Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Good Bye May

Wow, its the end of the month already! The monsters only have a few more days of school and summer will be here officially! YEAH! Well, maybe not.... It is never a good sign to have mid 90's the end of May... It usually doesn't lead to a nice summer. But we take what we get and be thankful that its not freezing anymore., at least here.

I made a loaf of sourdough bread last night. Didn't turn out. It did if I was looking for a brick, but since I wasn't into the trash it went. I put the starter in the fridge give it a couple days to rest and see if that will help it any. I picked my first ripe strawberry this morning. It was beautiful and perfect in every way, except it was so sour... LOL! I guess that it was I get for not waiting one more day.... LOL! Since there are more out there I will wait another day or two to give them time to sweeten a bit.

I got out early and weeded the garden a little. I need to do more but I am happy with the progress so far. The only thing that failed was the golden beets. They didn't even show any sign of life. That's ok! I will be planting sugar beets tomorrow in their place. I put up a teepee for the cucumbers to grow up. I hope that helps this year. I will be doing the same for the cantalopes. I still need to run the strings for the beans. Lots to do.... I really should be out there at night doing all this work... But the last time I did that my flashlight scared the neighbor... They think I'm nuts anyways..... Because really, who plants onions and tomatoes in the front yard! Yep, you guessed it!!!

Last year I bought this little plant called soap wart. It did, ok, but it got kind of bushy when it came up in the spring. So I dug, ripped it out of the ground, tossed it into a pot and barely covered the roots with dirt. Then I forgot to water it. Yep, the half-a$$ed gardener strikes again. 

But see it turned out just fine. Aren't the flowers pretty! Plus, it is now out of the ground and in a pot so if we ever do move it can go with me!

Over the weekend we took the monsters to a civil war re-enactment at the living history museum. It was well into the 90's and here they were all dressed to the nines.

And of course I didn't get one picture of the women that were dressed up. Ah, I'm a sucker for a man in uniform... LOL! But the women were dressed very well, that much I did notice.... *wink*

Here are a couple more pictures from around the house.... These are the Dahlia's

Gotta Run,