Monday, May 16, 2011

Lost information

Facebook is going to be getting rid of their old groups... you know the ones that don't follow the new and improved look! Anyways, alot of that information is going to be lost. I went through one of the groups last night and copied down some of the links to share here.

Where to buy local foods in Ontario
15 fall squash recipes
4 simple tips to avoiding GMO's
How to make fruit leather
Simple Food swaps for a healthier diet
Fat's and Cholesterol

Here is a link to Tigress in a Jam: Rhubeena
Its some type of syrup you all sparkling water to. Since I have a stupid rhubarb plant that is flowering again.... I think I need to cut it down and out... But I will use the stalks to my advantage first!

I will be trying my hand again at Kefir. If your interested in starting your own Kefir, and have no friends that have extra grains then you can order them from Cultures for Health. I have seen several reviews online from other bloggers about this company... All good! When they get here I will let you know how it goes. Hopefully, better then the last time.

Happy Simple Living has a recipe for Make your own amazing homemade cheese crackers. They look so yummy! I need to see if I have sharp cheddar in the fridge.

Since it is still a rainy kind of day, I need to get some baking done.

Gotta Run,