Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 2

I think that we tend to take water for granted. We go to the faucet and water pours out. Or we go to the potty and the flush takes the waste away. But what if that ability was gone? FEMA recommends that you have 1 gallon of water per person per day. Now lets think if the water was out for a month. I have a family of 5, that would be 150 gallons. That is a lot of water.

I have 2 – 55 gallon drums for water and  lots of vinegar jugs that have been repurposed for water storage. I also have 1 rain barrel, for cleaning water.  There is a creek about 1/4 mile down the road. I have a radio flyer wagon that I could use in the warm weather to haul water. We are also just over a mile from one of the Great Lakes. The thought of hauling water from that distance tires me out, let alone actually have to do it. We do live in the North so winter is a problem for us when it comes to water. Luckily, we will get snow that can be melted down to use. But the water in the rain barrels would be frozen.

**Side note** Don’t use plastic milk jugs for water storage. They will eventually leak. I know this because I was using them and they all leaked after awhile. That is why I use vinegar and soda bottles.

Need to Do or Get
  1. Water purification system (Berkey or homemade)
  2. Water purification tablets
  3. 2 more 55 gallon drums (for drinking water)
  4. 4 more rain barrels (for garden and cleaning)
  5. Figure out some type of gray water catchment system. (To water the garden in hot weather