Sunday, May 1, 2011


Blessed Beltane, Happy May Day!!! I think that May 1st is more the first day of Spring for us here in the Northern Hemisphere. We have had some signs of Spring but from here on out the weather should just continue to improve! I had not thought about the date when I scheduled the Moderation Nation get together. So here I sit waiting for family and friends to show up and the dietitian to arrive. There is 7 minutes to countdown and no one is here. Sometimes my family.....ahhhhhhhhh! No point in finishing that sentence, you all know cause you all have family.... LOL!

My bleeding hearts are bleeding.... I didn't even consider them coming back but they did! And oh, so pretty!

Picky wanted to plant flowers up front this year, I picked her up pansy's. Purple and yellow! They were on clearance at Lowe's for $5 a flat. I couldn't pass it up as they are like $12 a flat for the really healthy ones. These just need a bit of TLC and they will be fine.

My tulips are budding up and one is almost ready to open. This is my first time with them. So I am really excite to see them grow. The lilacs are doing really well. The one in the back is full of blooms but the one in front only has a couple. I think this year I will get enough blooms to bring some in to the house.

We are going to start the Harry Potter Marathon tonight... Part 1 here we come.... They were such babies when the movies first came out! I know we should be watching the Pirates movies as the new one comes out May 20th... But with Grims work schedule, we need to pick one over the other...LOL!

I'm adding two songs here that I have just come to like.... This way I can keep track of them with out having to install one of those automatic music things to the site.... If you want to hear them great and if not I won't subject you to my music choices!

Gotta Run,


Mother's Moon's Message said...

A Blessed Beltane to you as well. By the way like your choice of music. :-)