Monday, May 23, 2011

Cleaning House

Yep, I have played around enough. The house needs to be cleaned. But the sun is shining and I would rather be outside. The rain will come soon enough. At least that is what I keep telling my self. I trudge through the ordeals of housework... LOL! So far the dining room has been cleaned top to bottom and I have the dehydrator running, drying green peppers and broccoli. I would have done more but I can't find the jelly trays. Only two of them were inside the dehydrator. Hmmmmm! Now where are they? That's ok, I will be running it for the next few days anyways. Lots of stuff needs to be put up from the CSA boxes. We were doing really good keeping up other then with the potatoes and onions. But now we seem to be eating less, so I don't want to have to throw anything out it will get processed. Tomorrow will be zucchini chips and cauliflower and maybe radishes? I will have to look into dehyrated radishes. Be right back! Yep, they can be dehydrated... And if I want then can be ground into a powder to use as a spice.... I wonder if I could make a dip or use instead of horseradish, milder flavor maybe? This is so great to know, because I have a ton of radishes planted. Watermelon, icicle and french breakfast!

Since I have been talking about the CSA, it is only fair that I show you what I have been getting. These pictures are from a box a couple weeks ago. I know lazy blogger.... LOL!

See what I mean by all the potatoes... LOL! Not a bad haul for $27. This week we got asparagus and corn on the cob. Yummy! I will be cooking it up tomorrow night. Honestly, I never ate asparagus until it came in the box. Now I love it and I have to fight Teenage monster for it... Who knew?!?

I need to admit something.... I am a magazine hoarder.... I usually do very well. I just keep to the few homesteading ones and the occasional woman's world. But over the past year I have been bring more and more into the house. So for the past couple days I have been going through them and pulling out any ideas (decorating), recipes or coupons and then sending them off to Mouthy's school. They cut them apart to use in projects. I still have along way to go but I'll get there. I just wish the covers weren't so appealing. LOL!

Grim and I went to the living history muesum last week. We got to see the cutes lambs. Here are two ram lambs.
Aren't they just adorable! This muesum use to be more about the living history part. I'm not sure why they don't do more now. The other living history muesum in the state is 4 hours away. They are offering classes on Fingerweaving, wildcrafting and cooking. But I'm to far away to go. That's ok, once the monsters are out of school and Grim has two days off in a row. We will be taking a road trip. The monsters love going to these places.

Well, I guess this house ain't going to clean itself... LOL!

Gotta Run,


SkippyMom said...

If my CSA's looked that awesome for $27 I would still be in the program.

I do have a question tho' - how does your CSA provide bananas - those are bananas in the top of the pic, right?

I didn't know they could be grown where you live. That would be awesome!

Yart said...

There not, I know that sounds funny. But this company makes purchases for organic and sustainably grown produce. They try to get as much as they can from growers in the area. I call it a CSA because it is very similar to one, even though I guess it really isn't.