very into music. So maybe I need to look into some type of small solar unit so that we can still have music.

Need to Do or Get
  1. Get mantle clock fixed
  2. Look into more games
  3. Get a solar panel to electricity for the day time radio use.
  4. Get belt  or two for the treadle sewing machine


SkippyMom said...

I am curious and please don't misunderstand me, but after reading this for the last 11 days - what exactly do you think is going to happen? And when?

Those are two very honest questions and I am not being snarky. Promise.

Yart said...

Skippy, any time you have questions I have no problem answering them. I know your not being snarky ( love that word. ), they are honest questions and they are questions that I have been wondering myself for a couple of years. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but I do see that the times they are a changing.

I think that we are facing an economic meltdown. With the prices & unemployment going up and wages & the housing market going down, we are going to see some major changes ( more then what we have already seen ).

This book Surviving the Apocalypse in the Suburbs, talks about a time when there is no more peak oil left. I am using it for more of a guide for what happens when I can't afford to use heat, go to the grocery store and things of that nature.

I see prices at the grocery store rising like crazy. I only shop about every 2 months. So when I go it is a real shock. Here are a couple of examples... 4 cans of chunky soup use to be $5 now in just over 2 months the same 4 cans are now $7. Shredded cheese has also gone up more then $1 a bag.

I even thought to myself when will the store no longer be able to afford to carry all of these products. Because soon no one will be able to afford them.