Monday, May 2, 2011

Long Day & Silliness

I just got home from bingo. My shoulders are so tight.... You can tell that the full moon is upon us.... as everyone at bingo tonight was wound up. I'm happy to be home in the comfort that is mine. Today we found out that Grim can pick up his new bike on Friday! He is one happy Monster! Yep, I think I neglected to share that fact with you that Grim is a monster, the last of his kind!

You see once upon a time I was a great and valiant monster hunter! I hunted them for years. I searched high and low! I found them under beds and in closets! They were always hiding where they were not wanted. And being the good hunter that I am,everyone that I killed, I ate.... Never let it be said that I let anything go to waste! Then one night as I was searching I stumbled across the biggest, silliest monster of my entire life.... He charmed me, you see as he is a smooth talker don'tcha know!

That's how we ended up with the little monsters. I always wanted them to know even though they aren't 100% they will always be monsters to me... LOL!

But on to real life stuff...I found lemon balm, pineapple mint and spearmint to replace the ones that didn't want to come back. I am very happy... I plan to try and do a bigger harvest this year, maybe two. That way I have plenty for teas.

I don't think I told you the grapes are showing signs of life.... I hope since this is the third year that I will get a bunch or two! The apple and the pear are both blooming.... I am so excited...Apple bloosoms... Now hopefully, that will mean apples!

Hey does anyone know when I grind my wheat berries am I suppose to sift out the hulls or do I just leave them in? Any help would be most appreciated!

Gotta Run