Sunday, May 15, 2011

Two posts in one day

See what happens when the rain doesn't stop... I am computer bound... LOL!

I wanted to share with you a couple of things that happened here today.

First are the two things that I found on line that I thought were interesting.


I had to be the great hunter today and kill the biggest centipede of my life. Now I'm no little girl when it comes to bugs. They may startle me if they catch me unaware. But this thing was like dinosaure huge. And of course it is running around the bathtub, I had to hit it twice before it died. LOL! Sorry no pictures I was to busy yelling for someone to get me a shoe!

Picky wanted to help warm up the house.... heat has been off for almost a month now and my bill reflects it....Yeah! But anyways, she decided to make whoopie pies... it was from a mix and I had bought the pans a couple months ago and never used it. They didn't taste to bad but you can definately tell that it was from a mix. I figure by next year she will be ready to take on cakes without a mix. Plus, that gives her time to bake through all the mixes I have in the cupboard.

There are only 27 days of school left! Can you tell who is happy school is almost out! Yep, me!!!!! Cause once school is out I only work 1 more bingo and I am done for the summer.

With not going to the gym and tweaking my diet, I think my body is leveling out. This morning I am down 2 pounds from where I was a week ago. This past week my weight was going all over the place. But that's what happens when I eat garbage. and try to do to much at the gym. I just can't believe how much weight I have already lost! 20 pounds!!! I also got the lastest blood results
211 total 266 in Jan
120 triglycerides 150 in Jan
37 HDL 30 in Jan
150 LDL 160 in Jan
Last time the total, HDL & LDL were all bad. Now the triglycerides and the HDL are in the normal range. And I am just borderline for the total and LDL. She wants me to come back in.... in 6 months to have more blood drawn. By then I should have lost at least another 26 pounds.... And hopefully, then I will only need to be checked once a year to see if there is a problem. Wow, I can't even picture myself that skinny. I haven't weight that much since about 3 months into my first pregnancy. Over 17 years ago.

Gotta Run,