Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring Cleaning

I have started my spring cleaning... Even though it is like only 45 degrees right now. No I mean that is what I have been doing the past couple of days. I am hosting a Moderation Nation from Hershey's party on Sunday. I hate cleaning to begin with and couple that with having people over and a complete stranger... Stressed doesn't even begin to describe it.

With all the cleaning I thought I had a doctors appointment tomorrow. You know to get my blood work redone to see how my cholesterol is and to show the doctor that I have lost 18 pounds. Yeah, well, I guess the appointment was actually this past Tuesday. They didn't call to do a reminder.... so I have to call tomorrow and reschedule. No big deal.

I got out when the weather was still good and planted yellow and red beets, multi-colored carrots and red onions. I wasn't going to plant a ton of different things this year. Just tomatoes and squash and beans. I know I am a renegade....LOL! I can't even follow my own rules. Not a problem, though! I am going to be building my mom two 4x12 raised beds for her house. I will plant lots of stuff over there. She only wants some tomatoes, what a deal. More room for me and a few tomatoes for her!

I also went to the farmers market ~ plants ~ only. I picked up a tomitillo. Just one, it is sitting under the grow light with the rest of the seedlings. It is just still way to cold to put tomatoes outside. I need to wait at least 2 more weeks. Mother's day weekend, should be good.

We picked up paint for the garden fence! It is yellow and aqua. Yep, part Polish and Proud of it... LOL! Now if the rain would just go away so the fence can dry out that would be great. I still need to finish weeding out the last 3 beds. That is a job that will have to wait.

I am working on socks with double pointed needles. Needless to say there is a class, I will be taking it. It is 3 weeks long and I hope they can help me. Either with the needles or teach me how to do it in the round. You knitters know what I'm sayin'. The lady that taught me to knit is no longer in business, Diana would have been able to teach me. I hope these new ladies can help!

It's getting late!
Gotta Run,