Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tons to do

The past couple of days have been super busy.... First let me say that Mother's day was a joy. I hope that you all had a wonderful day as well. I got a made to order smoothie in bed, tons of cut flowers, cupcakes and a trip to the place.... It is a place that in the spring carries flowers and in the summer they become a market. So it is the place to be... Just not with three monsters on Mother's day. The place was super packed. But this year they opened up an outside register. The monsters got me dahlia's, daisy's, lavender, honeysuckle, gerber daisy's, fushia & 2 other hanging baskets. And I had to get tomatoes (romas, 4 types of cherry, Mr. Stripey, and a purple Cheroke), bush beans, cantelope, watermelon, cucumbers, a few more stawberries ( the patch was starting to thin out).

I got the fence half painted. The garden side still needs to be done. The garden is really taking shape. All the tomatoes are in, the bush beans, watermelon, radishes, beets (red and golden), red onions, carrots. I need to get out there and plant the cantelope, cucumbers, pole beans and I think pumpkins (not sure what type they are as they are the only thing that survived that I started from seed. I know crazy.... I tried to harden off the tomatoes and they all died again. I think I will start them in December this year so that they are bigger when I harden them off. Live and learn.

With all of this crappy weather that we have been facing around the country and the fields that have been destroyed, the news saying that wheat, corn and rice are going to go through the roof. I can say that I'm not feeling so good. let me explain. We are ok, as far as food goes, that isn't what bothers me. It is the cost of everything else. Like underware and socks... do you stock up on these?!? I know I didn't... (looking for a sale). Nope not being a doomsayer. Just a little bothered... and I look around at my neighbors and real life friends and they don't seemed fazed?!? It really boggles the mind.

Enough of that, there is nothing I can do about anyone else. I can only do the best that I can for my family and have a little extra for times of great need. I have already put in my request for my birthday... Mid-June.... I will be getting rabbits. Once we get the fiber bunnies situated then we will talk more about getting meat bunnies. I have been doing a lot more reading about meat rabbits. They are really worth thier weight in protien... LOL! Just don't know if I can do it... You know harvest them. But I guess that the time is coming for me to have to do it either with rabbits or some other animal. Yep, we are still dreaming of getting land and doing the whole farm thing... LOL! I know that it sounds like I'm being a smart butt about the farming thing.... I understand that it is a lot of ball-busting hard work to not only get a farm off the ground but to keep it going.... Did some of my youth on my Aunt and Uncle's farm... (haying, milking, dealing with chickens, getting chased by the geese, fearing for my life around the pigs ;o). Right now it just seems so far off that sometimes I wonder if it will ever happen.

See what happens when we don't talk for awhile... I just ramble on.. LOL! I really have a ton of things to do and they ain't getting done with typing to all of you....

Gotta Run,