Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hello June

This is the month of my birth...Yep, I'm a

That doesn't mean that I'm two faced it means that I'm wishy washy... LOL! I love to talk or communicate in anyway. Play a game or read a book either is just as stimulating to me. Gathering information is what I do best! But what I like to do most of all is share that information. I think that is why blogging has such a draw for me. I'm hitting a big mile stone this year. The sun has made 40 revolutions since I've been here on Earth! LOL!

Grim, home long enough today to fix Mouthy's window. Since her room needed to be cleaned to get to the window, I decided that it was time for a Spring cleaning. So far I have managed to get through most of her toys... lots for the next yard sale. Plus, some clothes.... I need to get into those next. I am trying to pair down her room so that it will only take 15 - 20 minutes to clean at its worse. Right now it is taking me way longer then that and she is only 7. 

I got two loads of laundry out on the line. Even though the temps have gone back to normal the laundry should be done in an hour or so... I mean it has been out most of the day and should be done soon. The wind has picked up so I might wait till tomorrow to do the next load. I need to get out in the garden and see about them berries. They all should be turning red soon. Before I can do that I need to get the monsters, make dinner and take Band monster to practice. Then I can get out to the garden. Once everything settles done I think I am going to pop in the first season of Hung... I got it at a deep discounted rate.... Most of it was filmed here. I guess the first episode there is a farmers market.... Me and the monsters were there on the set just before they filmed the scene.. Kewl, right!

I started back up with the Flylady... I have been following the program on and off for years. They have teamed up with Cozi. Cozi is a calendar online that you can add people to, like family members so that you can see what everyone has going on. No more last minute I need to go to practice or I have a meeting. I hope to have the house back to Flylady condition in the next month.... Its all about routines!

Oh, just as a tidbit of what happened to me today.... I was told that I am evil and that I need to be prayed for because I am a Pagan.... LOL! I'm telling you this not to get anyone upset, I'm telling you because I think it is funny that there is still so much ignorance in the world. And it is all because of a stupid popularity contest, you know my god is better then your god type of thing. I don't preach religion here. I do frequent lots of blogs some more religious then others, I am curious to see what everyone has to say. But to flat out say that I'm evil is just to funny for words. 

So instead of my usual closing....

May time and light guide you to a peaceful and tranquil existence,
May your god look down favorably upon you,
May you have the grace not to cast the first stone,
And may you have the fortitude to stand strong when hit by said rock!



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

fullfreezer said...

Another Gemini here. I always thought it meant that we were really, really good at multitasking!
Happy Birth Month!!