Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Raining again

Yesterday I didn't buy what the weather man was selling. He said that we were going to get rain. But when I went out it wasn't to bad so I got a load of laundry out on the line. Came in and did some cleaning in the basement... (dungeon).... Brought in the first load and did a second. While that was drying I headed out to the store to pick up some pet supplies and a couple of box fans.... With all the rain and the water seeping in the basement it is very humid down there. So with that task done... I got the second load in.... I had some time before the monsters needed to be picked up so I decided that it was time to make the chive vinegar.

I got out my pretties jar... Good thing it was a 12oz because that is all the vinegar I had... Need to put that on the list. I cut a good amount of flowers, brought them in the house and cleaned them.... *NOTE* make sure to clean them as I had piss ants crawling on mine.... Then I added them to the jar and poured vinegar over top. Today the flowers have shrunk and are floating. The vinegar is a very pretty pinky purple. I will strain the flowers out in a couple of days. I hope to get more flowers later this week. I would like to give this as Christmas presents.

Since I could only find two of my inserts for the dehydrator I was only able to do a small. But I did get broccoli, cauliflower, and radishes done. I did green peppers to but they seemed to burn.... So off to the trash they went. I still have some more stuff in the fridge to get through. I get another box on Saturday... so my dehydrating days are far from over... LOL!

The season of puttin' up has begun once again!

I was able to get the grass in the front yard cut. It was starting to look rag-ged. After the ugliness of the last time I cut it I wanted it to look better. Now it could be the talk of the town. Before we got going this year I reseeded and fertilized. So now the grass is like frankengrass, it has an abby-normal speedy growth with all this rain. It sure looks prudy, though!

Today, Grim was home so we got some errands done. After a filling dinner of spaghetti, he had to go to work and I got back into the dungeon. Picky and I got the one half almost decent, almost. The other half is going to be a work in progress.

Gotta Run,